I Want It Be a Great Change if I Do This Decision. -California, CA

I Think I Need Something Minor,more of a Tip...

I Think I Need Something Minor,more of a Tip Refinement,  Yet Want It Be a Great Change if I Did This Decision.

I always felt my nose was a tad broad & sorta pointed downward. The columella hangs down a tad. Esp when I sweat, my nose seems to stand out. Funny thing is, my profile isn't bad, in fact I kinda like how it looks from the side :) Just not the front, esp when I smile. And it's noticeable when I have my face tilted for photo-taking.

I think what scares me from actually pursuing the surgery a bit more, is I don't want to ruin how I would look. I would want it be subtle yet makes that difference, refines it :) I'm scared to get a sloped nose, or my nostrils will stand out, or just have it be something off.

I have yet to actually meet with surgeons, only have been able to browse online. I provided some photos I felt that showed what I was talking about, yet I'm noticing more & more I am unhappy how my nose turns out no matter in photos. I'm in NY state yet from what I gather from photos form a certain surgeon, I'm interested in going for this surgeon for the procedure.

You are quite beautiful! I personally don't think a "great change" is needed... in fact, nothing is needed but it is just my personal opinion that conservative "finesse" rhinoplasty can be far more gratifying than a major overhaul. You might realize this when you go to a consult thinking you need A B C & D done to get you what you want, when really you would only benefit from A & B. Just a personal bit of advice, to try to consult with some docs that do computer imaging. They are not a promise or guarantee of an outcome, but a ballpark and will help you know where a surgeon's mind is at. Good luck! PS~ Am I getting this right that you are in NY but are considering a CA doctor?
I've had two doctors contact me from photos I have sent to them. Ihave to say hearing what would have to be done vs the small amount I thought could be done, yes, I have some thinking to be done. yet I'd rather meet in person since photos are a whole other ballgame. I am in NY state opposite end of the state from NYC :) most people automatically think of the city when New York is mentioned lol. & yes, I travel a lot so a doctor in Cali is being considered. thank you for your comments!! :)

Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! If you do decide to go through with this, take a lot of time and care choosing your surgeon. Here's what some doctors say about picking the right rhinoplasty doc for you.

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