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Mentor 450 Cc High Profile Gel - CA

I've wanted a breast augmentation for years. Then...

I've wanted a breast augmentation for years. Then when i had mt daughter and was nursing I went up to a full c which was great! However once I was done nursing I was smaller than I was pre pregnancy. She's 4 now and even though I want more kids I figured its time for me to do something for myself. So I had my consult in may and my preop in june and just had my BA yesterday 7/2/13. Just went in for my firsr po today 7/3/13 and couldnt be happier. I alreadt love the shape and size and know that they're going to look even better once they drop and get softer!

preop size and implant size

Forgot to mention I was a 32/34 A preop. I got mentor 450cc hp silicone under the muscle through the areola. I'm not sure what size I am now but am hoping once I've healed completely I will be a full c possibly d. Also added a few more preop pics


Clearly my mind is not operating at full capacity right now... also meant to post some of my stats on the previous post... I'm 27. 5'8" and 115 lbs.

po day 4

I'm still feeling pretty sore, but today has been more managable. Took a shower yesterday for the first time with help and that really was quite hard. I do feel like they're starting to drop and become a little softer already which I was not expecting so soon. I still have quite a bit of bruising.

Feeling a little stressed

So I was originally supposed to be returning to work tomorrow however my Dr Isnt releasing me for work until august 1st. Which I'm perfectly fine with because I'm still quite sore and I know that there is no way I could do my job without risk to my healing. However, I'm afraid that once I do return to work that they're going to end up letting me go. Ugh just ventinf right now

feeling sick today

Ugh... I've been doing fairly well until just a little bit ago. Was feeling nauseous and ended up throwing up. Not sure why I would now...the only thing I can think of is I've been constipated (tmi sorry) and maybe my body just couldn't handle any more food coming in since nothing has been coming out. Just curious... has anyone else had this problem?

post op day 8

Just adding some updated pics from today

still sitting high but very slowly going down

My boobs are still sitting pretty high but not nearly as high as 1st day po. Very slowly going down. Putting some updated pics I took today. Still have bruising underneath and on the side but getting better day by day.

measuring at 32 D yay!!!

Got a couple cute bras today.... fit great but won't be able to wear them for awhile since they have am underwire. Feels sooo good to be able to fill out a bra and to have the bras be unpadded and still have boobs!!!! Steri strips are slowly coming off and the incisions are looking pretty good!

po day 1 vs po day 24

Dr Thomas

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You are healing nicely. Looking like you choose the perfect size, you look great!
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They look beautiful!! :)
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Wow, beautiful results!!
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How are you doing? Have your girls dropped anymore? You're looking great!
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The twins look great! & i love your hot pink bra... I cant wait until mine, every time i see girls on here i get all excited lol
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Thank you! I can't wait to actually wear it!
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you have a great result already!
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Thank you! I love them already, now just waiting for them to get nice and soft!
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I am loving your results!! I hope to be similar to you! I had originally decided on 325cc HP Silicone, but now I'm wondering if I should go more.... can't wait to see how you progress, I think you will look GREAT!
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Thank you! I am loving my results so far! I think you'll get there with 325cc hp. Mine are 450 hp and I had like nothing to start with. You have more breast tissue to start with than I did.
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I just read your posts & referring to your July 9 post... Painkillers will do that. I'm dealing with that right now. (Did you have to take anything for it., if so, what worked?) Ugh! Sorry work is a stress right now, but surely it will work out for the best. Focus on healing. You're looking great!
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My pharmacist recommended a stool softener like colate. 2 in the morning & 2 at night. It won't give you cramps like a laxative. It just brings more water into your colon to help things move along. I used it since the day after surgery & stayed regular despite having to double up on painkillers. I highly recommend.
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It's on my shopping list now! Thanks so much!
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I was taking stool softners daily and an occasional laxative. Had problems with constipation until today which was the complete opposite. So I'm hoping tomorrow and forward I will be back to "normal"
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that's frustrating about work. i'm going to have to take at least 6 weeks off for my job because it's so physical and dangerous and it's freaking me out. i have a family business and have people to help my dad but i know it's going to be crazy for him and me. sending healing thoughts your way.
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Thanks. It's great to have support from everyone on here. I guess I just have to stop stressing about work and focus on myself. Everything happens for a reason and I'll just take it as it comes. Good luck with your healing!
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My mom has been helping me and my daughter has been at her dad's for the most part during my recovery. As much as I want her with me its easier for my recovery to have her at her dads during this time. I most definitely have to get all new bras, there's no way my old ones will even come close to fitting me lol. Thanks for all the support.
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Congratulations! You look great...especially so early post op! Have you had anyone helping you and your daughter during your recovery? I agree, wait for a while longer to purchase new bras. A swim suit could probably work now and later. Will you need to toss most of your old bras? Keep us posted!

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They look great!
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They look amazing...good luck and hope for a quick recovery for you.
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I was 32/34 A preop. I got round mentor high profile gels 450cc under the muscle through the areola on 7/2. Not sure what size I am at this point, but once all the healing is complete I'm hoping to be a full c or d.... anything is better than what I had before hahaha. I can't wait to get some sexy bras also but for one am too sore to try in bras and two want to wait until my healing is done so I'm not wastinf money on bras that won't fit.
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they look amazing! can I ask if they are round or contour and round, moderate or high profile? my pre op is in a few days and I'm trying to decide =)
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They look amazing, I'm sore myself I'm here googling how to make the soreness go away. I have a lil bit of brusing my right top feels softer then my left I had my surgery on 7/3. I was a 34b and had 425cc in don't know what size that is at te moment. Can't wait to purchase my first sexy bra.
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Thank you! I'm definitely pretty sore still. Iwill post more pics as I'm less sore and as they settle.
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Good for you!! You look fantastic - especially so soon!! Post more pics as they settle!
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