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I had one breast twice as large as the other. ...

I had one breast twice as large as the other. They were full but hanging too low with enormous nipples. I decided to have it done to also help my back pain and neck and shoulder pain. I am a little over two weeks post op. I have had some issues, but they are getting better and I'm feeling better. A couple of days after my surgery, I had thought I had made a mistake getting this done. A week later I was even more sure I had made a mistake. Now I am finally glad that I had it done. I am still swollen quite a bit and haven't really seen what they are actually going to look like once the swelling goes down
but just know that healing takes time and there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

You should definitely have seen your PS at least one week post-op and every 2 months for take at 6 months I had mine done in Nov 2013 at age 46 and what I have found is we heal slower as we get older I was off work 6 weeks ( thank God I had short term disability with pay) but at 2- 1/2 months post-op every week gets better.
I saw his PA 4 days after my surgery and they cleaned and retaped me. I have been going in every 4 days to get my nipple checked. I sm still do swollen and driving really hurts.

Ok, I'm going to post a photo of my before the surgery.

You can see how much bigger the right one is. I'll post one with my bra also. Either I wore a bra that fit one side then it was too big on the other or wore smaller and was too tight for the other. glad they are closer in size now.

In my bra

This one fits the smaller side.

This right after surgery after I got home.

They look horrible! I couldn't have epinephrine, so I had a lot of bleeding.

No hospital stay.

I didn't spend the night in the hospital, they sent me home 7 hours after my surgery. I don't remember coming home or getting out of the car or even the first couple of days now that I think about it. My husband was wonderful taking care of me but then when he went back to work I was on my own. Didn't do too bad slept a lot.

A little peek

Here is a pic at 4 or 5 days post op I think, I can't remember. Don't want to show too much, I'm not happy yet.
It takes awhile to get used to your new breasts. I actually think they look good - what are you unhappy about? You have to keep in mind that breast reductions turn out different when you are older - we can't think we are going to look like the younger women on this site.
You are right. My daughter mentioned that to me today. I just want to look normal.
My daughter told me the same thing. I don't think there really is a normal - breast reduction results are all over the place. I can certainly understand your wanting to look normal. They will change over the next month or two. Mine didn't really settle into the shape they are now until month three.

Major Surgery

I don't a lot of people really think this through. This is major surgery and it takes time to heal. I know the Doctor does this everyday and doesn't know exactly how different everyone will get through the surgery and heal. I think Doctors should really put themselves in our place and then they would be able to explain how this surgery will affect you while healing. Although I am 3 weeks post op today I had no idea what a long process this was going to be. I still have a ways to go but I am feeling better everyday.
Anyone getting a breast reduction surgery should find out if there doctors will install a drain. i had one and had virtually no bleeding, except what came out of the drains. I also had dissovable stiches as well as latex glue stitches. I had my drains in for one week. no blood ever came out on the bandages about the suture sites. it makes recovery much easier.

3 weeks post op today

Well Mine are starting to relax a little they are not rock hard anymore. I have an open sore under my right breast and it is starting to hurt. I had a scab there but it came off when the PA was cleaning me and now it is a sore. Only the top is relaxing, the bottom and sides are still hard and numb. Anyone else at this stage?
I honestly did not feel good for 3 months. Mind you I went back to work in 4 weeks but I was sore and uncomfortable each and every say. I attributed it to my age as all the younger gals on this site seem to spring back. Also I had a large reduction and my anchor scars are large plus I am a wimp.
I will probably take that long as well. I do not heal and bounce back like other people even when I was younger. I work part time and my job is pretty physical so I won't return until I have to.
I have been told scar tissue is at its highest at 3 weeks. I had the most hard nest at the bottom on the right side at 3 weeks the hard spot is still there, PS told me to message that area vigorously but only if it's healed, did they install drains ? You may have old blood in the breast that have no where to go. Hence the rock hard breast.

Having trouble sleeping!

I have not been able to sleep much
anymore. I am still sleeping on my back, not comfortable on my side yet. Every night I get in bed and either I lay there wide awake or I fall asleep then wake up after about an hour and can't go back to sleep. It sucks, starting to get grouchy from lack of sleep.
It also took me about 3 months to feel like myself again. Your recovery sound much like mine. I also had a hard time sleeping and became not so fun to be around. I promise you that it will get better.
Thank you Ione27. I stayed up late last night and woke up a little later than normal this morning. I hope I will get back on track.


I am a little over 3 weeks post op and am having some pain on the side of my breasts mostly the right one. They don't feel like the zingers, they feel more like bruising which I don't see any. Was just wondering if anyone elase has been having that kind of pain.
you will get to the point of being happy you did this. why not take something to get a really good nights sleep. are you taking bromelain for the swelling? it is nothing short of miraculous
Mines were in for 8 days I would have had them in a little longer but I could no longer tolerate the antibiotics so the PS took them out but whenever you remove body tissue drains should be installed I had very little swelling and minuscule bleeding. I had something called a 'JP drain. It's an asset to have the in it does help with recovery. No messy bandage changing. You just dump the drains and record the output.

Too much on the sides.

Not to be a downer, but I don't like the way my breasts look at all! They are still so boxy. My right one more so the the left. I am too embarrassed to post anymore pics. I thought by 3 weeks they would start to look more normal but they don't. I asked the PA about it and she said they are still swollen and will start to round out. I have seen pics of other BR's and almost all are round. I think he did lipo on the sides so there is too much there. Anyone else having this problem?
It took me about three months for my breasts to round out - you are still early days yet. It takes awhile to get used to them.
I had br in march of 2013...it take anywhere up to a year sometimes for your new breasts to find their home..i didnt think i would ever feel normal again..maybe by month six i started to relax and feel happy..you have just begin. Your body just had major surgery..be patient with yourself..prop your legs on a large pillow, and nest yourself with pillos at bedtime. When you prop your legs up, you tend to not slide and there is less discomfort. I use arnica for the swelling, i found it in whole foods..it is homeopathic and works like a charm. I had lipo done three weeks ago on my side boobage, and only bruised for a day.i continue to use it to help with swelling.. Hang in there..it will get better. I know its hard not to compare, but you are you....we all heal differently..shoot i had dissovable staples..no one else had that..and my body decided not to dissolve them.., but to spit them thru my skin randomly!!! I thought i was in hell....but i am doing great now..no regrets at all!!!
I hope they do. I feel like I have man boobs, they are so full on the sides. Looking down at them looks like there is hardly anything there. I have dissolvable stiches and am having the spitting problem too. Never heard of dissolvable staples.

Slept on my side last night!

OMG! I had a wonderful nights rest. I could not sleep one more night on my back and just went for it. I ended up back on my back a few times through the night, but it was fine at least I'm getting sleep.
I really appreciate reading all of the posts on your experience...I'm six weeks away from my procedure but it is so helpful to get some realistic feedback on what to expect. Thanks ladies!
Congratulations on side sleeping :) and happy healing!
small victories, all good!!! I am on my side too and will be back in bed with hubby soon.


My incisions underneath my breasts are healing. I can move so much more now. The swelling seems to be going down also. My right nipple is also healing. I'm feeling better. I'm a ittle over a month post op now.
Getting your sleep back is so important! Glad it gets easier for you as well. I can sleep pretty well on my side now and hope I can try my front soon.
That is great news! I am so glad you are healing well and able to get a good night sleep now. I know that made a world of difference for me.
That's great news :-) So glad you are healing well.

Still have sloughing

The PA said this would probably be cleared up or no more treatments after this coming Thursday, but I'm not so sure. I changed the bandage and saturated gauze this morning and it started oozing in two different places. I post a pic of right after I stared treatment then one of today. Parts of my nipple look better, but sure wish it would all clear up soon.
Are you on Antibotics, that would help to clear it up faster, we must also realize that the breast have pockets, so were as parts of it may look healed you have to make sure no fluids are in other pockets.
I'm 6 days post op. I believe mine are too small. I was approved through insurance for 450 grams removed from each breast. I thought that was too much. So, I went to 5 ps and chose one that didn't accept insurance, hoping to have a lot less removed. Unfortunately, he removed more than 550 grams each. Heck, I could have saved myself more than 6 grand if I went with insurance. I'm feeling bummed.
Since you were approved by insurance before can they still submit the claim?

Pain and burning in right breast

I have been having pain and burning in my right breast. I thought it was maybe from driving too much but found out today that I have a seroma. It is fluid build up. Will have to go back to the Doctor again and this time will see the Doctor and the PA. If there is a complication, I will get it. I don't think I'm a good candidate for any future plastic surgeries. Forget the tummy tuck! Lol.
I am sorry to hear that you have another problem that you are dealing with. I have come to the same conclusion about plastic surgery. I don't believe that I should have anymore. Side note.......I live just down the road from Modesto. What a small world.
We should meet when I'm feeling better. Is there a way to private message on here? I am also sick right now with that virus that's going around. I'm not sure what they are going to do about my seroma on my next visit. Has anyone else had this?
Yes I am on antibiotics for a sinus infection and just hope it helps me with the seroma. The PA pushed some of the fluid out buy I think it came back

Doctor visit today

Saw the PA again this morning. I'm doing better. Not as much oozing. She had to take some more stitches out that were spitting. I'm taking Keflex for my sinus infection and that seemed to help with the seroma. Didn't see the Doctor who did the surgery but did run into him on the way out. He asked me how I was and I said fine how are you, and that was it he went into his office. Will have to go back in a week to see the PA again. If there are no problems how often do the rest of you go in after your follow up?
I would have no hesitation about talking to them is you are having issues. I had really bad issues and I kept very close to my doctor. They made sure I knew that I could come back with concerns. It was good I did, I had infections a couple of times.
If not is.
Happy healing to you!! Things will get better. I felt the same way. Healing takes time and patience.
Modesto Plastic Surgeon

Great Doctor, very personable. Haven't seen him since my surgery, he has a PA look after you after the surgery. Will see him for a follow up, but I don't know when. Maybe it's just California, but I really thought I would see the Doctor at the Hospital right after I was awake and again at least once in his office. Doesn't sound like I will see him at all unless I make an appointment just to see him. I guess he doesn't do follow ups. Just sounds crazy that the Doctor doesn't want to see "The Fruit of his Labor." The Doctor's PA Nivia is wonderful, she has really helped me through this disaster with my nipple and my openings. She has answered all of my questions and I'm very happy with her care.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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