Surgery scheduled w/ Dr. Hegg for Jan 2012...New Pics!

I will be going for a consultaion on May 13th for...

I will be going for a consultaion on May 13th for a bbl. I'm excited yet nervous. I got the name of the dr. from a review on here. The dr is in San Leandro, the office is close to my home.

I wanted to see if anyone on here that has had the surgery could look at my pictures and tell me if they think I have enough fat to injest into my butt. I am 5'4 and weigh around 135.

Forgot to mention i've had a mini tt &b...

Forgot to mention i've had a mini tt &b that was sort of a mistake. I had the mini around 6yrs ago & feel like i should have went ahead and had the full tt done.
ANyways, you can check out my pics & see that area. Can't wait for my surgery! I'm going to try & gain more weight in Dec & beginning of Jan, I hear that new fat is better to harvest & actually stay put. I'm 5'4 & weigh around 135 now.

Hey ladies... Just wanted to give you an update on...

Hey ladies... Just wanted to give you an update on myself & wanted to get some feedback on some questions I have.
So, i now weigh 137, feel like i'm going to explode & can't wait for surgery. I'm looking into the pre & post op surgery vitamins I found on MMH website. Have any of you ladies used them before?
I'm also looking at garments but it's confusing, not sure if i'm supposed to buy the one with the cut outs in the butt or the one with the closed butt? Can anyone give me advice on that? I know the Dr. will send me home with one but i've heard it's more than likely that one will get big & i'll need a smaller one.
The last thing I was wondering was about was the messages that some of the ladies have talked about on here. Do you have to have the messages after lipo? And where can you get those done? I don't think my doctor offers them.
I'm excited yet very nervous, just waiting for Jan 12th to get here. Hope to hear from some of you ladies out there that have had surgery or are waiting for their surgery!!!

5'4 138....I will be posting pics of what I look...

5'4 138....I will be posting pics of what I look like now but can anyone tell me if I should try to gain more weight???

Just left my pre-op appt with Dr. Hegg. I'm more...

Just left my pre-op appt with Dr. Hegg. I'm more at ease now then before I went in.. I had alot of anxiety! Everything went well & he made me feel very comfortable. Everyone at the office is really personable & friendly too. He says my results should be really good & the shape of my body should change significantly. Smaller waist & rounder butt for sure!!!

Had an abnormal ekg. Has anyone else out there had...

Had an abnormal ekg. Has anyone else out there had that? Patty (Dr. Heggs receptionist) says that one number could be off and it happends a lot.

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Well yesterday was my surgery & it almost didn't...

Well yesterday was my surgery & it almost didn't happen. Dr. Heggs nurse called in sick & I guess that never happends. Anyways, they called in an on call nusre & we preceded on.
So pretty much all I've been doing since I got home is sleeping. In a lot of pain, it was hard for me to wake up from the anastesia. I feel much more pain then a hard workout at the gym like some of the other girls have said on here. Haven't even attempted to see what my body looks like, that would be to hard right now. I will keep you posted and as soon as I can take picks I will.

Hey guy's the last couple of days have been a...

Hey guy's the last couple of days have been a blur! I'm able to get up and walk around for about 15 mins, then it's time to get back into bed. Pretty much every part of my body is sore right now but it's getting better each day it seems. I looked underneath my garment and yikes!!! I have tons of bruising, still haven't taken the garment off, I will do that tomorrow when I shower for the first time. I would have to say this surgery is no peice of cake at first but it's def gettin better day by day. My booty looks big and my waist looks really small in the garment, I just hope it stays that way. Oh and my eyes are sooo puffy & one of them is kind of bruised, weird huh? Might just be all the fluids.

Feeling better but still really sore. It's hard to...

Feeling better but still really sore. It's hard to sleep & get comfortable in bed at night. During the day i'm trying to walk around a lot but there is not much to do when you can't sit on your butt. I'm super bruised & my crotch area is really swollen. I'm trying not to look at myself to much because i'm super swollen & have gained 5lbs since surgery date and I know my end results are going to be completely different.

Eighteen days out and feeling good but still...

Eighteen days out and feeling good but still really stiff and sore, especially at night. Dr H is great and very talented. He did a great job at giving me curves in all the right places. My whole body shape has changed for the better. I feel very feminine and my clothes fit so well now. Don't plan on wearing your jeans anytime soon after surgery..THEY WON"T I've been wearing leggings and babydoll tops to work. I'd say you need a good three weeks off work. I went back at two and it has been rough.

How many of you girls are still wearing your...

How many of you girls are still wearing your garment after six weeks? Mr doc said I could take it off after 4 but i'm wondering if I should still wear it since I have some lumpy spots.

Feeling great! This surgery is totally worth the...

Feeling great! This surgery is totally worth the pain & money! I have a great shape now, small waist and a nice rounded booty. My clothes fit totally different and I get tons of compliments on my booty now, where as before this surgery, I never did!

I would have this surgery again in a heart beat!...

I would have this surgery again in a heart beat! It has changed my life. I have a great shape and clothes have never fit my body better. I wasn't going for that extreme booty butt, but I def have a curvy bubble butt and a small waist now. Dr Hegg is great and I would highly recommend him if you are looking for similar results to mine. I am going in for a small touch up next week on one of my sides right by my rib, there is a tiny pocket of fat that he is going to remove. I could go either way because nobody has noticed it except me so I decided to have it taken care of. So, over all after all is said and done and going through all the pain after the surgery I would still do it all over again.
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I don't see pics???
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Pretty sure she deleted them since the Dr. Passed kind of makes no sense to put herself out there no one can have his work ever again : ( I don't have my pics posted either
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Yeah...that makes sense. But at the same time, photos encourage others to take the leap. He wasn't the only surgeon out there, and yes he was good. But there are other good surgeons too. Photos are not just about how good a surgeon is--they show the journey of the BBL procedure, and they demonstrate that it is worth it. I haven't taken my pictures down. In fact, I need to update them because my body was super swollen then, compared to how it is now. I had just called the dr. to make a tiny lipo retouch appointment (called mid March) and then got the cancellation call like a week after. It's truly sad that he passed. He was such kind hearted person.
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Yes you are right I like looking at the results it makes me feel more confident about doing it ;)
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This so damn horrible I'm crying he was such an amazing man and surgeon
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I know, it seems unreal.
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For any of you ladies who recently had surgery from Dr Hegg. They are looking for a surgeon that can follow up with care. Hopefully none of you have any issues.. Take care
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I am having a problem getting ahold of dr heggs office. I have been leaving messages but they wont return my phone call. Does anyone know what happened
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He died in a skiing accident about 1 week ago:/
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Oh i feel so sad. Thank u for that info.
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Hey girl! Question- how long did it take for your results to stabilize? I am 1 week post op and wonder how much more shrinking of my backside I should expect. I'm trying to not get too attached lol!
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You look great!
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Hi Butterbean, When did you start sleeping normally on your back? Thanks
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I just started sleeping on my back recently. I didn't sit on my butt for long periods of time til about 6 months after surgery. I really tried to stay off it for as long as possible.
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OMG! I was really hoping you would say after 3 weeks. How were you able to hold out that long? What did you do/use to make yourself comfortable sleeping on your tummy? I am only 17 days post op and already thinking about resuming sleeping on my back next week. I've tried sleeping on several pillows but no matter what I do or how I position myself, I am still waking up to a terrible backache. How long did you wear your garment?
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Wore my garmet for 4 weeks and in not a big back sleeper anyway. I had a pillow in my car for the longest time cuz I didn't want to sit flat on my butt. And when at home I mostly laid on my side or stomach on the couch to watch tv. I stand at work also and put all my weight on my upper legs when sitting.
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I think you look great after a year. Do you keep your results by staying active , like going to the gym regularily? Do you eat healthy or watch your diet? Thank you.
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Cues, I work out a lot and watch what I eat.
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Hi, i want to get this done but i have never seen results in real life and the ps that ive gotten consults with cannot get a patient to meet with me. Before i got my breat done i got to see many girls with them. If you are willing to meet with me i will compenste you. Desperately seeking a post op patient.... my email is thanks jennifer
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Hi Jennifer, I would be happy to show you my results. Do you live down south still? What docs have you been looking at?
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@ jayna213, where do you live at? I'm 7 weeks post-op
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So how do you feel and what are your results like? Are you happy?
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@butterbean HI! Im in west LA. My Mom is in Newport beach and i go see her often. I had consult with Dr. Boris in Beverly Hills and another doctor (i forgot his name, hes in corona del mar and he specializes in bbl) . I like Dr. Boris, but I may go to another consultation or 2 just to be sure. Also, i would live to meet with some of you ladies. I can surely compensate you and go to where is convenient for you. Also, I am a certified lash technician. I can do your lashes complimentary for your trouble. :-)
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@bootyless2- btw you aint bootyless no more! Lol. I really really appreciate you . I live in West LA . Where are you located? How are you doing? Email me directly . I can give yiu my number so we can talk and meet up. Thanks
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