Umbilicoplasty and Cost in Inland Empire, CA

For years I've wanted to undergo umbilicoplasty to...

For years I've wanted to undergo umbilicoplasty to fix my disfigured belly button. If you have any experience with belly button surgery in the inland empire or specifically in corona/ riverside, CA (including costs) please let me know.
Note: I had a hernia repair surgery when I was 7 or so. Currently I'm 17.


Welcome.  Have you had any consults at all?

They can do some amazing work to create cute little belly buttons.  
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I haven't had any consultations. I've discussed with my parents for many years now to fix my bellybutton but they dont seem concerned or take me seriously when ive brought it up. It took years to convince my mother to remove my large birthmark on my legs (im currently going through the removal process).

Photo of bellybutton

I absolutely despise this photo. I absolutely dislike my bellybutton. It's terrible because i always have to avoid any social events that force me to expose it (ex: beach and i live an hour from the beach in california) and it creates problems in relationships.

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