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I'm scheduled for July 5 and feel completely solid...

I'm scheduled for July 5 and feel completely solid with this decision and my surgeon. I am 57 years, 4'11", 115 pounds, size 34 DD. Very healthy and exercise most days. I anticipate a good outcome and good healing. Still, I am so scared of the pictures on this site -- the bruises, weird-looking stitches, mis-shapen areolae and all that. I know this is just for the first few weeks, and they will look more normal after that, but it looks so darn gruesome, I don't want my husband to see my chest at all post-surgery. It will scare the daylights out of him even though I have explained it is temporary. It scares me as well, even though I want this change very badly.

Any words of wisdom out there?

Day three post-op. Spirits are good-! Of course...

Day three post-op. Spirits are good-! Of course still very sore and swollen, but I think the healing is going well. Easy to see why the arms must be kept at sides -- I can feel it even turning off a light switch. Took a tiny peek today (can't take off bra until tomorrow at doc's) and can see that I am much smaller-! The sides are swollen where they do lipo but that will decrease with time. Areola and nipples a bit inverted due to the swelled breast tissue but that also corrects itself, as I've seen in many pictures on this site. Proportions and location of areolae look really good. Today is the first day I feel like wow, I'm going to be happy I did this. It's hard to think that way the first couple of days when you are so sore. Like PMS tenderness to the 100th power. By the way I tried the Vicodin he prescribed and yuck I'll never to that again. Gave me a major druggie-headache. I do regular Tylenol now every four hours, which keeps the edge off, and I don't feel drugged at all. I don't want to eliminate all pain because it provides the signal that you shouldn't move a certain way. I am eating healthy meals and feeling stronger. This is going to be an interesting adventure! If you are truly unhappy with being big-busted I encourage you to have a reduction & lift and don't look back.

Post-Op Day Four: Today was my first post-op...

Post-Op Day Four: Today was my first post-op visit and first view of my bust -- I am STUNNED with the results. Oh my god they look small and fabulous, even with all the bruising and swelling and strange-looking areolae, which I know will self-correct. He did an amazing job with symmetry and shape. I am OVER THE MOON happy. He says the healing looks great. Still so sore and tender, I know there's a long road ahead, but frankly I had no idea the shape would look this good at only four days!

Post-op Day 8: First morning I didn't go for the...

Post-op Day 8: First morning I didn't go for the Tylenol, yay! Still crazy sore but tolerable. I find light activity helpful. Second post-op tomorrow, gosh I hope he says everything is healing nicely, considering I'm SO tender. The side area that received Lipo is still swollen and sore, but I assume this is normal?

Hi folks - post-op day 12. Should I be concerned...

Hi folks - post-op day 12. Should I be concerned that my new breasts, which are wonderful, are still so swollen and sore? My PS is not concerned at all of course. It's like I reached a certain level around day 7 that no longer required Tylenol, but it hasn't changed since then. I also know the Lipo bruising and swelling really takes its time. So......when will I turn that corner, maybe another month? Best to all-!

Sept 5th is two months post-op. Healing is...

Sept 5th is two months post-op. Healing is fantastic but boobs are still swollen and sore. I wear post-op bras 24/7 because I can feel pressure if I don't. A family member who has had two breast surgeries says I will not know my new "normal" for at least six months. Doc says the same. Not as small as I hoped to be, but from what I've researched, good results can be compromised if they take too much out. Meanwhile, I have to say the shape and symmetry are outstanding. PIcs might come later.
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Thanks for the update, Rooney! Hope the healing continues to go well for you!
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I don't think the swelling is any cause for concern, unless of course you develop pain, it becomes hard or red, or you start running a fever. It really is still pretty early in your healing. You will have swelling for up to six months, maybe even longer, but over the next couple of weeks you should start to notice that decreasing. Just try to be good to yourself. Give your body plenty of rest, and don't work those arms and chest muscles too much at this point and all should go well.
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Thanks Iowa for the very sensible reply. I have to remember there is a lot that goes into a reduction, with all that tissue removal and tissue reconnections that must occur. I'll wear my patience hat and not take it off for six months. Thanks again!
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It is normal for the lipo sites to be sore. I actually had that lipo done after my BR as my ins co wouldn't pay for the BR if lipo was done at the same time, and I thought the lipo was much more painful than the BR. I felt like I had been in a brawl. I was bruised and tender for weeks. I can't imagine doing that to my whole body!
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Iowa - oh my god, you went back IN (were cut again) for the Lipo? Kill me now. I love the results, but last surgery I'll ever do electively!
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glad to see your doing wonderful that is great i cant wait for my turn but i dont want to be nausea but it seems like that is whats going to happen post some pics girlie...
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Yes, still the 20th rooney. Nerves are starting to fray big time, so this next week should be interesting.

Like you, I keep looking for answers that don't exist. I want someone to tell me definitively...well, ANYTHING! Even if someone were to say: Eight weeks. You will have eyes-rolling-back-in-the-head pain and will be howling at the moon and grow hair on your palms, I could live with it. It's the unknown "completion" date of each phase of recovery that has me - and it seems you - antsy. I know I'll be a dribbling idiot the first few days (I, too, am having side lipo - oh joy!!) and, after that, I'm trying to focus forward to week 4 when so many people seem to turn some magical corner. The weeks in-between, I'm TRYING to just let happen. But DAMNIT! I want an hour-by-hour schedule - lol!

And in 3 or 4 weeks, of COURSE there will be less pain!! Even worrier, pessimisitic me can tell you that with certainty.

Would you consider calling your PS's office and seeing if they can prescribe something a bit more aggressive that Tylenol, but not as crazy-making as the Vicodin? I'm sure there must be something in-between and a little more pain relief might help you get past the next few days.
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sorry...*THAN* Tylenol
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rooney: First of all...what a great update!!! How wonderful to be able to see through the post-op "stuff" and already be pleased with your size and shape!

Until Iowa gets back to you, I'll tell you what I've learned. Basically, people see to go through the most concentrated period of discomfort in the week immediately following surgery. By the end of the first week/beginning of second week, the majority of people seem to be saying that they are starting to perk-up (ha!) considerably. And I'd say the majority of people also find a real turning point around week 4/5. So, in terms of the hardcore soreness, my GUESS is that you're going to wake up one morning VERY soon and go CLICK! Feeling less discomfort and feeling a little more "normal". That's of course when you REALLY have to watch it because that's when you feel as though you can/should start doing more and of course, you most certainly should NOT.

Iowa or some of the other gals (who have actually been THROUGH the surgery - lol! might very well weigh-in with different info, but that seems to be the predominant healing trajectory.
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Thanks Piggles - You are correct, I have indeed read many stories on this forum about the let-down of feeling better but not being truly healed nor ready to resume prior activities. I think it's the three-week blues or something? Anyway, I am doing great with Tylenol, but each day - including this morning - the soreness is the same level. My problem is that despite all I've read, my brain is looking for a small pain decrease that you could easily track on a linear slope. I doubt the body works that way!

Truth be told, I am doing a lot more than my first three days. The difference was my first post-op, which occurred 3 1/2 days after surgery (rather than next day). Contrary to the instructions they send you home with on surgery day, they said to start using my arms GENTLY and let my body be my guide. The nurse said, try washing your own hair but only if that action doesn't pull or hurt. She said if you don't start small and begin using your body, the shoulders and neck will pay the price, and that is exactly what was happening to me. I was stunned, as the instructions are so strict and cautionary. Well duh - doc said the instructions are written for all the patients and doctors at that surgery center, and must cover all bases. (My sister, who has had cosmetic surgery and speaks bluntly at all times, told me they are written to prevent really stupid people from doing really stupid things).

So for example yesterday I gently unwound the hose and watered my garden, rather than have my husband do it. I just move very slowly on purpose, to listen to my body. And of course my boobs and sides hurt so much it's a good warning. It's liberating to be able to get my own orange juice. I MUST remember your words in three to four weeks, when (I hope) there is less pain, and not overdo it. Maybe I'll put that on my calendar each day starting next week!

Are you still scheduled for the 20th? Sorry if I should know that but I don't read all the posts as much others do. I have seen your pics and I promise you will be amazed amazed amazed at the change a reduction brings. Just know those first few days are tough!
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Rooney, listen to Piggles. She may not have had the surgery but with her research she truly know that of which she speaks! And I would agree with you on doing what you feel able to do. (though must admit I cringed a little when you talked about unwinding the hose!) I made modifications to most of my common tasks and was able to do laundry, vacuum, shower and wash my own hair, and cook, all while keeping my elbows in at my sides and not putting strain on my incisions. You do have to start somewhere. Now some doctors seem to be totally against doing anything, but I found that to be depressing but I certainly didn't do anything crazy.
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Rooney, I never had a problem with that. Problem with me is my breasts are still the same size.
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So glad that you are thrilled with your results! I could just feel your excitement while I was reading your update!
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Thanks Iowa - I was wondering, how long does the breast pain last, typically? I know the size itself won't be final for about six months, but I'm curious about the pain and soreness. I am only at day 6 and I swear I'm not being impatient; just trying to anticipate if I have another month of this, two, three? I am not currently working which is great, but some people post that they went back to work in 3 weeks! Does that mean the pain was significantly less by then? Thanks for any feedback!
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The pain during the first week is by far the worst. I was back at work at two weeks, and other than being tired I had no problems. Each day I had a little more stamina and felt better as I went. You should not have a full month of pain. There will be occasional soreness though. It isn't significant and sometimes it will be just one little jab. I think they are reminders saying, "Hey! You just had major surgery...take it easy!"

Some women seem to have a hard time at the three week mark. It sounds like it is a combination of soreness, stitches healing or popping through, and just being tired of lying around healing. I know that I felt like I could do almost anything, but would really have to remind myself that building fence probably wasn't the best idea at that point.

Don't push yourself too hard. Do what you feel you can stamina wise, but don't strain yourself at all. Give those breasts the time they need to really take shape. It is a small amount of time required for the years you have ahead of you with your amazing new boobs!
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Kapilani - funny I told Dr. Y "hey - tell your anesthesiologist that his anti-nausea stuff doesn't work."
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Glad things are looking good for you. You deserve it with the hard time you had just after your procedure on surgery day.
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Glad you are feeling better, Rooney! Those narcotics can sure do a number on a girl. Keep up with the rest and healing and before you know it you will be feeling like a million bucks! Can't wait to hear what you think after the great unveiling!
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Hi Rooneytune, So glad you're feeling better. You sound like you are in much better spirits and that you are healing. Keep on the good path. You will be so glad, I'm thinking. Stay strong and focused on your reasons for pursuing this. Take care and rest up.
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Hey rooneytune! Glad to hear you are healing well, and good luck with the doc tomorrow!

Yes, I have come back home to the UK for the surgery and I am staying at Mums for another 5 weeks. I can't get this kind of operation where I live (Japan) and honestly I wouldn't want it anyway as they don't have the kind of experience I would feel reassured with. My surgeon has been "doing boobs" for nearly 30 years now - they are all he does! My Mum has known him professionally for a lot of that time, and highly rates him. Her exact words were "It's Marcus or no-one!"

I actually had surgery about 18 months ago in the same hospital, when I was last back home - so I'm getting a bit of a reputation now among my friends here as a surgery addict! It's not the case at all - the surgery I had 18 months ago was the first one ever, and that was a septorhinoplasty. Again - cosmetic surgery but the reason was for a broken nose that had twisted horribly, and a deviated septum that was so bad breathing in one side was difficult. So it was to correct that, as well as straighten up my face a bit!!!

I remember it took quite a while to recover and I was a little tearful about a week afterwards for no apparent reason because I was thrilled with having done it, so I put it down to coming off the anaesthetic. I am fully expecting the same this time around, and yes, I am SO lucky to have Mum to help but quite honestly with 3 kids under 8 to look after if she wasn't here I simply wouldn't be able to do it at all! She is VERY supportive because she has been through exactly the same thing.

I have to make the decision by tomorrow morning, and give the go ahead, and frankly I am TERRIFIED!!! I keep hovering between "Yes, let's do this" and "I'm not that bad really" but I know if I don't I will regret it. That is why I am loving lurking around here reading about people like you! Your story is like giving me a cyber kick in the pants!
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Hi Rooney,
Congratulations on "getting through it". I am scheduled for some time next week IF I decide to go ahead - have to give the doc a definitive answer tomorrow. I am TERRIFIED!!! The only thing that scares me more than doing this is NOT doing this!!!

I have a totally yellow-bellied wussy cowardy custard husband as well. Fortunately he is banished and I am at Mum's for 5 weeks so he won't even get to see the gory bit. Just as well - took him nearly a year to get over each childbirth!

So just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and hoping you feel better day by day. All you women on here who have the courage to go through with this are an inspiration to all of us lesser mortals still flip-flapping over whether to go for it or not! Good luck!
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kirakira - if you are going to have your mum for 5 weeks, you have nothing to worry about. Lucky lucky lucky. I only have mine for 5 days and it has made a world of difference. Totally understand your fears, and I have been questioning this since I got out of surgery. Is this me that really did this? Who am I? The questioning is mostly because I won't see my doc until tomorrow (Monday) for the first time since surgery, to change the dressings and all, so I have no feedback on how I am healing because you cannot remove the bra until the first dressing change. And, of course you question it all because you are uncomfortable. I think this morning I can tell I am smaller and my mom keeps saying just wait a few weeks and you will be thrilled. I know of course she is right. Tomorrow when we see the doc I probably won't even look down - I'll let my mom tell me! Won't let my hubby in the room with us -- I don't want to worry him. He is supportive and helpful but weak-kneed about seeing the cuts and all. Can't blame him.

I wonder if you have had surgery before? If not, the trauma to the body will be new for you. I have had a hysterectomy so I knew what to expect. Still, it's a mind-blower. Like you, I decided I wanted a smaller bustline for the remainder of my life, and that won out over the fear. But five weeks at your mother's! You will do great with that kind of TLC.
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HI Rooney! (((Hugs))) I'm so sorry you had that nausea. Get lots of rest and don't push yourself. I had only one bout of fright where I was sure nausea was on the way and I took off as much as I could and sat in front of the fan full blast and the cool air made the nausea go away. You're probably past nausea now anyway, but sometimes I think it's the meds more than the surgery that causes it. Feel Better, and go gentle on yourself.
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Hi Rooney!

Sorry to hear that you were feeling so ill. I hope things are going better now and that you are resting. After the next few days you should notice a significant improvement with the discomfort. Keep taking those pain pills as scheduled and don't let the pain get out of control. YOu can start weaning yourself off of them once you are feeling better. Right now is the time to do whatever necessary to give you body the comfort it needs to rest and heal. Good luck and update us when you feel you can.
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mshill - Thanks so much for checking in. Going home yesterday (surgery day) was awful - such nausea I just wanted to die. And the doc had told me that they manage nausea very well especially because it's outpatient-! So much for that. Barfed twice then dry heaves. Since you won't keep anything down with nausea, they send you home with a suppository which works like magic. Once the nausea passed, I only had pain, and that is SO manageable in comparison. So I'm resting a bunch, but also eating and gaining strength. My breast area, including sides under the arms, is so sore and tender it's unbelievable. Unlike many other posts on this site, I have no idea that I'm smaller, because of the pain and swelling.'s only day one post-op, right? I look forward to getting better each day. I am very lucky to be currently not working, having my mother here as a constant nurse, along with my husband. Still, I can tell anyone unequivocally that I am never doing plastic surgery again. I just wanted a smaller, more comfortable bustline for the remainder of my life, and I'm glad it's over, but man the road to recovery is something else. More posts to come........bless you and this site.
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