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I am on day 3 after my stem cell facelift. I have...

I am on day 3 after my stem cell facelift. I have ruined my face. I actually work as a patient coordinator for a corporation that processes stemcells. I was ...... let's say....encouraged greatly, to have this procedure done. They even paid for it. I have...had.. been blessed with a great face. The Dr. that they hired was rude and I actually never met him before the procedure. So, he had no idea what I wanted or most important...didn't want. As I was laying there...wide awake...I just kept saying that " I like my cheekbones please don't touch my cheeks in any way." The only thing I wanted was a tiny tiny tiny bit to fill my laugh lines. That's when he started jabbing into the area around my nose. Not shallow injections like I now know he should have been doing...but deep injections. I remember saying "Please Dr. I don't want to have big cheeks or a fat face. I only weigh 98lbs." He replied " You are injecting fat into your are going to have a FAT face." He laughed. It was at that point that I saw his needle going up towards my eye area and I stopped him. I wish that I could share pictures. If someone will tell me how, I will post them. My family cried when they saw me. My smile is now turned completely upside down due to the weight of the fat that he injected. My face has no contour around my nose....I look like a baloon, with a droopy sad smile. I have seen miracles with the use of adipose stem cells. Esp. with knees, shoulders, spines, diabetes. has been amazing to see the results and the smiles on the faces of the patients that have lived in pain for so many years and now have relief for the first time. Having said that.....I cannot recommend this for anyone that is considering altering their face in anyway. It's your face!!!!! Funny thing....this was my argument to my superiors when they were insisting that I needed to do this in order to speak to others about it and keep my job. They said.."You are going to be the face of ______!" I don't want to say the name of the Corp. that I work for. Well...hindsite is always so clear, isn't it. I would much rather have my face back, then that job..which I will probably lose now anyway due to the way I look. Please listen to that small voice inside you and JUST SAY NO!!! t
I would sooooo appreciate any suggestions. I am massaging the area as deeply as I can in hopes that the fat cells won't stick. I read something about ultrasound treatments...that it works if done within two weeks of procedure. I am fasting for 3 days, since I always lose weight in my face first and maybe I will lose some of the fat. HELP!!!! I don't even want to walk my dog outside. I look like a monster.

You were awake during this...even when they removed your fat for the transfer?  Good grief, I can't imagine how much that hurt.  Don't panic yet, it's just been a week &  the initial swelling is really awful even when things are normal.  Depending on how much he put in, it may subside.  I haven't heard of anything that can be done within the 1st 2 weeks, but go to the section here at realself  where you ask questions & doctors answer.  They usually answer pretty quickly.  Write URGENT on your questions title. Or call a PS who does FT & ask if you can come in for an emergency consult.  (I assume you are unable to go back to the PS who did this because of your work situation).   The pressure you received from your bosses to do this is so incredibly unethical I'm appalled.  If you have permanent problems with this, make them pay to fix it...and if they refuse, sue the heck out of them.  Yours would be one of the few cases for cosmetic surgery that would actually have a chance of winning in court.  They pressured you into this!  And since they paid for it...& arranged it... its proof you were coerced for fear of losing your job.  

I'm so sorry about your results. It sounds like you had a terrible experience with your doctor. It's too bad you weren't able to consult different plastic surgeons and choose one for yourself.

My understanding of fat transfer is that a certain percentage of the fat does reabsorb into the body, so hopefully that will happen for you sooner rather than later.

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