Having Sharp Pain on Left Breast and Left Breast is Bigger then the Right...- California, CA

It's been 3months since my BA and I'm happy with...

It's been 3months since my BA and I'm happy with the results but there is one thing that is bothering me. My left breast looks bigger the right. The left breast looks totally different so when I wear a shirt without a bra the right looks more pointy and my left breast looks round. Will my breast change or stay the same way. Do I need revision to make both even?
Recently I've injured my left breast and now having sharp pains for several days. Is this a sign of capsular contracture? I will post a picture of my breast. Please let me know what it might be.
But to be honest I love having my twin girls its better then not having any after having children. Thanks


Hope all goes great! Your looking wonderful:) in my opinion. Thanks for the encouragement, it was needed.
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I think they look great, nobody but you will notice. Good luck, Karieann
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Theinsolentlynx Thanks for saying I have sexy areoles because people comment saying I have big areoles which makes me feel self conscience. I am worried because the right one is smaller then left and the left is more round then right. They look lopsided to me. Not even to me. I just want sexy boobs that dreamed for since high school. After 3 kids boobs turned almost flat.;(
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