600 cc high profile with areolar lift - California, CA

I'm scheduled for a BA with BL on June 13,2013. ...

I'm scheduled for a BA with BL on June 13,2013. Im starting to get nervous now and cant decide if I should go with the 700 cc or not? Im 5'10" and weigh 165. I'm worried I may look top heavy or that it may make my shoulders appear more broad than they are? Im a 38 saggy deflated barely a 'B' cup now! I"ve had 4 children and breastfed all four also a 100 lb weight loss over 5 years, and my weight has went up and down by 20 lbs but maintained withing 5 lbs for over a year now!


It really seems much more real now after my pre op today! Im really nervous about the implant that was ordered!! Dr.s assistant ordered high profile implants and assured me if i were to get low/moderate i would be unhappy and that i would look more top heavy. After everything Ive researched it says broad chested women should get moderate impants since the diameter is larger and narrow chested women should get high profile implants since the diameter is smaller....???? HELP!! what to do...they already ordered them and im feeling like i need a wider diameter..not to mention i have a gap in between my breasts!!


Preop was today and I didn't see Dr he's in surgery on Thursdays so I seen his assistant. I asked what kind of implants they were going to use and she said HIGH PROFILE!! I just feel like my chest is way too broad for that...she kept telling me I would hate low or moderate style. So I told her I trusted her judgement. Since I keep researching all I see is narrow chested women getting high profile and I'm FAR from narrow chested!! HELP WHAT DO I DO? Surgery is June 13 and she ordered high profile implants. Going for 650/700 cc also a lift. I'm a 38 deflated B cup. Breastfed four babies!


Im really excited and starting to get nervous! I cant believe its FINALLY next week!! Is there any tips any of you can give me for before and after surgery besides what the PS tells us?? Thanks!

surgery postponed

I'm feeling down because my surgery was rescheduled from June 13th to June 25th.....thanks to my abcessed tooth! But I know its a precaution they have to take. So Monday I see the endodontist and for now continue my antibiotics!

two weeks until surgery day!

June 25th is the NEW surgery date! I had to get my root canal done first on my abcessed tooth and make sure infection is completely gone before introducing implants into my body, it couldve spread the infection to my heart. So, now Im looking for good support sports bras for after surgery that snap in the front! can any of you reccomend a certain brand or store where I can purchase these? thanks!

6 more days!!!!

I think I could use some encouraging words...lol!! I'm getting butterflies every time I think about it! I can't believe after 6 years of wanting this and canceling a BA with BL five years ago that its happening FINALLY! I'm nervous about being helpless since I have four kids although my hubby will be off for six days after my procedure but having anxiety about him going back to work...my 2 year old is a mommas boy and very clingy!! I have three other children ages 11,9 and 6. I think I'm feeling a little guilty for some reason? But at the same time I'm very excited and anxious...nerves are definitely kicking in!

5 more days!!

Just cleaning and thinking a lot about surgery! I can't believe how fast the day is coming...yikes!!!(:

tomorrow is the day!!!!

Hospital just called and my arrival time is 6:15am!!! Nerves are kicking in for sure...any last minute tips. ??

on my way.......

On my way to the hospital....today is BOOBIE DAY!!!

last look....

Last look before surgery!!

post op

11 hours post op! No vertical lift after all ...only aeolar lift! Dr ended up doing 600cc instead of 700. High profile saline. Just sore and sleepy right now. My hubby is doing amazing taking care of kids and I....and he keeps a log for my meds too. He's awesome!! Surgery went great!


11 hours post op! (*:

post op pic

11 hours post op..600cc HP saline understand!

day 1 post op

day 1 post op

feeling small??

My boobs feel small. :/

boobie blues?

Think I'm getting boobies blues.. :/ I sure hope they don't get smaller after they drop. :(



I had a ba with areolar lift...I don't have drains in. Today I noticed clear yellow drainage on my left side from incision circle...is this normal? Waiting for Dr to call.

deleting my profile

Can any of u ladies tell me how to delete my profile. I don't receive enough feedback on here as I was hoping for from you ladies. So I have decided to delete the profile. Thanks! (:


My recovery was rough for about four days then at about one week I was good to go! Today I'm 12 days post op and loving my results!!! Just can't wait for these babies to drop & fluff! Life is good!

post op two weeks and two days

They just get better everyday!!


They have dropped just a tiny tiny bit!

bra fitting

So....I haven't d&f completely yet, but I went to get fitted just for fun at VS i measure at a 38/DDD/G! I Know Victoria's sizes are different so I'm thinking Im a dd/ddd but a did at sears or walmart is too tight.

a turn for the worst.. :'(

Omygssssshhh!!!!!! For over two weeks I've had an open wound the size of a quarter and now a second one the size of a quarter as well! Its where my sutures were...I've been so depressed!!!! One boob looks awesome and the other looks horrible!!!! It makes me sick to my stomach...surgeon has me putting silvadene twice a day and I have to keep it covered... I can't go without a bra. I live in a bra 24/7!! I don't understand what happens things were going so great! Tomorrow I have another appts with the surgeon, I'm worried I will need skin grafting soon. Have any of you heard if this happening???? Its a sad situation for me...so hard to look at and feel sexy...I'm the total opposite of sexy!

procedure in ps office tomorrow

I'm feeling nervous!!! Tomorrow a.m. my is has decided it would be best to suture the openings..I've been on antibiotics for two weeks now and suturing up the openings is looking like the best option for now.:( wish me luck kadies !!! I've gained weight and am getting depressed! I want to start working out again..ASAP!! But now thus us another set back. So much for being fit for las Vegas!!:(


I really need to spell check.lol
dr. vipul dev

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Your BA looks great especially in the vest top :-) Keep us updated! X
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How are you doing?
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so sorry to hear about your issues after you BA i hopre things have gotten better and healed up nicely so u can enjoys your new girls!!
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How are you doing?
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Thanks mom to 5!
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Its going to be a long road..but just praying this has worked and I will start to heal.
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You look great!! I hope you are healing good now!!
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Maybaby I know you're right ...its just depressing when I can barely button my pants.
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I can only imagine how difficult it is going through this but again I wish you the best and I hope the procedure yields the best results EVER!!!! Please keep us posted
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Today was the day...PS cut away scar tissue and sewed me all up leaving openings for drainage. Praying this does it and I make a complete recovery. I love the size and shape...if I could just get this right boob healed all we be great!!
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Sending the good boobie vibes that you heal up fast! Are you having any pain from the procedure?
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As long as your health gets back on track who cares if you gained a few pounds!! Good luck with your procedure!!! I wishing you the best big hugs!!!!!
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Nice size on you
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And yes its just the skin everything else looks great! Wish it would let me post the pix!
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And yes they started like a red spot and like a blister was underneath the skin..then just opened and kept growing bigger!!!
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Why can't I post a pic???? Ugh!!
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Thank u ladies!!! Yes it started with stitches that didn't dissolve and my skin started pulling away from areola where I had the areolar lift..its now 3 holes. I was doing so good I just don't get it!!!:(
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Wow that is horrible I'm so sorry to hear that. My incision never re-opened but my sutures Didnt seem to disolve properly maybe that was the case for you and the skin just rejected them. Our bodies are amazing on how it tries to protect itself. I know it must not be easy but hopefully it's only skin trauma and with medication it will heal. My scar is very flat so I really can't see it but it discolor the skin around it. Has the doctor given you any positive feed back? Has this issue disfigured the implant (your breast) or is it just the skin being affected? I will keep my fingers crossed and pray for a speedy recovery.
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I'm so glad I'm following this post. I also am experiencing open wounds. Although not that large, I have had several. 7 total. All of them no bigger than maybe a quarter of the width of a pencil eraser.... did yours start as almost like a blood blister under the skin, and then open up? That's what mine did. And I've had most on my right boob which has made awful scarring on just that boob! Ugh. PS said to watch it. He actually removed 2 stitches that had made their way up from each of the wounds. From what I gather, its pretty common to have openings then heals and possibly openings again.... just watch them. I would def be concerned if mine were that big.... I keep a water tight bandaid over mine each time and sometimes apply neosporin. I am 2 months post op today actually and have been experiencing this since 4 weeks postop. I hope that helps a little, if but nothing more than to ease your mind that you are not alone. :( You WILL have fabulous boobies don't worry! :)
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I'm sorry to hear about the open wounds. Will pray for a speedy recovery. I have heard of this but don't panic as it seems to always heal over time. You can also share some photos and questions in the Doctor Q&A. Feel free to PM me if you're still experiencing problems posting photos. Try not to worry too much. Let us know how your next appointment goes!

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Trying to post pic and it won't let me..:/ I don't get it either..sucks big you know what! Its around areola where my sutures were.
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I wanna see a pic :-/
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I don't understand, u already 2 months post op so why did this suddenly happen to you? And where on your boob is the open area? Where ur incision was? This is horrible I feel so bad, u look great too so I just don't understand it
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No I can't see the implant just my own tissue. Its a real let down! :( I will be two months post op on the 25 th of august. It started about two weeks ago. Right now just laying down with it uncovered getting some air from fan. Surgeon thinks it has to do with my internal stitches from the lift..?
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Eeeks! There's another profile on here who has pics of this happening to her recently- I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you don't have to get them removed and that healing will start- Can you see the implant through the open wound?
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