Veneers - One of the Worst Decisions I've Made!

I had the top front 6 teeth veneered. I had...

I had the top front 6 teeth veneered. I had bonding on these teeth before which i was happy with cosmetically, i just didn't like having to repair them when they chipped. I was told veneers would be superior in durability and cosmetics by my dentist. I'll summarize the problems: -The veneers came back the first time looking different than the wax-up. They also left small gaps at the gumline. -The 4 teeth that I had re-done came back looking good at the gumline, but one front tooth was longer and thicker than the other. I'm still in the process of trying to get it fixed. The lab was absolute sh** as far as i'm concerned, i thought the whole point of veneers was to get perfect teeth. Both cases were far from perfection. The veneers look ok after the dentist fixed them, but i wouldn't say they look much better than the bonding, which was WAY cheaper and with way less risks.

So in summary, if at all possible just go with bonding, if you don't like the results its easy to re-do and the integrity of the original tooth hasn't been compromised. Getting veneers is by tied for worst decision of my life along with not going back to university sooner.


I would love to know about the credentials of the dentists who did the veneers where the posters have had problems. Any dentist can call him or herself a cosmetic dentist, even without a single shred of experience! Always look for a dentist with lots of actual experience doing cosmetic dentistry, and who has completed post-graduate training at a quality institution such as LVI (Las Vegas Institute) or the Pankey Institute. Veneers and any costmetic dentistry, for that matter, is an investment in yourself. Make sure you find an appropriately trained and experienced dentist. If you're just shopping around for a cheap deal, or think your family dentist is good enough, please be intelligent about your decision and go to someone who has a great reputation as a cosmetic dentist. I've had veneers for over 15 years and had only one come off (in the first 3-4 months after application). Ever since, they have been perfect and they still look and feel great. Also, most quality cosmetic dentists today are focused on tooth conservation and grind as little of the tooth down as possible.
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Thank you so much for your comment. My dentist is an actual cosmetic dentist as well and I have seen photos of his work. When I went for my appointment he did do the bonding on the chipped tooth, however he went through the entire process with me of how he does veneers. He did explain that he takes very little off of the tooth when grinding it down, only enough so that the veneer will hold to the tooth. In fact if I were to get veneers he would be the only one I would go to for them. What I didn't know was that he can do just two at one time if that's all I can afford for now and then do others at a later date. I was under the impression that the minimum was 6 on the front teeth, although he recommends 8. However he said he can do the two and match them quite nicely and do the others at another time. These two seem to continue to chip so I am now considering getting them done. I agree, after speaking with him and actually seeing his work does show that the outcome is always gonna be based on the person doing them, their qualifications and their experience. I appreciate your post. Thanks so much!!
Hi Pittsburgh9239 - Glad to hear. Most talented cosmetic dentists can put together a master plan for you, which is more budget-friendly than doing everything at once. Often a combo of veneers and bleaching work out. Good luck with your teeth! I LOVE my veneers and I've had them for 15 years.
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I do think my dentist is good, he did a good job placing the veneers both times, and he has done a good job trying to reshape the veneers. He really really needs to find a better lab though. I don't care if it costs more, when you are spending that much money, they should come back perfect.

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