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Experienced Major Side Effects and I Am Not a First Time User

I have rec'd botox for my forehead for the...

I have rec'd botox for my forehead for the last 8 years on and off, roughly 15 times in my life.. I have never had a problem with side effects. I never even really worried about them. For the most part, I liked my physical result, not loved but liked enough to keep doing it..

This time, I had it done at the same highly reputable dermatologists office, only had 25 units and 4-5 days later experienced horrific side effects. It began with severe chills, intense nausea, 100.4 fever, couldnt eat, was very sensitive to light,was weak and my joints ached badly.. I am NEVER sick. I had no stuffy nose, clogged nose or other guarenteed flu/cold symptoms but I felt like I had a cross between the flu and food poisoing without the vomiting. I was in bed for 3 days. My vision felt just off. Basically I couldnt function, my heart felt like it was racing too. All I could do is lay in a dark room.

I didnt even know this was a possible side effect but I went on Allergans website and there it was all the side effects I was experiencing were listed as possible side effects.. I called the manufacturer and they confirmed these are expected to be temporary side effects that they expect to last no longer then a week and they dont expect the side effects will last the duration of the botox.. There is NO way I could function, go to work or take care of my family if I had stayed like that.. I have to much to lose, luckily most of my symptoms besides the lingering head ache that seems to last forever got better.

I am just writing this just for those who might be on the fence..I will NEVER get botox again.. I'd rather have a wrinkle.

I had my Dysport May 22 and I had half my face fall and had a crooked smile. I have been using the cell food drops, using an infared heat lamp, using soaps and creams for detox programs. I am also taking lots of fish oil pills too. I have been exercising alot and am constantly using my muscles in my face and am happy to say I look so much better, I feel almost normal. I am going to start Carolyns facial fitness. I used botox for the last 6 years with no problems until this time and it was devastating I wanted to crawl in bed and not come out, I had lots of anxiety attacks. I feel for anyone that this happens to it is not fun and takes a toll on every aspect of your life. hugs
welcome to our unhappy little club, there are loads of people on here who have been happy users of Botox for an extended period and then are slammed by the unexpected and often unexplained side effects? the two most discussed threads on here have details of detox diets etc which may help eliminate the toxin more quickly and reduce the severity of your symptoms. please feel free to join or comment on the other threads where you will get advice and support. it's difficult for those who have not experienced the negative effects to truly understand what it can do to your body / spirit .. a forum like this one is invaluable in your recovery...and you can discuss everything in a supportive confidential environment. i wish you a very speedy recovery.
What are some of the detox options? I have had sever side effects after my first time being injected. I have been eating a diet high in antioxidants (garlic, walnuts, berries, cinnamon, etc.) Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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