Ok, I'm hearing different do's and...

ok, I'm hearing different do's and dont's. I've heard that I can go back to work after a week, I can sit on it right after, so I'm now I'm confused after reading slot of reviews. I know that each person is different "butt"....;) it's all the same procedure so what is the proper way of caring for yourself after your surgery? The do's and dont's that I mentioned came from a doctor......smh and not knowing what to believe.

Hi! I was thinking about going there! Which doc is doing your surgery?
Dr. Khalil

Pre op tomorrow guys 03/30/11, as the time gets...

Pre op tomorrow guys 03/30/11, as the time gets closer I get more nervous than the day b4. But nevertheless I'm excited and ready to c this transformation. Happy healing to everyone that has already done it, and to the ones on there way.

Your BBL is on Friday! I'm excited for you. Friday will be my 2nd week in recovery. I know they emotions your feeling right now. Here's a few helpful tips I've been doing and approved by me doctor.
1. Buy a car/boat funnel to urine in. You'll see why.
2. Buy a massage table from Costco with an adjustable headrest. It will save your neck and lower back.
3. Buy cases of H20 since your at Costco
4. Your first four days will be painful, but pain pills will help. Try to avoid them due to constipation.
5. Lift the toilet seat up, roll and sit on a thick towel/ on your thighs and take care of bowels sideways.
6. Bring a pillow to lay under your belly when in a back seat of a car.
7.Use your garment and massage gently after 2 weeks
8. Be kind to your love ones whom will be there for you.
9. Be patient with yourself
10. Bring pillow (tempur-pedic) to cafes/restaurants to kneels on for comfort
11. Lastly, buy NON-STICK gauze.
That's my 11 tips. Hope I helped.
I had my 12 days follow up Dr. appt. yesterday and we are pleased with the results so far. He said, it's time to gently massage. All the best to you. Hope to hear from you while in recovery.
Opps! I forgot, start doing your push-ups! And Breathe.
Los Angeles 3939, you are too funny, all this is so needed, especially being nice to your love one, because you WILL need their help. Tehn after you feel better you can be mean again, lol. That is a good idea about the massage table, you had your stuff together girl!!!

Fresh out of surgery. More updates later, sleepy...

Fresh out of surgery. More updates later, sleepy right now. But overall my dr and staff was awesome!

Good luck today! Hope everything goes well for you. :)

You will be fine, just take your pain meds, thats how i messed up at the first day, i was in soo much pain. today makes two weeks ans i still squat when i go!

Ok, so I had my bbl yesterday. Still n pain but up...

Ok, so I had my bbl yesterday. Still n pain but up and walk g already. I never been tired of laying down n my life.....lol. My doctor and his staff was awesome, I can't say that I would do again because of my low pain tolerance and the nausea. Two things I don't like, pain and vomiting. But I'm happy I tried it, and already you see major improvement to my body. As you see I didn't have one....lol. I straight up and down with rolls to go with it. Being it's hasn't been 24hrs yet I can't give you guys pics, but believe you me I will as soon as I can;) the pain is mostly in my butt and my lower stomach when I stand up, other then that, I'm doing well. On my way back to sleep now, ttyl.:)

As the anesthesia wears off, you need to set your iphone timer every 4 hours and take your antibiotics till it's gone and pain medication for the next 48 hours at least. Drink lots of water. Eat small meals every 3 hours. Read, text, email, watch the Playoffs and slow body mechanics. Do your push ups properly and slowly. Put positiveness in your universe.
I received my first neck, arms, legs and gentle lower back massage. I'm in my 2 weeks and a day, I'd rather massage my fanny myself tenderly...still hard and in compression garment no foam need anymore. Be a beautiful soldier! I'm here if you need a me. Good job Tiger!
Lol...exactly what u need a laugh or two and someone who understands. Thanx so much for the encouragement. Im pretty much on time with the meds and it seems that's all I want is water. I drink juice when I take my meds only. I really don't have an appetite yet, so little portions is all im eating. I know that massage felt good. Well you enjoy your bbl and thanx again for the encouragement. Talk to you soon.
Put up your after pics, when you feel better. Take your pain meds girlie!

I'm up and walking more and more everyday....

I'm up and walking more and more everyday. I'm not on the pain meds that much anymore, I'm down to one pill every 6 to 8 instead of 2 every 4. I'm still sore but manageable now. All I'm doing is eating a little fruit, soup, and yogurt and back to sleep, and using the restroom. I still have yet to do #2. Idk what I'm going to do it's ar just wiping urine, I guess I have to call nurse moma to wipe me....lol. So embarrassing

Ok, today is greater than the previous days. Im...

Ok, today is greater than the previous days. Im doing jus great, I'm sitting on the toilet now. I put on spandex and a white tank top. Right now now I have a speed bump behind me with a some hips......lol. I have to wait to see what the results are as far as the shape. What I do know is I have a table top ass now, I can see that much but as far as the roundness I can't tell. Jus a wide load coming thru.......lol. Most of the sweeping has gone down, but I have alot left also. So really just time and patience. I'm really excited because with all said and done, I have something I never had ever before(a butt). Stomach is flat like in high school, and butt is like one of the other classmates....lol. Still taking my meds faithfully and getting the much needed rest that's required. Enjoying the new me.....until next time;)

Hey! omg we went to the same place...diff docs lol well ima post more befores and afters when my swelling goes down as well. Day to Im jus layin on my tummy watchin tv, and walking around the house lightly. Happy healing! This dope (Vicodin) has me SLEEPY. ttys

The 22nd made week one for me. Everything is going...

The 22nd made week one for me. Everything is going well. I'm off my meds except the antibiotics and the herbal meds for swelling. I'm still continuously laying down but the pain has subsided. So far I'm not too impressed with the results, but the dr and staff says I need more time to heal. For starters he only put 400cc ea. Cheek due to that's all it would take(not his fault), but they're saying it will expand after time. I have a nice size butt but I wanted to projection to it, so we' ll see. Yesterday, 04/25 I was able to put my compression garment on the second notch, so I'm happy about that. I still have visible swelling in my lower stomach, but the dr said that will go down within time also. Patience is a virtue!

Hi ButtImStillBeau, I understand how you feel. It's only a week, give it time sweetie. Tomorrow I will be 5 weeks post op. In the beginning my butt was high up, and now it's gradually going down, still a little flat on the bottom of my butt cheeks which is making me feel a little down, but I too am still swollen (lower back and a little on the belly. Many say it takes a good 3 months to see final results, so I am waiting patiently. I am 5'8 weighed at time of surgery 191lbs I had 750 cc's in each cheek. I had to buy a new compression garment because the first one is big on me already. I don't have b4 pics up, but did manage to take two yesterday which I will hopefully post today.

Happy Healing!

Today makes two weeks and one day. I love what i...

Today makes two weeks and one day. I love what i see so far. I finally took the garment off and looked at myself.......WoW! It could be bigger but I'm satisfied because I had NOTHING before. After pix coming soon. I want to wait until one month, also I'm on the last row of my compression garment, happy that the swelling is going down at a rapid pace so far but not happy that I forsee myself spending one hundred and sixty dollars three more times. Any suggestions on where I can get one besides the doctors office?

Exactly, what was your doc selling? the spanx?
Really couldn't tell u. I looked inside my garment but it only says the size. They ordered from sum catalog. I found sum but none has the hooks, all zippers n velcro
I found a place online contemporary design Inc. I think I'm going to order from them 86.00 at least I can get 2 for what the dr ofc charges

05/06 makes 3weeks post op. I'm still hunched...

05/06 makes 3weeks post op. I'm still hunched over after sitting or laying down. If I stretch, bend or twist I get pain in my back and stomach. I'm still swollen and back on meds. Looking gud nevertheless. I'm happy and jus waitin for time to go by. One more week for after pix guys. Jus trying to give it a lil more time for swelling to go down. Until next time, shake what dr gave ya!........lol

I'm going to the mall today, how much did you pay in Macys. I just want the one that covers the abs and love handles, im not putting anymore pressure on the butt area, im five weeks post op yesterday
Hang in there girl!! Also for garmetns try this website called www.designveronique.com I bought garments from there when I had my tummy tuck and they were pretty good and not so pricey. Also...check ebay. I found a great deal on one there also but had already ordered form the website.
Thanx Nikki, Macy's ha a helluva one day sale today n I was able to get a half of one bu I kinda like the whole body so I'm gonna check out that website. Once again thanx.

I am 3 days away from being one month post...

i am 3 days away from being one month post op(05/15/2011). i am still swollen around the stomach and waist area but looking much better than i had before. i would have loved to been a little bigger but the doctor says it will stretch after it softens up. my stomach is much flatter, the rolls on my back are minimal, and i think the waist and stomach will eventually go down with time giving the illusion of a much bigger butt. will keep you guys updated with more pictures as time goes on.

you look great girl....I am still healing too....time will go by fast. Congrats on your surgery!
Thanx Hun! U too. I'm don alrite jus tryn to get my stomach down. It still has swelln(lower part)
Yes I am still a little swollen on my lower part as well However it has gone down significantly. Still waiting on final results to see if my bottom part of my butt pops out.

What NOT to do........don't wait too long when ur...

What NOT to do........don't wait too long when ur garment isn't fifth tight n e more. It's been 12 days and my stomach has a bulge(kangaroo pouch). I had been searching for a less pricier garment but in the end I still ordered it, so ladies DO NOT hestitate on buying ur garments they are an essential part of ur body. You must have at ALL times a garment that has a tight fit to ur body or swelling will occur in places u don't want it. It's sad I had to find out but the gud news is, it will go away once I'm in my new garment. Happy healing, n wish me luck I'm gonna need it or I will b very disappointed:(
how are you girlie?
Hey BUTTIMSTILL, hows the swelling has it gone down, if not have your P.S. check for fluid. This happened to me, I had the pooch shortly after surgery, It was fluid and had to be drained twice!!! So keep that in mind Happy Healing Princess!!!

Everything is awesum n well. I don't think I would...

Everything is awesum n well. I don't think I would ever do it again or n e type of cosmetic surgery, but it was well worth it. My pain tolerance was way too low, I felt like I was dying the first n second day. Transitioned very smoothly, along wit the heal'n.
girl, I was wondering what happended to you!! Merry Christmas! Anyway, I dont blame you if you feel that way because the pain sucks and that is the only thing that im not looking forward to. i plan a tummytuck and revised bbl in march 2012! pray for me girl because im surely gonna need it. another part of me tells me that is wont be as bas as i think. i just wnt it to go smoothly. i will not be happy until i get my tummytuck because when they lipoed...girlll that made my skin saggy and im only 32 it is NOT the business!! Good to hear from you! are you likin your butt?
Dr. Khalil, California surgical institute in beverly hills

Everyone was excellent.

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