Smartxide Co2 laser Will Scar You for Life!-Calgary

It been almost a year since I had this painful and...

It been almost a year since I had this painful and negative life changing procedure done and the grid spider-man scarring on my chest has not gone away at all. While it has healed on my neck, the scars on my chest are prominent and I can no longer wear bathing suits or any clothing that reveals my chest from the neck down.

I completely regret having this dangerous (I had bleeding coming from all the dots for severals days!) and negative life changing procedure done. While the doctor and team has been giving me treatments to bring the redness down, apparently nothing can be done to remove the raised grid spider-man scars. On top of this, the whole purpose of having this done was to remove the brown spots on my neck (they lasered further down my chest than was necessary) and the brown spots came back completely on my neck even though I wear SPF 85 sunblock every day (and have worn sunblock for years now).

I would advise anyone considering this procedure to please have second is not worth it and could ruin your life and looks.

The grid marks have been confirmed as overlapping...

The grid marks have been confirmed as overlapping 3rd degree burns and they will never go away. This was done in a top rated dermatologist's clinic by an RN.
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All these procedures that claim to remove brown spots are just smoke and mirrors & snake oil....the spots always return. This is why they suggest doing it in the fall, when the sun spots naturally start to fade over the winter and then they come back in the summer months, even if you wear sunblock all the time like I did. Save your money and your could get permanent scarring like I did and have to cover up the rest of your life.

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That's because they don't tell you that you need a sunblock that contains Zinc, I live in Florida and the product I use works ,no returned dark spots !!!

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Hi there, I am so sorry for your experience. How did they confirm they were 3rd degree burns? It has been over 2 years now since I've had this same laser with MicroLaserPeel and have been left with holes all over my face.
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Ann57 -- I had it done 2 1/2 years ago at Dr. Ben Lee's office -- his nurse (Carrie Ireland) performed the procedure. I have white streaks on my right side and on the left an area of white that looks weird -- round with lines. This is the same nurse that also injected me with ArteFill and overfilled my chin, which left it lumpy and uneven. The worst office I every went to. Would not even give me my money back after I complained. The doctor told me the ArteFill lump would take a year to go down -- WRONG -- It is still there.

CARRIE IRELAND-MILLER is the worst injector, etc. I have ever met!!!
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LorilB, I think it's terrible what we are told we can achieve with these procedures and what we REALLY end up with. I don't know how much you paid for your procedures but it cost me well over $2400.00. I think there should be some recourse we can take but, of course, that's why the doctors/nurses have us sign the let's them off the hook. I may do some checking with the FDA in the near future. If I learn anything helpful, I will get back to you on this site.

I'm sorry for those of you who have gone through this expense, pain, and frustration. I totally know how you feel. I ache for you.
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Hey Lori did your white streaks ever fade away? I'm having the same problem and am super worried please let me know. I don't want this to be permanent
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Hi, I also had ProFractional Laser treatment done and it has left me with white streaks. The only reason I did this procedure was because the nurse told me about another patient who had this done and how great her skin looked.
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LorilB, how long ago did you have it done?
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Thank you for posting all your stories. I'm a licensed esthetician and I have been curious about these treatments for myself because i too was contemplating having the CO2 laser for my scarring. I'm sorry this has happened to you.
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Don't do it, PaulK. Maybe in the future, there will be a TRUE fix for those of us that suffer/suffered from acne scaring. But this is NOT it. Save your money. It was not worth it.
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I am 1 week out from the procedure (ProFractional Laser). I am so upset. Now that all the scabs and flaking has finished, not one single acne scar is gone. I look EXACTLY the same way I did before having this painful, $2200.00 ripoff done. I an so angry, I could scream. I didn't do this because I wanted to look younger...I didn't do this because I thought I would recapture my glory days...I did this to FIX cystic acne scars that ravaged my face when I was younger. I make $10.00 an hour. This was no pocket change to me and I decided after much consideration, to have this done. I'm disgusted, angry, and heartbroken.
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Veryworried2 don't do it! I too was burned by a laser and wish I had just left my "imperfections" alone. Now I am severely scarred and there isn't much they can do about it. CANCEL!! Age gracefully...use Retin- A carefully, wear sunscreen and let god determine how you age. = ( If we could take it back we would.
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I booked an appt. to have this procedure done at the 'Cosmetic Laser & Vein Centre' on 15th Ave SW and after reading your story I feel like I should cancel...was this the clinic you went to? Thx
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I'm sorry this happened to you.

Not as many successful law suits filed in the US. It's much more difficult here to successfully win in the US when there is damage from these devices.

You have more info than many in the US have been able to get from their doctors. Congratulations. Most are not validated by doctors here and are told that what they are seeing is their own fault (not giving enough info to the doctor/practitioner beforehand) or that the laser/light device did not cause the damage.

To be honest, it takes 3rd degree burns to prove it was the laser/light device. I'm sorry you are one of those who ended up burned so gravely.

If you have not, you can file a complaint regarding the device. This is for Canadians:
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Everyone who has been hurt and maimed should consider their legal options. There have been several successful lawsuits brought against Dermatologists and RNs that have disfigured patients with lasers, like Ayana v. Skin Klinic which resulted in $44K judgement. I've read enough reviews to know that this craziness of doctors and their RNs being able to disfigure people without consequence has got to stop. Maybe when enough people sue for negligence, it will and these dangerous lasers will be taken off the market and the doctors making a fortune off them will be put out of business. You read the horror stories of people's faces melting due to their fat deposits under their eyes, etc. being evaporated by Fraxel, etc. and you wonder why other people encourage each other to have it.
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Hello Susan,

I am so sorry to hear about your experience. Is there nothing your doctor said you can do for it? Please keep me updated.


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