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I had a malar augmentation 3 weeks ago. I chosed...

I had a malar augmentation 3 weeks ago. I chosed the Implantech malar xxl size. My problem is now that my natural cheeks in the submalar area aren't flexible anymore.

Can it be that the implants are too big and so there is no space anymore for my cheeks to move?

My facial expressions are really limited now. When I laugh, I look like a chipmunk. And also as if I have sunken cheeks now. And I noticed that my upper lips are less full as if the cut inside my mouth has caused this.


Well these days, you may want to consider fat injections / transplantation as well as dermal fillers to see if that can give you the look you want. The main complication with the cheekbone implants (aside from the obvious potentional but rare infections that can effect any implant anywhere in the face post-op) is that the nerves they cut to insert them may not growback fully or re-connect fully. This could result in a crooked/lopsided movement of the mouth when speaking or smiling. For a perfect example of what this looks like, just go look at Greta Van Susteren speak on her news shows. She obviously has nerve damage or paralysis in the face that causes to have that lopsided look. Highly doubtful this is from implants in her case (probably genetic or something) but that is the look you COULD end up with. In most peoples cases the nerves come back to reconnect fully. In my case they did for the most part. This is one of those operations where you want a highly competent and experienced surgeon doing the surgery. You want a surgeon who's done A LOT of these.
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I am considering permanent cheek implants... to lift my face and give me back bone marrow loss... I have high cheek bones but feel the saggy line is now making me look old... Just want my old appearance back. I am it's not like I am 22 saying I don't like myself.. not at all... Are there many complications and pain with this procedure...or would you recommend botox
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This is a year old now (orig post was summer 2009). So - any updates original poster? Did the swelling go down and you're happy, or did you take them out? Just to confirm what many have said - cheek implants cause A LOT of swelling. You're looking at 4-6 months just to START seeing results. And the final result will be in 6-12 months. I didn't think I looked 'normal' with mine until about 6 months afterwards, and by 8-9 months they really started to look awesome. It took almost 18 months before I didn't 'feel' them anymore as being in my face. Prior to that at night depending how I slept on my pillow I would get some pain/discomfort if I my face was lying directly on the implant. These are are a long haul recovery project, but well worth it, for me anyways.
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The recovery time for cheek implants is a...

The recovery time for cheek implants is a nightmare. It really take so much time to see the final result. You will have a chipmunk look for several months. And make sure that you and your surgeon choose the right implant. Your surgeon should be experienced enough to know what kind of change it will cause to your face.

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I've posted a new photo. It was the final...

I've posted a new photo. It was the final result after one year.


Absolutely. You are so right. This is so important to find a surgeon who is very experienced with facial implants. Mine was not. He didnt even have the sizers to determine the size and style of the implants. We just chosed by photos in internet. And as you've mentioned right, the nerve damage is one of the problems which could occur. My right cheek is still numb and paralysed. And all these complications make you nervous and doubt.
I must admit, there was no pain. But it takes a lot of time to see the result. The swelling after is really awful. You should try a filler first. You can see the result immediately and there are no complications and risks. In general I would say, an implant is like to augment a facial bone and it is good to augment the malar bone and a filler gives you a fuller look and it's perfect for the midface.
Yes, you are right. About 6 months after you can see the result, In my case after the swelling was gone, and it took really a lot of time, the result was still unsatisfied. It didnt fit to my face and it was misplaced. So I have them removed 1 month ago. The next problem I have to deal with is that my right cheek is still numb and a bit paralysed, so when I speak, my mouth is slighty crooked. I really hope it will go away. I am sure cheek implants can give you a great look, but most important is to choose the right implant, the right size and style and a really experienced surgeon, who can give you advices.

Feel free to ask for more informations.

Feel free to ask for more informations.


Dear Anon, how are u now? I have cheek implants 4months ago , I have the same problems like u had. chipmunk smile and upper lip changes smaller .lip and face sagging after surgery . I am consider to remove it . Will it cause more sagging on my face ? Will chipmunk smile turn back to my normal smile after I remove it? Thank u so much for your answer
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Okay I am back again..It has been four and a half months since my surgery 11 weeks I had to have surgery on the right side of my face because the cheek implant was coming through (I had suffered all that time with this happening) The doctor opened up that side inside my mouth and cut off some of the implant to make it smaller and then sewed it back up only to have the sam thing happen 7 weeks later....The right side was not taking this imp;lant due to the fact that I had two holes in my right side of my face and he had tried to put something over that before he put the implant down on my cheek! Also both implants were way too large for my small face and looked ridiculous! Both of them have now been taken out and I already feel so much better. Now I have to play the wainting game to see what my face will look like down the road after all of this trauma. Will I need some fat grafting or will I need to have something else done so that I can look good?? I do not know at this time...all I know is that thank God with the the fact that I am super healthy from the way that I eat and exercise and with the Power of my Mind I was able to prevent anything worse from happening....I am staying positive that there will be a happy ending!! I do not want to have bad karma but I feel that I should get something (at least my money back) -for what will be 6 months of time away from working and moving forward in my life!?!? I know one thing that I learned from all of this and that is to make sure that you go with your GUT FEELING )(I did not) and also to say a prayer and ask the POWERS TO BE that if this is not the right thing for you to do then to make sure you get a sign....I have done this in the past and it definately works!!! Hope all of the info is of benefit to you.....peace out!
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In my last post I mentioned that I was 3 weeks out from my cheek implant operation...and actually it has been 4 weeks....I did want ro also mention that when I had my operation...the doctor put in one pair and decided that they were too small so he took those out ansd then put in a larger pair....I was awake and I felt that he was being too rough with my face.....after the surgery my face looked so bad that I swear everyone was shocked..I had two black eyes and they were almost completely shut by the 2nd day my mouth was black and blue all the way down to my neck and my lips were actually black. The doctor told me that he found out theat I had two holes in my cheeks so he put in something that he uses for rhinoplasty there so that nothing from my sinuses could leek out ....I told him later that I had been in an abusive relationship a while back - so possibly that is why I had those holes there - (from being hit in the face by my ex-boyfriend). Doctor conferred with that. Any way I am still fighting off what seems to be a small infection on the right side all though it appears that rthe swelling is going down very slowly on that side de to what I mentioned up above inb my last posting about using MMS to kill off the bacteria and infection...I am also a healer and every day I use my healing techniques and believe this visualization is also what is saving me from going through that horrendous operation.......I will post more as I continue with my healing....chipmunk
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