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OMG! Getting Very Nervous! - Calhoun, GA

Hi, I am brand new to the site and have been...

Hi, I am brand new to the site and have been reading up on the stories here and have enjoyed all your pics. Thanks for sharing.

A little bit about myself. I am probably the oldest on the site (52) but having been wanting a TT for about 30 years. I had my 1st c-section when I was only 17 years old. I didn't get a single stretch mark but the Dr. for some reason cut me from the BB down. Believe me, at 17 this is very traumatic to your concept of body image especially when I had a pretty belly before. Long story short, they should have just put in a zipper there because 3 years later I had another c-section then several years later I had to have an abdominal hysterectomy. The doc who did the hyst did not put the fat back where it was supposed to be and made one side of my abs larger than the other. Thanks again doc.
Now I'm at menopause stage of my life and storing belly fat like nobody's business. I could be a fat doner and get rich if if that was an option.

I don't want anything touching my belly such as clothes, husband, or anything. Don't touch it, don't look at it. It is gross and embarrassing.
I ask myself all the time why can't I love me for the body I have and I feel guilty for even wanting a TT.

I go to the PS on a yearly basis to see if there is a new process with less downtime than a TT. Every year he tells me I need a TT and my abdominal muscles have separated at 5 inches.
I also have a lot of lipomas in my thighs and he is going to smartlipo those. Has anyone had that done?

My surg. is coming up in less than a week and I'm very nervous. What if I don't wake up. What if he nicks a vital organ and so on.
I'm doing this post on my iPhone so please excuse typos and auto corrections.

Oh there is plenty of us older tummy tuckers out here. I am 53 and had my tt 6 months ago. It is normal to be scared of surgery. But you know from your past that you survived them ok. What is funny is I was as scared as you when I had mine and now telling someone else what I needed to hear 6 months ago. With not having the horrible stretch marks most of us have, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Please just let everyone pamper you during your recovery, it is a long recovery, but worth every moment. Best wishes to you.
Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It's also good to hear from folks in my age category who is on the flat side and happy they did it and can encourage others. Praying for a great recovery and no complications. This is a wonderful site and I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. I only know of a handful of people who have done it, and tons of people who want to do it. I should be under the knife at 11 am tomorrow. Nerves are raging!!
What's lipomas? Sounds like something I'd like to have done to my thighs! :):):)

Had TT, fat transfer to the face (I'm already...

Had TT, fat transfer to the face (I'm already please with that), smart Lipo to the thighs and flanks. I'm not as bent over as I thought I would be. Not as nauseated as I thought I would be.
My sweet husband is following the docs orders and making me walk every 2 hours. I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and ate a carb smart yogurt a few minutes ago. They told me post op day 1 would be harder than today but I hope not. It hasn't been at all as bad as I thought ) so far
My dear friend! It is absolutely natural to be anxious! We all were. If you only knew the morbid thoughts that I lived with for weeks prior to surgery. I even wrote a note in my journal to my husband and kids in case I died. When the doc asked me, during pre-op, if I had any questions, I told him that I have two small kids and I don't want to die - to which he said, 'that is ridiculous, I will not even entertain that possibility.' And it is true - you will wake up from the surgery and it will probably all feel like a dream (it did to me). About the vital organs: if you do more reading on abdominoplasty, you will find out that this type of surgery does not get anywhere near your internal organs. It's all about skin, muscle and fat. Your surgeon will not see your organs!! - be at ease about that. Time will fly and soon you will be like me and the others - weeks into your recovery and happy you did it. Stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize!! :-)
Thank you so much. I had the TT done today!!! Needless to say I woke up, yay me!!! Thank God! I did initiate an advance directive just in case

Post op day 2: got a shower and washed my hair...

Post op day 2: got a shower and washed my hair today. My husband helped a lot. Kept on a sports bra and pinned the drains to it. He brought a chair in bathroom in front of mirror so I could dry my hair. I did all this while my CG was washing and drying. I've got to get another CG to change out. Any suggestions on whrere to purchase?
Went back to PS yesterday and he said he was very pleased. Unfortunately he was unable to get rid of all the vertical scar and said there was a lot of scar tissue he had to work on as well as muscle repair. A far as I can tell it looks like maybe there is about 1" of vertical incision and looks like he revised it. I'm still very swollen, back is sore from being bent over and smart lipo.
I'm taking stool softners twice a day and will probably hit the MOM today. I think I will feel better when I actually have a BM but not looking forward to it. It is actually a lot of work to pass gas. I know, TMI.
I'm drinking a lot of water so I have to go to the BR pretty often. I still have on the TED hose SEXY (not). I know I have a long way to go but I got to see the belly today and it looks pretty good even though it is very swollen and so is my back.
I have a black eye from the fat transfer but Im still pleased with it so far. My family is famous for the "puppet lines" so no more for now. They are supposed to produce their own stem cells and keep getting better.
Will post pics. Any info or suggestions would be helpful since I'm just 2 days out. Thanks.
Can't have a BM to save my life!! Other than that....it's all good.
Never too old to feel beautiful again! Your results are going to be wonderful, Congrats!
Thanks so much Lacey. You look awesome.

POD #6: Well I wrote an update but it didn't show...

POD #6: Well I wrote an update but it didn't show up. So I'll try it again.
I have been doing great. I have been walking a lot and doing light housework. No pain med after POD 2 until........POD 5, I was doing so good I showered, washed and dried my hair, made the bed, walked outside several times and even cooked dinner. BIG MISTAKE!!! I started hurting and burning in my right lower quadrant of my abdomen. I was having to apply pressure to walk. I took a pain med and Valium and went to bed hoping it would be better in the morning.
It still burns when I move certain ways and I have taken a pain pill and Valium today just in case it's muscle spasms.
I LVM with the PC office and the RN called me she had already discussed the situation with the Dr. She asked me if I was running a fever but I'm not. They asked if I wanted to come in today. I don't have transportation today but I have someone lined up for tomorrow. She said I may have popped a deep stitch but it would be okay and take it easy today. I'm not lifiting a finger today! I pray I haven't done anything to complicate things. My husband was upset with me and said that I try to be "super woman".
It's hard for a Type A personalty to just relax when there's things to do! But I have sit on my tail today (it feels like it is getting flatter by the minute) and I am moving a lot slower. My husband and I checked my incision and abdomen today and I don't see anything wrong and actually the swelling is better and I'm even getting a little curve in the waist.
The drainage is less than 5 ml on each side over 12 hrs and is now orange in color. I may get the drains out tomorrow but from what I have read here on RS, I am not looking forward to it at all. I know it's going to hurt like heck but I will be glad to get rid of them. I may have tugged on the right one yesterday during my shower and irritated it. I ran into the kitchen counter on Moday and hit the drain incision on the left and it really hurt.
You don't realize how many times you bump into things and I swear there's a gremlin that everytime I have something in my hand, it grabs it and throws it in the floor just so I'll have to stoop down and pick it up!
My daughter in law is getting my a grabber gadget today. I thought about getting one prior to surgery but I didn't. I wish I had though. I highly recommend it.
Take it from me....if you can rest, then rest. Don't do anything to complicate your results. Get a grabber to pick up the things the gremlin throws down. Don't cook a recipe you see on FB on POD 5! REST!
I am a nurse and I am a bad patient!
I pray everything is good and I haven't messed anything up.
You look fantastic. Good for you for jumping in with both feet!!
You look great and I had to laugh reading your posts.. I'm type A too and I've had too much experience with me being a bad patient! So here I sit 9 days PO going crazy but resisting my urges to do do do, go, go, go! And I also feel my butt getting flatter by the minute! :) I'm about to turn 50.. with 4 kids.. all living at home! I also had my tummy destroyed at young age and havnt been able to wear a bikini in 27 years.. and never let my dh look at and always keep it covered. I already feel better about my tummy even though I have alot of healing to do. I know it's tough.. but chillin now will shorten your recovery in the end!
Hey you....you do not look your age at all...and you are not the oldest one on here haha...I am 65 and scheduled for a TT and Boob lift reduction for July 10th....and a mini face lift in Oct. I am nervous about it all but am sick of the belly fat....he is also injecting fat into my nasal folds and lips with the FL....you look fabulous...

1 week post op appt today. Drains out, Yay me!! It...

1 week post op appt today. Drains out, Yay me!! It did not hurt at all. I was all worked up for the pain but there was nothing to it. So glad to get rid of them! Dr. Nease is very pleased as am I. :-)

The price I mentioned is for the TT, I also had...

The price I mentioned is for the TT, I also had smart lipo to the flanks and thighs with fat transfer tothe face.
Just checking in to see how youre doing!! Hope all is well.. I'm at 27 dpo today and I'm still not anywhere near 100% but getting better every day.
You look great! You are going to have some amazing results!

4 months post op

It's been 4 months now. I can't say it's hasn't been worth it because it definitely looks and feels better. I have some dimpling from the LIpo and I'm really bummed out about that. I have about an inch vertical scar left and my PS wants me to come back in October and do a revision. I'm not trying to be vain or shallow but I hate that scar. I've had a vertical scar since I was 17 and I have always hated it. I haven't read a any positive reviews about redo Lipo and in fact all of the research says it can even come out worse than before. I sure as heck don't want that to happen.
I did gain a little weight. After all I had a clean slate right? WRONG!! I have lost 9 lbs in the past 3 weeks so I'm happy about that and I'm massaging my abs about twice daily and drinking more water. Ive decided to go back into my CG to help. That's not an easy thing to do in GA in the summer. I get pretty swampy but I'm trying my best to get rid of the dimpling. I'll try to post some before and 4 months postoperative pics.
Hi sister! We had the same doc - he is great! You look fantastic!
Thank you so much. You look awesome.
Thanks for sharing your story! You look fantastic!

scar and lipo revision

Just an update. It's been awhile but my PS and I decided to do a scar revision as well as lipo revision. I still had some of my old vertical C-section scar and old bb that was left after my TT. I also developed some dimpling after the smart lipo to my abdomen. It wasn't anything I couldn't live with but the results could be better.
I really didn't want the lipo revision secondary to I had not read any good reviews on it but my PS assures me he can make it better.
So, yesterday was the big day. I have to admit it was more painful that I thought it would be but only a fraction of the pain that the TT was. This was more of a burning sensation when I woke up.
I go back today for my post op visit. I'm in the compression garment again and I haven't even peeked at my belly. I get my first viewing today. My incision is supposed to be lower than the original and very small dog ears gone. They were so small I didn't even notice but the doc wanted them gone.
Wish me well!
Happy healing! Sure your results are spectacular!
thank you
Wow, you didn't even notice your dog ears but he wanted them gone? I would be happy if mine were that much of a perfectionist! I had my tummy tuck on feb 12th, and still have yet to see the big reveal! Hoping that my results look as great as yours!

TT scar revision

10 days post op after revision. It's been a long day and I'm pretty bloated and swollen. I will post another pic later. So, far I am very pleased with the results. He also did a revision on the smart LIpo on abs since I developed some dimpling several months after my initial surgery. My verticle scar and old bb is gone!! WOOOHOOO!!
I only took a four day weekend and was back to work. I just pray the dimpling doesn't return this time. There is some wrinkling from my CG you'll notice in the pics.
Chattanooga Facial Plastic Surgeon

I am a nurse an have known of his work for several years. I also consult with him on a yearly basis about TT but always back out. Now why didn't I do this years ago? He is an artist and it is very important that it looks good to him and the patient as well.

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