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I'm turning 40 and want a mommy makeover in ...

I'm turning 40 and want a mommy makeover in October. . Need a Excellent recommendation of Surgeons in the areas San Diego, Orange County, Murrieta, or Los Angeles. Reviewing several surgeon profiles but, can't make a the best decision.1) Tom Pousti, 2)Ali Sajjadian, 4)Kenneth Hughes, 5)Sean Younuai...Please Help!!!

Who's traveling to Dominican Republic?

It been a while since I update but feeling very aggressive to schedule mommy makeover procedure. Trying to narrow the surgeon that's going to succeed my wish pic look (curvy Beyonce). I think Dr. Robles specialize on the right areas so, she might be the best option. Little nervous to travel that far especially, to have extensive surgery. I live alone and don't have a support system but like the fact that there's convenience services offers in her VIP Package such as transportation and recovery center. So, little at ease but looking for other individuals who's traveling or had travel to the Dominican Republic for surgery. Please share your experience or procedure date. Just send my request for a consultation this will determine my decision.

Treating myself

I need a tummy tuck soon.

I deserve a makeover...

Been eating clean for about two months and trying to become a vegan--No meat, no diary...seeing great results especially, dealing with fibroids and bloating. It time to treat myself to a mommy makeover..way overdue. "Carrying this sagging skin is not a pretty picture".

Lost over 100 pounds

Lost over 100 pounds naturally with cleanse, exercising, and determination and now my end results is sagging skin..looking to have a tummy tuck, breast lift, lipo inner thighs, and butt lift with fat transfer. Hopefully, I will receive a reasonable quote. Got a formative email for Dr. Robles with the Do's and Don't which I'm more eager to setup something soon but little undecided to travel outside the state.

Pics won't upload

Re quote from Dr . Robles

Waiting for re quote from Dr. Robles. The procedures I prefer Tummy tuck, Breast Lift, BBL, and lipo inner thighs. Hope, she response soon so, I can continue to the next process.

Body Image

Recommendations of Vitamins

Stills waiting on the email about deposit and work forms but the meanwhile Found this youtube video to be helpful on the recommendations of Vitamins by Laura Castro. Folic acid, iron, vitamin C, and B complex. The video didn't mention multi vitamin because most contains vitamins E and A.

Haven't been feeling well.

I received my blood test results and Im vitiamin D deficiency. So, Dr, recommended sitting in sunlight 20 to 25 mins for two days and taking 1000 mg of vitamin D.
So, I purchased vitamins D, C, B complex, iron, and folic acid from the Vitaminshopp buy one get one half off. Since taking the supplements, I m feeling lightheaded and dizzy. So, decided to take the supplements separate. So far, feeling little better but think about trying the liquid formula and going to the ER to get further evaluated. Im standing and bending most of my work shifts and having pain on my right leg. Maybe, it stress related or Im putting to much weight pressure on that side. This why I need to find a surgeon that willingly to do my medical leave of absence paperwork. It been stressful communicating with
Laura about this matter so, I stopped texting her. She respond within two days but not reqesting my only demand." A simple letter that stating Im having surgery and need 4 weeks or more off work." So, taking my time and researching others Dra such as Almonte, Lima, or Baez.

Yaris Sanchez

Browsing through and came across Dominican beauty Yaris.
Not sure, who did her surgery but I love the tiny waistline. Not giving up going to the DR but taking my time to choose the right surgeon. My second pick is Almonte because I read great reviews and she seems to care about her patients health being. Everyone experience and results are different so, Im basing my search on her rating. However, I love Yily and Duran results after reading several incidents mess up their credibility. Questionable??

Preparing to the DR is very frustrating

Finally, received my passport, flight schedule for Monday August 11 with 5 hrs layover in ATL. Don't know what Recovery House Im staying. Emailing and Whatsup Lesley for weeks no response. Work been stressful getting sent home everyday or they trying to find little things as a write-up. It feel they trying firing me before my leave of absence. At this point I want to cancel my surgery.

Things to increase Hemoglobin

Things that I been during over the past months to increase my hemoglobin levels 1) the suggestions vitamins C, B, iron, folic acid 2) Blood Builder 3) blending carrots, watercress, and spinach drinking twice a day. This is on the recommendations list that send by Lesley 4) blend Beets and carrots . And I haven't tried Guave and red pepper. Due that I had my CBC test in April my primary physician wasn't willingly prescribed another test. So, I found information for someone realself profile to goto pay $29 were prescribed the lab form to the nearest clinic such as Labcrop. Should receive results within a week. Haven't did this process just passing on the information because close to my surgery date. Don't think it will benefit me. Going my faith that my levels have increase which I feel increase in energy , alertness, and less cold since taking vitamins and remedies. Decided to ease my mood with some setbacks over the weekend and updates my profile.
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That sounds rough :/. I think you should consider getting a back up recovery house. I heard Recovery Armonia is very good. Perhaps check them out?
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Lesley was responding well until this point about the recovery house but Im looking into Hotels or the severity recovery house. Very frustrating.
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Duran and Yily have had a lot of mess ups lately. The safe choices ( as far as I've heard) are Baez, Robles, and Almonte. I believe it's because all three of them don't do aggressive lipo on patients who don't have the best of help.
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Congrats on your upcoming surgery
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My surgery is on hold until I get approval time off from work. So, Ill taking my time to do more search on other surgeon . Yes, my heart was set on Dra. Robles but the long distance communication is on pause or My second choice is Dr, Almonte.
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Congrats on your WL journey:-) Ty for sharing! Continue to keep us posted in your journey:-)
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Thank you, will do but not having the best connection with Laura and medical paperwork. So, my decision with Dra. Robles is not definite She does amazing work but the biggest issues trying get the time of work and communications.
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It is hard to get through but eventually they will answer. Keep reaching out to the Drs and the assist and also on through here. If this is something you truly want, don't give up. Best of luck and continue to keep us posted:-)
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Congrads on your weight loss journey, its hard..
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Thank you. Yes, it been a long journey and tired of dieting.
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HI! just read your review...I lost 90lbs myself and I'm NOW ADDICTED to FITNESS...LOL...I would love to talk to you after you HEAL from your surgery...while you are waiting to hear from Robles check out Tania Medina and Fatima Almonte (tell them Miranda told you about them)!
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My bad. .both PS are in DR too!
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Thank for the recommendations and will research these surgeons. Il giving Dr. Robles and Laura until Monday to response if not thinking about going with one of the five surgeons on my list that local.. I know it more money but I need professionals and reliable sources especially when it to my job, my time..I believe Laura is overloaded with emails and texts that she doesn't know who she chatting Personally, they not set up properly to address important questions and concerns. I notice with reading other posts if someone doesn't like Dr. Robles quote or recommendations, Laura delay or won't reply back. Very unprofessional.. Plus, it seems that they quoting several individuals the same price and recommendations..Very frustrating.
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I understand!!! you getta do what is best for YOU!!!!
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I had my BA done by William Umansky in La Jolla. He's a good doc.
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Thanks for your feedback... I will do a research on this surgeon
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I would recommend Dr. Richard Lee in Newport Beach. He is listening to my needs, pays attention to details and you'll be happy under his care. If you have any questions or would love to see more pictures of his result, let me know.
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DO NOT use Dr. Stuart Kincaid, not happy at all with his results, and he cares about nothing you say! I should of went with Dr. Pousti, LOVED everything about him, but couldn't afford at the time.
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Thank for the advice..I haven't heard of a Dr. Kincaid...This why I doing my research careful....Dr. Pousti is very expensive but, I guess the results would pay off...100 just for a consultation...
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I'm glad you started your story on RealSelf! Happy 40th! I hope you get lots of good feedback here in your new mini support group about which doctor to choose.

Please keep us updated on your journey.

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Thank, I been waiting a long time for a makeover..So, I need the best candidate. ..
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I've heard great things about Tom Pousti and although he is closer to you I received my Mommy Make Over from Dr. Hughes and IM SUPER HAPPY.. In relation to the results.... your drive would be worth it :) Good Luck!!!
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Thank, for your feedback...and you look fabulous!!!
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If you don't mind sharing.. What procedure did you have? Was the cost expensive? Any pros and cons about your recovery?
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