Only a Few Days out but I Look So Small, I Feel I Look Like a Board. Help - California, CA

I'm really concerned. I am a few days out from...

I'm really concerned. I am a few days out from lipo to the upper lower ab, hips, thighs. I have bathed and took a look at myself in the mirror, I am really regretting the hip liposuction. I feel that I look straight up and down like a board. I am wondering since I am so soon out of surgery and already looking like this does this mean my feminine shape will never return? I feel so uncomfortable to sleep. I cannot sleep on my sides and when I sleep on my back I feel there is not enough fat left in my upper back of the hips to support and cushion me comfortable. I regret not having better communication with my surgeon. I am so worried about this. Someone please advise. Thanks.

po photos

I'm only a few days out but I am very worried. Feel way too much fat was taken out especially from side and back of my hips leaving my bottom very small and no shape. I am in so much discomfort and having emotional anxieties about this. I spoke to the doctor, he says he sucked a lot of fat and I'm going to love it and that nobody complains about having too much fat removed. I am very concerned and confused and wondering what healing with be like and if revision healing is as difficult? I feel my hips and the outer ones are hard, I think the muscle is very close the the skin and I see dents where my back hip was. My mom is trying to convince me to not stress and focus on the good. I'm trying.

po photos. really regretting this.

Painful, numb, shock to my system worried about recovery. I have no appetite. Haven't had a bowel movement since the 29th, doctor said to use fleet enema. I had a hard time with it, not working well. I took some stool softener, hopefully it will help. Didn't feel comfortable with the way the doctor spoke to me when I expressed my concerns. I wish I understood more about what this surgery entails, I would have had less areas liposuctioned or just focused on fitness since I only needed to lose about 15 pounds. I'm looking back on this and wish I had chosen a doctor with both credentials and good communication skills. I felt credentials was so important but thinking back there were serious problems with communication.

Impressions of liposuction first week. Really really regret it.

Everything hurts. I'm having anxiety about what the future holds whether this will cause permanent pain. The back of my hips are numb and there is indent where the fat used to be. My stomach feels weird numb. Too many multiple areas liposuctioned. I am so unhappy. I feel like parts of me have been removed and I'm seeing how extremely unnatural this is. I was not going towards my goal of being healthy and fit by doing this procedure I was going away from it. I had to use an enema to go to the bathroom because I am not eliminating on my own. I am so regretful that I had not taken the 6 months estimate of recovery and done something positive with my life instead such as building close relationships with those I love and taking care of myself, I am sure if I had just spend the 6 months treating my health and well being as a priority I would have lost the weight and it would feel normal and natural. This is made out to be such a simple procedure but from my experience I'm feeling this is a major major medical procedure. I regret trusting the doctor based on his credentials rather than really seeing his personality issues for what they are.

Hard time sleeping

2am very sleepy but cannot sleep. Feeling pain and numbness along with chills and the lumpiness of laying on my lower back plus the psychological trauma cause me to wake up frequently. I just took a sleeping pill prescribed by the doctor. Wish I never did this procedure. Too much fat removed. I don't feel right, very numb painful and the recovery is way too intense. I never thought I would love my old tummy but I truly love it now fat and all. I love all my old rolls of fat, they cushioned me, I felt comfortable. If anyone knows how I can speed up this recovery please let me know. I'm worried when the swelling goes down I will be even more boney which will be very uncomfortable. Still haven't had a bowel movement on my own. Water enema helped. Please pray for me thanks.

burning pain hips

I was a bit better mentally today although I'm still in pain. I think the prescription sleeping pill really helped to calm my anxieties. My hips have a constant warmth? feeling and ache and when I get up it is very very sore and achy. I'm very uncomfortable. I don't know how I'm going to function like this but I'm trying to stay positive to turn this into something good be a stronger person, love those around me and be appreciative. I'm trying to remind myself that this is just a body that contains my spirit and it is my spirit that needs to shine through. I am lucky to have a couple people in my life who I know will be there for me but I feel like I have caused such a burden to them and to expose them to this is unfair. I've thought on my fat, I think the extra fat rolls have a purpose now. They remind us of our issues that we need to work on, perhaps we over eat from stress or neglect ourselves by eating foods that are not the best healthy. It is an opportunity to work on oneself by truly taking care of themselves. This liposuction has not been what I imagined so far. If anything it has caused my health to decline. I miss my fat. I also think fat protects, it surrounds toxins I truly believe that. Once the toxins are released the fat often will release. Why I didn't commit myself to these ideas rather than opting for surgery I have no idea.

Pain and swelling in hip area

My mobility is really afftected. Pain and swelling in the hip area especially where I felt really too much fat was removed. Doctor says it's going to be perfect and this numbness is normal and sensation will return. I don't think this is normal. Having a hard time getting comfortable sleeping. I don't understand why doctor was so aggressive. I'm not able to care of my dog right now or do much for myself. I am worried about being able to return to work. I'm very worried and I feel very bad for my loved ones who have to witness this and take care of me. I'm worried for my health. Please pray for me. Thanks.


Pain and swelling in hips makes it hard to sleep although I am tired a lot. Bowel movements still very constipated. No appetite. Trying to research the best way to heal from liposuction. I think doctor did very aggressive lipo on me especially in the hip and inner thigh area. My mobility is really poor due to the swelling, pain and stiffness in the hips. I am worried how I will care for my dog. Hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in since so many areas were liposuctioned and the back and side hips hurt and swell the most. I do not recommend having multiple procedures and I think doctors should explain to patients how much they are taking out and the difference in recovery between.


Trying to research best way to prevent internal scarring since I am worried that the doctor may have liposuctioned too close to the muscle. If anyone knows of any supplements please share. I'm wondering about serrapeptase or some form of enzyme. I have a lot of swelling in the hip and back area which I am sure was over liposuctioned. I'm just hoping it resolves and does not turn into anything more serious if scar tissue builds up. The areas that hurt the most with the worst swelling and painful pulling feeling are the ones where he was way too aggressive and surprisingly I feel are the places not recommended for being aggressive, inner thighs, hips and I'm finding out flanks although afterwards he said they remove the most in those areas? I really don't understand what happened. Very hard to sleep or do activities because of the swelling and pain in hips and flanks. I have a lot of time to sit around and notice that the fat rolls and curve that women have are beautiful. It seems an abomination to remove the things that make us a woman, it's not attractive to remove those things. Why remove the flanks or the hips? They are beautiful. I see many reviews on here of women who don't think they're thin enough even after they have had liposuction and look very slim. The media is really affecting our judgment in a negative way and there are people willing to take advantage. For sure I think the amount of procedures needs to be regulated. Doctors should not suggest so many procedures especially if someone is not much over their ideal weight. I believe if I had only done 2-3 areas I would be much better physically and mentally right now.


Hip is very swollen. Flanks are completely numb and tender and firm, I think because they are so close to the muscle. Doctor says I may have a serroma but to wait a week and see. I mentioned again that I am concerned too much was taken off my hip and flanks that is why I'm having these problems, he says it's in my imagination. Be very careful when having plastic surgery a distance from your home, consider that you may need aftercare and how you will feel driving or flying a distance to see your surgeon. I hope things get better soon. I'm trying to eat very healthy, fruits and vegetables but I am also afraid of losing weight since so much was removed. This is really a nightmare for me. I'm lucky to have some really wonderful people who love me enough to stick with me through all this but I feel terrible for putting them through this.


Hips very swollen, pain. Even so this morning I woke up and looked in the mirror I can see my pelvic and lower hip bone protruding. All my feminine curves are gone and I am very depressed. On top I have pain in multiple areas. Way too much liposuction for my size. I am hoping there is some way to correct this in the future but I am having my doubts as I read more about correcting over aggressive liposuction.


I have to drive hours to my ps to check on my swollen hip. It's very uncomfortable. When I lift my chin I can see and feel hardened lines. My flanks are hard and numb. Was not expecting such aggressive liposuction. Feel pulling in thighs when I move my legs. Stomach and outer thighs feel better.

Trying to gain weight

I've been trying to gain weight. My doctor first mentioned that I should not gain weight but later when I complained that all the fat is gone from the front to the back of my hips and up my flanks he said I could try to gain weight, very confusing. I have been eating like crazy but I get on the scale in the morning and I am 6 pounds under the weight that I was on the date of my surgery. I'm a little worried that my main fat stores have been taken out so I have no idea where the excess calories and fat will go? It doesn't seem to be going anywhere really noticeable except my breasts and my cheeks are getting fuller. Hoping to gain weight for this to either improve or so that I can get a fat transfer back to my hips and upper butt. It's really miserable, I took a walk on the beach the other evening but I couldn't enjoy it, I am scared of exercising because I don't want to burn calories.

I thought I would mention the type of liposuction used on me was PAL, power assisted. I'm finding out this tool can cause really bad complications in the wrong hands and that the pioneers of this tool stopped using it.

Hips pre surgery

Breasts getting enormous while hips show little progress

Just want to say make sure to find a surgeon who will consider your body shape and symmetry as a whole maybe even take into consideration the changes through pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss. Everything should be in harmony. My doctor instructed me that I should gain weight if I was not happy with the aggressive liposuction to my hips. I have been working on gaining weight however my breasts are becoming enormous. I mean abnormally enormous so on top of worrying about sagging overly large breasts now my curvy upper body does not match the the no curves lower body that the doctor gave me. At this moment I am just really disappointed in my surgeon and I have no idea why he would remove almost all the fat from my hips and flanks leaving me with no curves when I had largish breasts to start with which are even larger now. Also, I'm not sure why but it seems having so little padding from the front to the back of my hips makes me feel off balance while walking as well.
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Hi I hope you are able to gain the weight I'm sorry you aren't happy.. I'm sure you will be able to gain more weight in a couple months. Who was your doctor?
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Love did you take your pictures down?
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Yes, but you can see my recent pictures after 30 pound weight gain on my recent question Do I Have Enough Fat for BBL Post Liposuction. You can see how ugly my new shape is. Top heavy, apple shaped belly with no butt or hips because the lipo was so aggressive on my hips and flanks. I think it's at the bottom of all the questions I asked the doctors. I was 5'8 145 and my ps lipoed 7 areas of my body and aggressively to my hips, flanks and inner thighs. I looked anorexic after my surgery and the hip lipo along with flank lipo took away my beautiful natural curves. So sad.
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how are you feeling? Have you seen any fat return to your flanks at all? I sometimes think the fat is coming back but then the next day I'm sunken in so its just swelling that tricks me. Wish I also had my fat back, I actually loved my fat there, I think it makes a woman sexy and curvy.
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Oh my goodness. I am getting lipo December 6th in the Dominican Republic. After reading all of these post I feel worried.
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Hi, I think it's good you have that sensation of 'worry' because that means you are looking more carefully at what can happen. And the truth about it is that not only can a surgeon cause problems for a body, but the biology of fat *in* the body can cause other problems (redistribution of fat; which doctors try to fluff off as only a matter of diet and exercise but if that were true, wouldn't we all be dieting and exercising ourselves to the perfect body we want?). I wish you luck in researching this very carefully. Read the thread: Did you gain weight after liposuction? Don't be afraid to not get it done in December, even if you think you might later on. One woman made a really good point, that I wish I had done as well: Spend the money on a personal trainer and dietitian rather than this surgery. Sadly I am made aware of this mistake every single day many times per day, by the uncomfortable and unattractive features my body now has. Good luck!
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Yes, Sundogcoyote is giving good advice. I wish I knew about all these posts myself. Take your time, you have all the time to decide and make an informed decision before doing anything. Consult with a lot of doctors first, many give free consultations. After you do your research ask lots of questions, if your doctor is dishonest with you about anything or does not take the time to explain details and listen to you then don't go to him because he doesn't have your best interest. From what I'm reading liposuction is not good but at least fat graft preserves some of your vital fat and may deter the redistribution and hormonal issues that people complain about. I've been trying to gain weight since the liposuction because I felt so bad and looked anorexic but now my face and breasts are getting chubby while the rest of my body remains similar in shape. My natural warning signs are missing, before liposuction when I wasn't eating right/ taking care of myself it would show in my belly. If your doctor says he's going to liposuction a little ask him exactly where and how much. My doctor said a little on the hips during consultation but it was not.
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Personally, I think you might want to read between the lines of what people are saying. Would you really want an unnatural redistribution (for ANY reason) to parts of your body that would not normally receive such fat accumulation? And without your notice (e.g. visceral fat). At the age of 40 I had a set of clothes that fit me fine; my belly gained a 'pooch' (as it is said) and once I had that suctioned out...all those clothes~ gone. Every OTHER part of my body gained fat stores. Even though my weight remained the same. I seriously doubt any doc performing a money-making procedure like this one will truly inform you on the risks and outcomes. (REAL outcomes based on pure science). They will SAY things like diet and exercise, but surely you can understand how that is sort of like a magician using mis-direction...
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When did the fat redistribution start?
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I am sure it was very gradual; which makes sense, right? But I would say that at one year I was aware that none of my previous upper-body clothes (nor pants) would fit me any longer. I even had a boyfriend at the time who noticed the increase of my breast size. I have to say that I had not changed sizes for years and years and years. But how come all of a sudden nothing would fit? Right now, for me, my breasts feel so huge and uncomfortable. None of my old clothes fit. I have to buy new clothes that accommodate the changes as well as a sort of wide band along the waste that holds in the very uncomfortable creasing and sagging of skin (it is more than just an absence of fat tissue~ it is a folding over that feels horrible).
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Thank you for your response and I will keep researching.
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Hi. I'd like to add my support and say that I 'm saddened by the bas outcomes. Liftedandcsucked, I have done a lot of research on liposuction and other procedures this year. Duing that time, I began a thread called "How Do You Do Your Research Before Deciding on the Procedures?" The Community Manage closed the thread to future comments, but the previous comments can be read.
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I completely agree with the last comment below. Hang in there. 
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You are definitely going through a lot of post op turmoil and I just want to say - do not make any major decisions while in recovery. Wait those few months and if you speak to another plastic surgeon or your doctor and still feel concerns then seek a resolution.
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Thanks for the advice.
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Hey I responded on my page but just wanted to say stay patient, I had lots of pain in legs from lipo and numbness and honestly I didn't feel completely normal til 6 months post don't freak out. Its a long recovery process
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Hello dear, the healing process with lipo is no easy task, but it will truly be worth it once your body adjusts. Remain positive, you look great!
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hey just wanted to see how you were doing, both physically and mentally? if you are feeling really anxious and just need to relax, try some guided meditations from glenn harold on itunes. they helped me to deal with the emotions and just get back to deep breathing and taking in moment. i hope you are well. i know this was a surprise to you and you were feeling sad and had some guilt. we are all here to support you. i pray you are doing better.
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I am feeling better pain wise in the abdomen and thighs but my flanks and hips bother me, it's hard to rest because there is no comfortable position to lay down and I don't think I have enough padding in my hips to lay on my side comfortably. It's causing a lot of lower back pain along with the warmth hardness. I've been pretty anxious about all of the fat that was removed from those areas and what the health implications could be. Thanks for the meditation recommendation, sounds like what I need right now. Thanks for your prayers! I really appreciate it.
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omg ur story is similar to mine, I welcome you to read my story, I fel the exact same way!!! nothing seems right! do much taken out that I feel my bones and its so extremely painful no one understands!! I as well have 2 supportive ppl that I can talk to but I feel like I'm a burden since they are helping me way too much, please keep in touch with me, I need someone to talk to and since we are in the same situation I feel you would understand how I feel and vice prayers are with u, honestly, this is horrible and I wouldn't let anyone get lipo, its such a bad procedure, the media and ads makes us think we need to fix things, when we should love our bodies the way God made us. all I'm doing now is praying, I hope you find strength on doing so, thats how I'm trying to cope with this horrible learning experience
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Hi, I'm sorry this happened to you. It seems these procedures did not turn out according to our expectations. I am going through a lot of pain from the procedure and emotional stuff from having so many areas of my body drastically changed. I read your review and I can understand why you are upset, it seems you feel the same way. I am glad that you have people to support you through this, your bf sounds like a real sweetheart. I didn't know how bad for the body lipo is until after my procedure, it's made out to be no big deal. Thanks for reminding me to find strength in prayer, it does make me feel better. I'm praying for health and happiness from now on. I saw on your review that you are already wanting an explant. Wow, can't imagine going through another surgery so soon. I've been looking for ways to correct this but it doesn't seem so easy for me as it would require more liposuction and fat graft which would be unpredictable. Please email me anytime.
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how r u doing?
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My thoughts are with you today. I hope the ride was okay. I also feel pulling in my body from the surgery. Let us know how you're doing.
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Hi loveheartlove 888' how do you feel when he says its all in your imagination? Do you think it is, or do you think there's a problem? Are you very mobile yet? How's t your pain and sleeping?
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Hey, I feel upset when he says it's all in my imagination. I have been trying to say there is something wrong but all he says is it's going to be great stay positive and that there is nothing wrong because he doesn't do that. And if this is in my imagination then why is the swelling, pain and numbness and now possible serroma in the same area? I am not very mobile yet. My friend takes me for drives and to walk my dog. I was able to walk a little with my dog but I was very very uncomfortable and there is no way I could care for my dog on my own. Sleeping is difficult because my hips are very swollen and my flanks and hips are both tender. There is no way to get comfortable. I woke up twice with pain in my calf but the doctor does not think it's a blood clot. I truly wish he had taken the time to discuss everything with me and how much pain and mobility issues I could experience with more procedures. My friend and family are worried and I fear depressed. I would appreciate any prayers.
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