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Great but the aftermath is not what I expected.....

Great but the aftermath is not what I expected.. The doctor have not been and cooperative. I have to call his office on several occassions to get him to call back. So unprofessional!!

I had fat injections and the right side of my butt is larger than the left and more rounder. The doctor told me it's because I have cellulite and that stops the fat from growing.. Is that true? Also he wants to charge me again the same price to fix my left. Do you feel that's fair?


I had surgery 6 months ago. I paid the "doctor" $35 000! I'm 30, i lost 30 kg 10 yrs ago and have maintained my weight for a long time. Unfortunately I had excess skin as in saggy breasts, tired eyes, and small bits of fat I couldn't get rid of with exercise. I also wanted a rounder, fuller bottom.

Basically I ended up worse off than what I began with. He left me with uneven thighs and knee area, very uneven butt, fat not removed at all in some areas, horrible scars under my eyes and in incorrect area (meant to be directly under eyelashes and a little on crow's feet, scar under right eye is huge, crooked, and completely out of place), huge and very noticeable scars on my scalp where he was meant to slightly pull my eyes back (large section of hair doesn't grow there anymore), the cuts around my breasts are like long ovals with ruffling around them and still very saggy. There were other small procedures he left out because he couldn't do them for some reason (he couldn't even remember why he wasn't able to do them)but wouldn't return my money.

On top of this, I was very sick when I came out of surgery, I was begging the nurses and hospital staff to contact him so he could come and see me, he said he would come and never showed up. I saw him 4 days later, I told him about my concerns (although it was very soon after the op it was very obvious to me that I had a horrible result), he told me it's too soon, he removed the stitches from my eyes while I was having trouble breathing and sitting still due to an anxiety attack even though I asked him to give me a moment to calm down(I experienced anxiety attacks for the first time in my life for about 10 days after surgery).

I had a small skin tag removed which was causing me a lot of pain and he did nothing to help. I visited him again 2 months later with the same concerns and he dismissed everything I said, told me it was still too soon and to give it time. I saw him again 4 months post-op, he didn't want to hear about my complaints, he made his secretary stay in the room with us, his answers to my complaints were "you're depressed" and "I've been doing this for 35 years and I've done an excellent job". He didn't even physically check anything on my face or body. I didn't want him to try to "fix" anything because obviously I'd completely lost trust. He wouldn't return any of my money.

I've never been so unhappy in my life. This was borrowed money and something I'd dreamed about for a very long time. I've considered suicide many times. I called a few lawyers, they've told me they can't do anything unless I get a report from another plastic surgeon who agrees with what I'm complaining about, and this could cost up to $8000 plus lawyer's fees. I really don't know what the hell to do. Someone please help me if you have any advise. Thanks.
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thats terrible of how the doc is treating u. i would consider a lawyer to fight for a free surgery to fix any flaws. i think the cellulite is just an easy way to blame this on u to get more $ out of u. u should see another doctor to confirm the facts and get it in writing. some doctors are just so greedy! good look! hope everything comes out great
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cellulite has nothing to do with it. Your doctor did not do a good job! I had so much cellulite it looked horrible and after a brazilian butt lift by Dr. Soto I have no more cellulite and a nice size bottom. your doctor goofed and is not professional enough to say so
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Wanted a rounder butt, nice figure, and to feel...

Wanted a rounder butt, nice figure, and to feel better about my body.. Well my butt is know whopped sided, uneven, left side flat and right side plumper.. I must say I really trusted Dr Evans but after my terrible experience with my butt lift it quickly went out the door.. My left cheek is flat and my right cheek is plump.. I contact Dr Evans in reference to this situation and agreed to do it but at my cost.. I bet you so don't see my before and after shots on his website...


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Prat to the Lord and Trust in him, all you fears/troubles will be washed away.
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