Almost 9 weeks post op...New pics!

Omg I can't believe it is almost my turn..I have...

Omg I can't believe it is almost my turn..I have been reading about everyone else's breast reduction while awaiting approval from insurance and I got it..whoop..I am 5.1 and weigh 150..I am a size 36 FF and have been having terrible back and neck pains for a long time now so can't wait to be free from this...I will post pictures as soon as I pluck up the courage I feel huge, I'm sure most on here do ha pre op is Tomrow it finally feels real!!

Hmm, just wrote a new post but it seems to have...

Hmm, just wrote a new post but it seems to have got lost somewhere ..anyhow weird pre op as my surgeon is now in a wheel chair due to sciatica pain...he says that he can still perform surgery on me next week and infact done 4 surgeries today sitting this crazy or what??? He has me second guessing him now!....oh and mammo came back with dense tissue so having ultrasound this Friday...not as excited about all this anymore!

Breast ultrasound revealed nothing more then dense...

Breast ultrasound revealed nothing more then dense tissue..thanks goodness :-)

So excited!

So excited!

Just added a few more before pics ...

Just added a few more before pics ...

Uh oh..a friend came to visit and I went and sat...

Uh oh..a friend came to visit and I went and sat in the garden with her, had some lunch walked around for a tiny bit and now my boobs are on fire again..I took the pain med 45 mins ago and normally it's kicked in by now..hubby is mad and telling me I need to be resting not walking around..I didn't do that much but lesson learned, taking it even more easy now if that is possible ...ouch !

Quite painful thru the night, mainly cos the...

Quite painful thru the night, mainly cos the painkillers wear off while sides hurt today but it is only post op day 2 so I have a way to go yet I guess before I really turn the corner...despite the pain I'm very happy that I was able to get this done..exciting times ahead :-)

PS called and wants to see me Tomrow morning for...

PS called and wants to see me Tomrow morning for my first post op appt instead of Monday...I am sooo much happier about that! Will post pictures soon:-)

Today was my first post op was great...

Today was my first post op was great to actually see the boobies..I was quite pleased at how they looked yet I was still shaking and kinda in great to be able to shower now i will post more pics soon..nap time now lol

Oh I had a total of 3.5 lbs removed ..feeling light !

Oh I had a total of 3.5 lbs removed ..feeling light !

Wow, my stomach is so bloated it actually hurts!

Wow, my stomach is so bloated it actually hurts!

I'm only 3 days post op but my stomach is so...

I'm only 3 days post op but my stomach is so bloated it hurts..I have never seen it this big, my baggy elasticated pants are killing me and I kinda have a stomach ache too..bowel movements have been infrequent since surgery tho I did go this morning..any advice or remedies to help this ?

Wow, I was so excited to get this done and then so...

Wow, I was so excited to get this done and then so exctied to actually see my new boobs today and I actually thought they looked pretty good considering it is only day 3.....then all out of the blue I am kinda like..omg what did i do? This is a big surgery and my hubby took a week of work but I have 3 kids to look after including an active 2 year old and i won't be able to lift her into the car/seat for a long time the house is a mess, hubby is trying but is not very good at aeeing mess lol.....and my sport bra is rubbing on my incisions and I think it's too small too, nipples feel squashed, my sides hurt and my swollen stomach makes me feel out of breath, i wish my ps was more helpful regarding post op hes just like yeah go buy a sport bra and that was it...I find my boobs a little gruesome to look at it actually makes me shudder a little ( I'm the squeamish type) I know that all of this is temporary and will pass but at this very moment improvement feels a long way a way ....I am not regretting having this done I am very thankful especially as insurance paid for must be these pain pills twisting my mind lol..anyhow it's off my chest now :-)

First night that I slept all the way thru without...

First night that I slept all the way thru without waking up for meds but oh boy when I did awake I was ready for is post op day 6 so almost a week since surgery I am doing good..haven't drove car yet but will have to soon as when hubby goes back to work i will need to do school runs and look after our two year old..I am a bit concerned but know deep down that I will be fine, but wish I had longer just looking after me, If You know what I mean... I wish I wudda planned for hubby having two weeks off!

Well, today was my first day of trying to function...

Well, today was my first day of trying to function a little more like normal...hubby went into work late so he could drop the kids at school my job was to look after our 2 year old daughter ( she is very sweet but she is 2 so very demanding too bless her xx) and to pick the kids up from school unfortunately at two different schools at two different times grrr... Well, getting my two year old in the car was a struggle as I can't lift her so it was kinda on her time lol..I think she enjoyed this new calmer me.. coaxing her gently to sit in her seat rather then the rushing and do what your told it took all my patience tho lol...thankfully the schools are 5 minutes away as I did not enjoy driving too much, my boobs were burning a bit and I just felt so delicate, I am only taking tyelnol now so the discomfort doesn't seem to go away for long..I would Definelty still be on the stronger stuff if I had hubby home to take care of things..but hey this was only day one of my normal routine and each day gets better right?...I hope so....

Uh oh .. Beginning to wonder if my tummy is...

Uh oh .. Beginning to wonder if my tummy is bloated or if infact it really is this big :-( friend who had a br said that people kept asking her if she lost weight...I actually look much bigger now.....and it's a perfect pregnant shape too, really high up..hmm anyone else having this problem?

My boobs are hot!!! And by that I mean in a...

My boobs are hot!!! And by that I mean in a burning way, they both feel on fire today..left message at ps office to check this is normal.

Today I felt really good..driving was easier today...

Today I felt really good..driving was easier today and I actually ventured out and done some shopping...thankfully I had my bag carrier with me ( hubby) ha ha ...incisions and nipples kinda flare up every now and then with that irritated soreness type feeling but nothing that a Tylenol can't deal with :-)

2 weeks post op...feeling really good..get tired...

2 weeks post op...feeling really good..get tired quick and sometimes in the evenings I feel a bit sore but in general feeling great..just updated a 2 week pic..tho I think I'm gonna have one bigger then the other but dont really care, still love them :-).....I'm just wanting to pull off all the glue now but I know I can't ...some bits have fell off and it looks great underneath...really need to start eating a bit healthier now and can't wait to be able to start jogging again soon..tummy is suffering due to lack of exercise and I'm hoping to be wearing nice sun dresses in the summer without looking pregnant ha ha .

Hmm, just realized that my nipples look weird....

Hmm, just realized that my nipples look weird..compared to all the pics I've been looking at I see that no one else seems to have a slice thru the aerola part it's weird it's on both nipples and looks like he has sliced it..I can't imagine how that will ever heal I hope I don't end up with a flap on my nipples cos that would be disgusting ha next ps appt is not till feb 22 so perhaps I will ask the doctors on this site and post a close up of what I mean...very strange tho!

Well, almost 3 weeks post op and WAS feeling great...

Well, almost 3 weeks post op and WAS feeling great but not now...a couple of days ago some glue was hanging from under lefty so I gently pulled it off in the shower, big mistake I now have had watery blood coming from that area..and then also I have noticed in my cleavage I have a big lumpy scar even tho I don't believe I was actually cut there it weird, kinda purple and lumpy and sore, it's coming from the same area that is bleeding and the scar on tht side is much thicker then on the right side ... I searched it on dr google ha ha and it looks like keloids ..I'm going to call my ps as soon as they open today and make an appt..hope I can get to see him as my after care has not been very good and he is difficult to see and the office staff can never answer even a simple question...phew I'm rambling and so emotional today that I just know if I can't get to see my ps today or Tomrow I will be upset..fed up :-(

Well, just got back from ps, so glad he saw me...

Well, just got back from ps, so glad he saw me today, he said that it looks like one of my incisions has irritated me and seens as the area is red, inflamed and weepy he has put me on antibiotics for 5 days with a follow up next week..he also assured me that I will not have flappy nipples and in time it will smooth out and I showed him the area which I thought was developing keloids and he said it is normal for the end of the incision to appear raised and be sore at this stage of the healing and he too believed that it will all smooth out in time, he was actually very friendly today and I have left feeling much happier and at ease {:-)...phew !

Wow, this infection thingy is really sore, weepy...

Wow, this infection thingy is really sore, weepy and dampening my positive outlook:-(....hurry up and work antibiotics...I only started taking them last night so have actually only consumed two pills so far, but still come on do your stuff ha ha ..

3 weeks post op today.. Fighting with this...

3 weeks post op today.. Fighting with this infection in the incision under lefty.. I am in much less pain there today so hopefully the antibiotics are working.. I know once this clears up I will be feeling much happier.. I'm just so so at the moment.. Happy that pain had lessened but annoyed that I have this darn infection in the first place.

Hello everyone, does anyone have any tips on...

Hello everyone, does anyone have any tips on burning nipples..well not really burning but both of my nipples feel like they have been grazed and are really quite saw, kinda like I'm wearing a sandpaper bra against them type of feeling..they still have a little glue left on them which is really dry and falling off here and there but wow really irritating ..I have tried nursing pads etc no help...I asked my ps if I could put anything on them to soften the burn and he said no its just the nerves blah blah blah..( they actually look a bit chaffed to me)I don't think he realizes how uncomfortable this is...any ideas any one or do I just follow my ps rules and suck it up ha ha ...i feel like Vaseline would relieve them but too scared to use it ha ha..any suggestions anyone ?

Off to lunch today with friends...going to nip to...

Off to lunch today with friends...going to nip to the mall first and get a new shirt as nothing fits anymore and I love funny, I have spent years trying to hide my boobs and now they are small I wanna show them off a bit ha ha I kinda want a shirt that's a little low to show off my tiny cleavage, I used to hate my big long line cleavage..ha ha

Well, I go back to see the ps on Monday..I think I...

Well, I go back to see the ps on Monday..I think I have fat left boob is still draining a lot from an incision hole kinda in the cleavage's really grose and bothers me a lot.. I called thru to the ps last week and he told me to squeeze it out in the shower it's really disturbing and makes me almost puke.. It's yellow and brown and sometimes thick, sometimes watery. I just don't know when it's gonna stop, I shower morning and night and clean it thoroughly and then it refills again.. Oh my, when will this end :-(.... I'm on antibiotics still and will be seeing the ps on Monday so I think I am doing all I can.. I never anticipated this much discomfort and emotional upheaval... 4 weeks op this Wednesday and still so crappy!....despite my post seeming negative I am actually quite positive and I really do love my little boobies I just struggle with the patience part...but in the long run I know I will be soooo happy!

Saw my ps this morning, he squeezed the heck out...

Saw my ps this morning, he squeezed the heck out of my left boob, wow I have been so fragile with them and he goes ahead squeezes lefty every way possible, made me realize that my boobs are quite strong and aren't going to fall apart any time soon lol..he said I have a seratoma ( not sure if its spelt right) in my left boob and just to keep draining it morning and night with a follow up next week...he wasn't concerned about it and said that by this time next week it will probally be cleared up .. Holding him to that ha ha..feeling good tho, not much discomfort anymore aside from my little drainage area which gets a bit stingy.... Hope ps is right and I will be done with the leaky boob by next week it's so yukky.. I shudder at the thought of it ..

Feeling great today!!! Today is the first time in...

Feeling great today!!! Today is the first time in a while that I haven't had any boob leakage from that seroma thingy...I gave the area a squeeze in the shower as normal an nothing came out, I guess that extra aggressive squeeze from the ps yesterday really helped..fingers and toes crossed that this is the case..also I noticed today that my nipples are smoothing out a bit ( what I thought was a slice thru them is actually just a crease and it is starting to disappear, slowly but hey I'll take it !! ..I see the light at the end of the tunnel.. Yippee!!!

Well, today I had another check up with ps...he...

Well, today I had another check up with ps...he was very pleased with the results over the last leaking or open incisions and nipples are shaping up nicely, the deep creases have improved so much..almost all gone on righty and fading fast on appt is in 3 weeks. He gave me some cera- sterol product to apply to all the scar areas and also said to put some on my face as its great for crows feet and wrinkles ha ha ha ...I laughed and didn't take offense at all..hope it boobs, new me and new face ha ha, maybe!

Just added a new pic..much improved from last pic,...

Just added a new pic..much improved from last pic, tho picture doesn't always capture it that well ha ha..lefty is definetly bigger still I think it will remain bigger, doesn't feel swollen but hey I'll take it...just happy I don't have those super sized knocker still lol.

Whoop, just got the go ahead to start jogging...

Whoop, just got the go ahead to start jogging again just need to get a good sport bra..( any ideas anyone?)...the only restriction I have is weight lifting, not too worried about that right now lol..all good, back to normal now, no pains or discomforts :-)

Feeling great!! So so happy with the results !!

Feeling great!! So so happy with the results !!
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I'm so happy for you!! You look great!!!!!! Congratulations
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Thankyou! too are looking great..what an amazing transformation!..I just checked out your latest pics ..wonderful!! Your ps don't an outstanding job and you look so happy :-)
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I am very happy and will be happier when I can stop having blood drips! # and happier when I can not have any discomfort. Lol.. this surely takes allot of patience!!! We sure have been on a journey together.!!
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Oh yes lots and lots of patience..and then before you know it you are back to normal..I was looking over some of my old posts and reading how frustrated I was and just wanting to be pain free and normal of them I remember I was actually crying while I was typing it ha ha ..seems like a lifetime ago took me about 6 weeks tho to actually feel like myself again..I got a darn infection and then I had boob leakage again oh it was a trying time for sure...but so so worth it! :-)
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Thank you happybug it really healps to be reminded!!! Today i have a sinus headache kept me up all night! So frustrating i cant get out if my own way!!
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Wow Happybug, you look great!! Your PS did a great job! Happy for you that you can resume running. I am a runner too, and I am fretting about not being able to run for a while after my BR. At least I can run regularly for the next month while I wait for my surgery date. Good for you for doing a 1/2 marathon!!!!
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They are looking great. Definitely see improvement in your "sliced" nipples. Don't know about you, but i am ready for it all to be done with now and start exercising properly like running etc... I have never been a runner due to all the bouncing.. But I kind of feel the urge to start jogging now. I will probably change my mind once i start. LOL. Have you got the all clear yet for full exercise?
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Hello, yes I feel so much better now that my nipples are smoothing out... I haven't got the all clear for jogging yet but I have been using the bike at the gym... I love jogging and will really be able to enjoy it even more without the boob discomfort and 3 bras December I ran a half marathan, I trained for 16 weeks and lost 24lbs.. So I'm hoping to get back to it soon as I can as i have gained some weight since sitting around for weeks after surgery.
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YAY... Pleased things are starting to get better for you :)
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So happy for you.!!!!
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Aww sorry you are still having a tough time.. I would probably gag at that too.. Hopefully you will soon turn a corner and be healed and done with all this..
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Gosh I really hope so..hubby left for UK today on a business trip, so I've lost my help...oh boy !
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That aquaphor stuff has helped me greatly.. Really soothed the nips {:-).. Thanks !
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Glad to hear Aquaphor is helping. I have been using it for almost 2 weeks. It has helped close my incisions and healing lefty.
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Hi there, just reading through your posts... What size do you think you are now? I just had my surgery yesterday and I was a DD before and I think I'm a C or going to be a C. I can't really see the girls yet, but I think that's what the Dr told my hubby.
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Congratulations!! It's so nice to be done with the waiting game.. I think I will be a C or D... Not sure yet..I feel so different I love my new size ( just wish my recovery was more speedy)..darn infection!
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Hahah... I know what you mean about the cleavage.. I have nothing either as like you say.. Everything was bought to cover them up.. Also any shirt i ever bought would just pull open at the boobs so always looked crap. Happy shopping :)
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i had that one day and i put a ton of vaseline on them and covered with gauze then put my bra helped me!!
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Thanks..Did you have glue on your nipples? I'm wondering if that is why my ps doesn't want me applying anything.. Hate to go against the ps but I'm thinking the dryness I have is causing some of this!
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My nipples have been really dry also and i kind of had the same feeling as you... Just really kind of scratchy. I have steri strips all around mine still so don't want to risk those coming off.. But i must admit that i put some aquafor which is like vaseline on them yesterday.. They were just so dry. Hopefully i won't regret it and have the steri strips come off. Pleased you are feeling much better.. Mine have started hurting more the last couple of days.. think its because i am pretty much back up and running at full steam ahead.. I am doing laundry and filling and emptying the dishwasher again etc. i try and take it easy when i am doing it. But i just think it still might be a bit early. The other thing is that i am back sleeping in my bed on the wedge with a bunch of pillows.. But my hubby said that he noticed i was on my side for most of the night which is how i normally sleep so that may have a bearing on it.
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Thanks, I've noticed aquaphor mentioned a few times now..think I will get some and just put a tiny bit on...would be nice if it loosened the last bits of hanging glue, take it easy you..I am nowhere near back to normal, I have been rinsing the dishes by hand as I can't stand bending down to the dishwasher and even tho I get the load of washing prepared, hubby puts it in and out I just can't stand leaning forward at the mo as I get a horrible pulling type feeling..even the kids toys on the floor are a pain in the butt, my two year old is fairly good at putting her bits away but she is two so it depends on her mood sometimes lol..hubby gets in from work and still has tons of house work to do, poor thing !...
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Well I think mine are better due to not having the underneath incisions.. So i think i have it much easier than the rest of you. But i definitely notice that when i do alot that they do hurt so i guess i will take my superhero cape off and hang it back up for another week.. I just hate putting on my hubby. Although then i think well maybe if he gets a taste of everything that we do as Moms and wives he might appreciate all of it more. LOL
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Yay, feeling much better today, less sore, I think the infection is clearing, still a bit leaky but much, might even get some make up on today and wear something nice - ha ha ..been living in sweat pants and sport bra, so looking sporty even tho exercise is not on the cards right now..hmm will my jeans zip up, tummy is big, perhaps I shouldn't hinder my upbeat spirit today with that .. Leggings instead lol..
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i really hope the infection goes away... do u have to put neosporin too?...that may help.
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Thanks :-) never mentioned neosporin but I have been doing it anyway it just feels better and I figured it couldn't do any's still draining stuff out today but the redness and pain is much less :-)
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