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Done on my Arms, arm pits, and above bra line - Smartlipo - California, CA

I had Smart lipo done on my Arms, arm pits, and...

I had Smart lipo done on my Arms, arm pits, and above bra line today, how I love it! I couldn't wait for this day to come and finally it's here! I'm home now and the feeling pain but the pain is bearable. This is my 3rd procedure with a different area. I am really pleased with the results. I'll post photos of befor and after soon.

1-week post op Smartlipo

It's been a week post-op after my Smartlipo procedure done: arms, bra fat, and back fat above bra line.
I have also seen my Dr. for mt first week follow-up visit.
For the above procedure done, I have a total of 8 really tiny ports incisions: 4 front and back of arm pits, 2 above elbows, and 2 below bra line. The incisions are as small like the tip of a pen. All 8 incisions have healed, closes and dried up as a result of daily application of Neosporin + antibiotics, Arnica, Bromelain, and other OTC medications that are anti-inflammatory used in the healing for scar, healing & growth for new collagen.

Although the incisions are healed, I continue to be sore and still bruised, and swollen. My arms look awesomely smaller. The stubborn pockets of fat such as in the armpit area, may have found an enemy with the laser assisted liposuction device, Smartlipo. I go to the gym a lot for workouts and my arms, armpit or bra fat seemed resistant to exercise or diet.

I guess these Armpit fat or "pudge" may occur as we age, when our bodies place extra fat in that area but it is also an issue of skin laxity. I can't wait to see the final results in 3-6 months. However, I am still having some issues with lumps in my arm pits; and the bottom of my arms (the flab side of arms), the side of the bra areas are still tender to touch ... these continue to be bruised and swollen. My Dr. said there are are still some stubborn fluid build-up that will eventually go away. It will eventually subside and to help it go away, I am starting to massage these areas with Arnica Montana in circular motion. These areas are tender to the touch, it's painful but bearable to massage slowly in a circular motion. In another week, I am going to have a lymphatic drainage massage to these areas. Since this is my 3rd Smart lipo, I already know the routine. Lymphatic massage drainage is a massage technique to get rid of the accumulation of fluid that can occur after surgery. It's the best thing you can do to help your body help itself.

My. Dr. is also giving me the Venus Freeze which is a non-invasive treatment that combines radio frequency and magnetic pulses which has the ability to access deeply, comfortably treat the areas I had treated with the Smartlipo.
The Venus Freeze will tighten, will reduce cellulite, reduces wrinkles and will help restore form new collagen and the production of new elastin fibres.

I am excited to see my arms look a lot smaller and firmer. By the end of next week, (which is 2-weeks after my Smart lipo procedure), I will be back to my daily weekly routine workouts at the gym.

2 liters of fat

After Smart lipo of Arms, arm pudge, and upper bra fat

Before & 1-Day after Smart lipo Arms

Here are BEFORE & 1-Day AFTER the Smart lipo

My compression garment

Compression garments are put on the patient right after surgery to help minimize swelling, to flush out harmful fluids, and to help improve circulation, and therefore, speed up healing. It is also important to continue wear the compression garment to help the body conform to my "new," contours. I am asked to wear my compressions garments for weeks

Compression Garment

There really is no correct answer for the use of compression garments but having had 3 Smart lipo procedures I know that it's is important for me to wear it at least 4 weeks and is usually advised by my Dr. The garments will definetly reduce the short-term swelling and may help improve the contour. Some people really like wearing the garments and end up wearing them for months. Other people can't stand them and wear them only a few days. Most people end up just find whatever they choose to do.

I ordered 4 compression garments, 2 mediums and 2 smalls so I can frequently change daily.

5 days Post-op

My arms are still bruised and swollen.

Above bra line

2 small ports in the back

Smartlipo above bra line

Back Bra fat removal

Smart lipo back above bra line

Above bra line back bra fat


A before and After SL of Arms

Before & After Arms Smart Lipo

Before & After Photo of Arms
I am 7-weeks post op

Three Months Post-Op Arms

It has been 3 months now - 04/03/14 was the big day! I am back to full workouts at the gym. Gone are the soreness, the lumps in my armpits are gone. The first 2 weeks after SMARTLIPO was difficult as mobility (lifting arms) were limited. It felt like stiff muscles while on recovery but on my 3rd week of post-op, I had 7 treatments of Venus Freeze which helped with the swollen, lumps & aided with tightening of the arms. I know that it takes 6months to see full results but I have been getting a lot of complements about how small my arms are.


Left arm measurement

Left arm measures LESS than 10 1/2 inches originally was 13 1/2
Right arm measures at 10 1/2 inches was 14 inches before the SMARTLIPO on Apr 3, 2014

As of 07/06/2014 - Left and Right Arms Measurements

Photos SMARTLIPO Arms 3 Months Post-op

Latest Photos

Armpit pudge

As of 07/29/14: This is my front left armpit pudge - you can see where the cannula was inserted during Smartlipo.
It's such a tiny hole and the areas on both arms are getting lighter each week. Smart lipo performed 04/03/13.

My ports are fading

My ports were approximately 2mm and I had a total of 8 ports for the cannula to be inserted. It's will be 4 mos on 08/03/14 post-op

"After" Post-op

Smartlipo performed 04/03/2014 and today is 07/29/2014
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wow huge difference., could u pls give me the name of the garment. i m having tummuscent lipo ona arms and bra fat and adding fat to my right hip for revision. cant wait after seeing your results.
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How are you? Any updated pics? Thanks
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These results are incredible! I'm seriously so friggen excited to get this done now. You look amazing!!
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bunnygirl1 when&where are you having your arms done in Cali?
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Hi Bella, I'm in NYC so will be having the procedure here. I wish I was in Cali so I could see this doctor ;-) I have my first consultation next week. Hoping to do arms as well as neck/chin lipo next month. When are you having it done?
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* Never mind! Saw your profile. You look wonderful!!
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May i ask who did your arms?
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I agree with ana bella--your results are spectacular!
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Beautiful work, this is a really great job, I understand lipo in the arms is very challenging and by looking at yours your surgeon is very skilled. Your results are amazing and off course how helped it by doing the massages and finding out the right treatment that works for you like the Venus, And working out. You have done your part in helping achieve such impressive results. Also what a great review you've done, lots of great pics and details. We need more people like you to guide us through. I am planning in doing the same procedure you just did and have great concerns in if my arms will turn out evenly ?? I am choosing a great plastic surgeon and will follow your recommendations written in this review as well. Thank you
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WOW!!! NO FAIR!! I LOVE YR TINY SLENDER ARMS! Mine are still Bulky. :( Happy for you :)
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Thank you
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nice!!! I wish my arms were thinner on the outside like yours. Beautiful ;)
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Thank you - Smartlipo on arms, bra fat was done on 04/03/14 and it's now 07/26/14, I'm getting there. Dr. said that it takes 6 mos for full recovery and to see full results. I continue to go to the gym working out the arms with light hand weights.
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I know it takes literally 6 months to 1 year. I am just upset because Wednesday was my 5 week post-op and he said i coulda done more on the outside! what the hell!! I am NOT redoing my damn arms!!! I am moving on to the next!! No Bueno!! Who says that,too late now!
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We will both have the same results :)
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Did you wear Compression garments?
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I was never given one,when i asked he said i didn't need one, who knows. I doubt my arms will get any smaller.
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My scars are by elbow and middle of my underarm,if you check out my pics,the left scar is still there after 6 weeks!!! I hated that they were placed there,now that i know it could have been placed in armpit.
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I just live your results!
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Thank you!
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when your dr did your arms by armpits did he just do underneath or on the sides aswell? I want my arms to look small all the time not only when im putting my arms to my hip the hole triangle thing if you get what Im saying? yours look very slim even when there just next to you
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Hi Nevergoodenough - I had Smartlipo done on both arms, upper bra fat, and arm pudge. The cannula went through the front and back of both armpits and both above elbows. Not only did he Lasered my arms but he sculpt them.
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Thank you
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When my Dr performed the Smartlipo on both arms, he also worked on my arm pudge (the areas between front armpits), upper back bra fat above bra line. He also sculpt my arms then I wore my compression garment for 6 1/2 weeks - this was torture but it helped with healing and forming the arms.
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