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I just had my 11 day post-op appointment and am...

I just had my 11 day post-op appointment and am still feeling lousy... I feel that my cellulite is actually looking worse and I can NOT for the life of me remove the permanent marker - they even tried to remove it at the doctor's office w/ oil and acetone to no avail - any suggestions? Also - when is it safe to begin working out? I still feel pretty sore and skin is very sensitive to the touch but want to find out when it would be considered safe to exercise.

Welp I am 18 days post procedure and still a...

Welp I am 18 days post procedure and still a little discouraged. The pain has gotten slightly better and all the bruising/ marker marks are gone which is a huge improvement, however I'm not seeing much improvement in the appearance of cellulite, specifically on my right leg. My left leg is definitely better while my right leg might actually look worse. I feel quite a bit of lumpiness that I don't think was there before the procedure. Just spoke with my doc and he said he thinks it may be a few fatty deposits and is going to use Vasershape (as a free treatment) to assist with healing. Just curious if anyone/doctors on the site would recommend using Vasershape afterward and how effective it actually is with evening out/contouring post-cellulaze??? Also, how many treatments of Vasershape are necessary to achieve results?

OK - My Dr gave me 2 free vaser shape treatments...

OK - My Dr gave me 2 free vaser shape treatments to assist with reducing swelling/ "enhancing results"... I'm also getting a weekly lymphatic massage to speed up the healing process as well... This better work dangit! all this soreness, money and downtime better be worth it (i.e. I JUST started working out again, not to mention the hit my sex life has taken!)... I would strongly encourage people that are considering this procedure to WAIT until most of us reach that crucial 3 month mark and can determine whether it was "worth it" or not... In retrospect I'm a little skeptical of some of the reviews posted in the March/early April time-frame - they all posted raving reviews and their collective experiences seemed to be a LOT more rosy compared to the majority of women who have posted more recently... makes me wonder whether they are legit...

Hi - I am about 1.5 months out from my surgery...

Hi - I am about 1.5 months out from my surgery date of May 14th and still don't see that much difference. Some of the dimples are slightly more shallow but still there. One unexpected result from the procedure is that some of the skin on my butt seems looser and jiggly (which make sense, since the laser actually detaches the skin from the underlying tissue). My doctor assures me it will become firm over the next few months and reattach to the skin - I sincerely hope he's right b/c as of now, my butt looks worse than it did pre-procedure. Going into this, it was the back of my thighs I was concerned with, not my butt, so if cellulaze ends up making me look worse in the end I will be beside myself and my doctor will definitely hear about it. He has given me 2 more free vasershapes "to help smooth things out" which is also disconcerting. Isn't the whole point of this, that one procedure is supposed to rid you of like 80% of your cellulite??? Anyways, I am working out like a mad woman right now trying to lose the 7 lbs i gained during the down time... I wear skin tight pants when excercising that act as a compression garment and I don't do a ton of running since running and jumping doesn't feel great. Has anyone else experienced the look and feel of the looser, jiggly skin post-procedure???? Wondering if i'm the only one.... I also feel as though some scar tissue has begun to form beneath skin, as there are certain areas that seem much more firm to the touch than others... Anyone else seeing/feeling this too??

I have to say i'm leaning toward the not worth it rating but will wait until the end of August to give my final review.

I am now 2 weeks away from the holy grail 3 month...

I am now 2 weeks away from the holy grail 3 month mark and am disappointed overall. I am therefore officially giving this procedure a "not worth it" rating. While the skin on the back of my thighs is slightly smoother and tighter, the skin on my buttocks (the entry point for some of the incisions) is still very loose and saggy, whereas it was NOT at all saggy before. So - not only are the improvements negligible, but some areas are actually markedly worse post-procedure. I look back at my before pictures and they actually look better sadly. This was a HUGE lesson - I will never again pay so much for a cosmetic procedure that has such long-term and ambiguous results... If, by some outside chance, I have a miraculous turn-around in the next few months I will certainly let everyone know. But as of now, I would say that for the high cost, this procedure provides very minor improvement with the possibility of actually looking worse, and this all comes with a lot of pain and inconvenience.

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Where are you at now? Have your cellulite or symptoms gotten any better? It would be very helpful to see the before and after photos to see exactly what you are talking about. Also, please let us know who your doctor is. Best wishes.
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Thank you so much for updating us usercalifornia. I certainly wish you had a different outcome, how disappointing. :( I would love it if you would come back in a few more months either way and let us know if you saw a change, at least that way we would know for sure.

One thing I'm curious about, do you think the saggy look you are seeing on your buttocks is due to not being able to exercise as much while you were going through the healing phase? I would be interested to hear if things perk back up after you have a month or two of your regular workout routine in (or maybe you already do?).

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It's more a general looseness of the skin that my doctor said was a symptom of the procedure. Like when I run or jump the skin is tangibly looser and jiggly - on the buttocks only. It's hard to explain... I've been working out for about 2 months now so i've definitely gotten back into shape and lost the few pounds I'd gained from being sedentary following the procedure... my doctor said the skin would contract and become firm again but so far that hasn't happened and i'm almost at 3 months here... Definitely going for another follow up in a few weeks and will also try to fenagle like 3 more free smooth shape treatments out of him too... will update my profile if anything changes in another few months...
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Thanks for sharing this. Still hoping for good changes for you!

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Hi Usercalifornia,
I couldn't agree with you more about putting the word out there to make people wait so that people like us that jumped the gun on this procedure cab write honest reviews after 3 months and further along. My doc also offered me free smoothing procedures but is he trying to fix what he may have screwed up? If this is a permanent solution "minimally invasive" then why would I need a smoothing treatment? Ugh I'm still in pain although it's bearable without painkillers now...it has been 1 month and I don't think those reviews that people post of it being a miracle because all thier cellulite is gone in 1 or 2 weeks are even real. Thank you for your posts and updates.
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I just had the procedure 6 days ago and right now Im not impressed. It looks exactly the same to me...Im not understanding the process I guess....My doc said he would cut the bands that make cellulite dimple...so, if the bands are cut why wouldnt the results be
almost immediately apparent?
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Hi Justhadit - how are you results looking now?? any better?
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Hi Usercalifornia,

I am now 3 and 1/2 weeks post op and still in some pain especially after working out, standing too long or sitting too long. I still take 1/2 a painkiller to get me through the day. One of the girls called me from the doctors office the other day and said I will start to feel much better over the next couple weeks. I asked if it's normal to have your cellulite look much worse before it looks better she said yes but if I wanted to get Smooth shapes done for free they would do it. I can't imagine having any kind of pressure on my legs right now it would be too painfull but I was surprised that she didn't really insist that I will see results before she offered a smoothing treatment for me. It seems fishy to be told it's normal for your cellulite to look much worse before it looks better. I really feel like the reviews that are written from women where they say after one week that it's a miracle that their cellulite is gone are all written by women that work in plastic surgery offices.
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Hi Everyone,
How is your cellulite now? I am considering the procedure but your reviews and comments have me worried. Are they fake claims? i can't risk looking worse than I already do. i have had lipo and that has devastated me. Feedback, please - thanks, Natalie
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Right now i'm in the "not sure" zone - I had it 1.5 months ago and not much of a diff yet... in fact some areas look worse than before... so I would def advise you to hold off and wait until more people get to the 3-6 month mark and the doctors gain more experience....
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Thanks you guys. Thank you. Hang in there. Try thier smoothing techniques out. I don't think that they can hurt at all and they are expensive procedures that you are getting for free or at a low cost. I think a lot has been done to the skin, tissue, and fat so it makes sense that you would need to let it die down so to speak. 3 months I would suppose at least for things to heal and smooth out. Thank you again for all of your honest responses. I hope all of you get the desired results that you had hoped for down the road. Take Care
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sorry. Their smoothing techniques out.
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So sorry to hear you are feeling a bit discouraged. :-/ Try to keep in mind many doctors are saying it can take 3-6 months to see the final results, so things could still improve.

I certainly don't know if using Vasershape after Cellulaze will help, and am hoping some other community members with experience will chime in, but in an effort to help us both gain a better understanding I've submitted a question to the Q&A section so we can hear from the board certified doctors who volunteer on here. It usually takes 24-48 hours for answers to start posting - should be interesting to hear their thoughts!

Is It Advisable to Use Vasershape to Increase the Results of Cellulaze?


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Hi usercalifornia,

I also had a problem removing the marker..I used cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol.. It worked but it's hard to rub your legs when they are swollen and raw. I have been feeling like they look worse so I'm going to call my doc this week....I'm very upset about this right now... I'm working out tomorrow for my own well being. My doc said 3 weeks and Tuesday is 3 weeks... Close enough!
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Sorry to hear you are feeling lousy. :( Keep in mind that they say the real results aren't seen till 3-6 months after the procedure, so you are still really soon after the treatment.

As for exercising, it seems there are some different ideas of when it is best to resume workouts. Here is a Q&A where the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf have given some opinions on it:

How Long Do I Need to Wait to Exercise After Cellulaze?

Ultimately, I'd go with what your doctor says since he/she knows your particular case.

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