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Hello!! Long due..... I'm 28 and have never been...

Hello!! Long due..... I'm 28 and have never been happy with my rear, literally I have a non existent Butt.... Sad face! After lots and lots of research I found Dr.Afifi, had my consultation with her few weeks ago and decided she is the One!!!!
This website helped tremendously with my research and I hope my journal will help others considering a Braziian Butt Lift. (I'll post before, during,after pictures... PLEASE DONT BE HARSH).
I am anxious and happy and excited and nervous at the same time.
Thanks for reading, wish me luck!
I'll try to be update w this'd journal as much as I can.
So happy for you please keep us posted :)
Omg! I thought I was alone on this wanting the BBL!!!!:) I'm so happy to have read some of the patients who have already done it or is waiting to get their procedure done! I've ways wanted this! I've never had an ass!:((( I hate shopping for jeans because my butt will not fill Out the rest. So it makes me look like i have a soggy diaper!:( I want this so bad! And will to Save for this god willing! I'm a mother of 3, and I've fought thyroid cancer twice!:( so I hope my health is ok enough to proceed. How did you all pay for it? Financing? Or paid in full? Thanks so much! Btw, you ladies are rocking your new behinds!!! ;)
Hello everyone, my only fear is that I won't have enough fat to transfer to my butt and hips. Any suggestions?!
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I gotta say, staff INCREDIBLE!!!! DR. AFIFI makes you feel, safe, comfortable, and she is an amazing person!!!

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