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I had my 1st breast augmentation 10 years ago when...

I had my 1st breast augmentation 10 years ago when I was only 24, had 1 pregnancy(breastfed) two years following. Now I'm having to decide whether to have a re-do or simply have them removed w/ a lift. I have had no complications, i.e. capsular contracture or rupture. I just wish I had waited until I was much older and wiser before permanently altering my body.

Getting them removed

I've finally decided to have my breast implants removed. My ex-plant date is January 21, and I will be having my capsule removed at the time of ex-plant. 6-12 months later, I will decide if a lift is necessary.

I will be posting my story on the Breast Implant Removal forum as well, but wanted to post on this side so all you ladies with the "rose colored glasses" can see the realities of breast augmentation surgery. I'm not going to go on and on about all the reasons you shouldn't do it, but just be aware that these "breasts" are "on loan" and WILL need to be removed someday for whatever reason. One should think long and hard about whether they are prepared for the possibility that their surgery is not a success. Are you really willing to spend thousands, have multiple surgeries, undergo all the stress.... in pursuit of perfect breasts? J

Now, understand that I have a somewhat jaded perspective, because my breast augmentation was doomed for the following reasons:

My implants are saline, therefore firmer than I'd like (silicone wasn't FDA approved at the time of my surgery)
They are too large for my frame (450cc)
They are high profile
They are above the muscle

If I had gone with a much more conservative sized implant, under the muscle, and a moderate projection, I know I would have had a much better long term result, and not such unfavorable options regarding removal/lift presently.

If I could head one word of advice to young woman especially those who have nice shape but consider themselves small in size; Please wait until your older to have this surgery. Especially if you know you are going to have children. Your breasts will grow/change, and as you age you will learn that the size of your breasts doesn't REALLY matter as much as you think it does. It just breaks my heart when I read stories of young women who have beautiful breasts and ruin them with implants. They get wrapped up in all the hype the Dr's present about how wonderful their altered breasts are going to be, but fail to mention the realities of what it will be like when its time to remove them!! If my PS had shown me a picture of what my breasts would look like 10 years down the road, with a removal, or a lift, I would have turned tail out of that office so quick!

Breast Augmentation for me has certainly been a learning experience; financially costly and emotionally taxing!
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How did your removal go??
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Good for you! I have had mine for just under 1 year and a half and I realized that its just not me . I am scheduled for my explant on June 24th and I am SO looking forward to it. Hope everything went well!
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Thank you. I am definitely gong to check the posts and be well informed. I have read mostly positive but i wonder.....thanks for this post.
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Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm certain it will be helpful to many women. Wishing you the best on January 21st!

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Appreciate your honesty. I was just mentioning yesterday that I had not even thought of a BA until I hit 47. And yes, childbirth does affect breasts one way or another. Blessings!
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Best of luck with your explant, it's a wonderful feeling to be free of those hard, heavy balls!
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With whom did you implant and with whom are you explanting?
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I think you should remove them! :) You have the power to start a change in our culture by setting an example that a woman can be small-breasted and still feel great about her body and be comfortable with who she is! I'm out here with my small and slightly saggy boobs and loving life, come join me! :D
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sorry to hear that you wish you hadn't...

I am 25 (no kids, just had zero cleavage) and just had mine done a week ago and so far I love them.

jus curious why you kinda have changed your mind. you mentioned no complications, but was is it a size issue or other Health reasons? cost?

sorry for the questions, but just want to prepare myself too and any tips for me would be great to kinda have the heads up...

thank you :-)
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I too loved mine at first, -- no doubt having them helped my self esteem tremendously.

I have overfilled salines, and I guess I don't like them anymore because they are sooooo hard(comparatively to what I could have had if I waited until 2006 when silicones became available again). Plus, I went a little too big--420 H/P's overfilled to 450. I'm 5'2" 105 lbs.

So, my change of heart with wishing I'd never done it in the first place lies with the fact that
(1)I will undoubtedly need who knows how many more surgeries in my lifetime, (including a lift which will create ugly scars--I had a TUBA the first time so my only incision is in my belly button.
(2)My breasts my have improved or developed more with my pregnancy-I was very tubular w/ more nipple than breast tissue.
(3)Mentally, I've matured, and having "perfect" breasts just isn't much of a priority in my life anymore.

So ultimately, I wish I hadn't done it at all.
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Hi There,

Thanks for sharing your story.

I got my first implants at 25 and have been pleased with them. However, I was 5'4" and 115lbs with 270ccs. They didn't feel overwhelming for me. When I was 27 I had a deflation on the left side and freaked out at the thought of having to go through surgery again, but it was so MUCH easier the second time around.

Everything was fine until my second pregnancy at age 38. I had deflation occur on the right side, but w/my pregnancy, it wasn't very noticeable. I went for a consult 6mos after delivery and had my "good" side deflated to get a baseline for what my breasts look life after time and 2 babies.

At 25, I was single and my priorities were different. As a working mom my priorities have changed. My husband is very supportive with whatever decision I make. So, I thought I would just get the empty saline bags removed eventually.

My 2nd baby is 2.5yrs old now, walking and potty trained. I am back to my pre-baby weight, but have a bit of excess above my c-section incision. My breasts are a little saggy and asymetrical, but not bad for a 40yr old.

I went through the consult rounds again and have decided to get a replacement w/silicone and some vaser lipo on my abdomen. I'm nervous still, but have given it careful consideration over the last 2yrs.

You are so lucky you haven't had a deflation. Eventually you will need to make a decision, but there's no rush. Good luck.
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Good luck to you all and thanks for sharing your stories!
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Well, you've experienced implant failures (deflations) and repeat surgery/maintenance on the implants so.... At least your expectations are realistic. If you feel like trying another round with silicone, go for it! Do you plan to do the MRI ever 2-3 years as the FDA and implant manufacturers recommend to check for leaked silicone, ruptures and gel bleed? I guess repeat surgeries and never knowing if your prosthetic boobs are intact or compromised is not as traumatic psychologically for some women as the horrible, aweful and unlivable looks of natural breasts. That is why it is great we have freedom to choose. I will never go back to prosthetic breasts ever again.
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I see you say you will never go back, did you have implants? and if so what complications did you have? saline? silicone? Sorry for all the questions, I am thinking of implants, saline. I am new to this site and have read mostly all positive. I am unsure and have tons of questions.
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