29 with 2 Childrn! BBL Me Please!! in Search! California, CA

I am currently looking for a Dr that will give me...

I am currently looking for a Dr that will give me the body I have been dreaming about since I can rremember. I have 2 kids I had them back to back so loosing weight has been a struggle. Im 5 feet tall at 152 lbs. All lbs go to my stomach and back ugh. I wish it would go to ass and hips and legs!! But nope all upper body. I've told the hubby about it he was not happy at first but litte by little ive been convincing him. He says im gana leave him or cheat on him because ill have more options now. But in reality he is the love of my life and I wouldn't change him for nothing I just wish he was 100% on board with this. I guess as time gets closer he will have no 9ther choice. Im interested in Dr. Hughes or going to MX with Campos. Still waiting for an email back from both. Its been weeks and no response wish I can get their personal email adress so I can send email directly to them.but will wait. In the meantime im going to continue my search for the best and affordable bbl Dr.


Welcome to RS ! Please lay on your tummy for that five hour drive back! Don't sit! Have you tried Dr. Cardenas? Best wishes!
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Hi nobooty, I went to Dr Campos and im happy with my results. I had a virtual consult but I also went to have a person to person consult with him. The prices were totally different so I would suggest u go see him in person if u could. I paid 4200 and I think it was well worth it.
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Thanks so much for thr feedback. Im about 5 hours away from TJ and if I decide on Campos I would most likely drive. Do u think 5 hr drive would be too much? If I stay over there it would probably be 4 days max. I cant be away from my babys too long. :).. anyway what is a virtual consult? Is that off his website?

got one quote

So I finally heard back from Dr. Hughes in Culver City...he quoted mr at $9500. Thats a little bit too much for my budget I would have to finance half of that if I decide to go with him. I know he does miracles but I asked if hips were included and he said no that it would be $1000 more.. yikes. U get what u pay for I guess, I wont completely check him off the list but he will be at #3 for now. Im waiting to hear back from Campos. I emailed 3 times. Im wondering if it would be better to call.


Thanks hun, I will definitely take your advice. I havent looked into Cardenas yet but I will look into it. Thanks a bunch.
A virtual consult is when u send him ur pics and he send u a quote without u actually going to see him.

still no answer

So I havent heard from Dr. Campos office :(... and I emailed Dr. Pantoja for a quote too, its been a few days and still no answer:(...gosh these Mexico doctors taking forever!!! Ugh I need to decide asap kuz I was looking through some pics and honest I can't believe I didn't think of this procedure sooner.

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Pantoja quote

So I got my quote from Dr. Pantoja. He quoted me at $3600 for liposuction of arms, full back, abdomen, and sides. This is a great price and I like his work, I just havent seen any pics that really convinceme. Most of the stories here on realself dont have pics of Dr. Pantojas work. Im still waiting on Campos quote and will make my decision then. Im excited to get closer to my wish. Oh and to start out I ordered a famale urinal and a boppy pillow on ebay :)


I would suggest u go see Dr Campos in person...your online quote is always higher than if u go see him in person.
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decisions... decisions. ...

So still no answer from Campos that really bothers me. I know there busy but they must not want my business. .so I think im gana go witj Dr. Pantoja..I also asked for a quote to add BA and it came out to $5600..still not bad. As of now im going with just bbl but if I can come up with the extra $2k I will have my BA done too. Now to decide on a date and where im gana stay. If my hubby goes with me im gana stay at a hotel if not then maybe a recovery house. Thinking of grace house...

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Pre op pic


Hi Hun ... Did u ever contact dr Cardenas?
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Hi. I sent an email but have not received a response :(
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