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I have excessive unwanted hair especially on my...

I have excessive unwanted hair especially on my face and chest and more recently on my upper neck and sideburns.

about 4 years ago I started going for laser treatments (IPL) I think the machine was called Harmony and later they used Soprano. I went for more than 10 treatments on my face but it was working slowly and it was very costly. Finally my esthetician advised to stop treatments because it wasn't working and all of my hair would grow back every time. My last IPL treatment was 6 months ago.

I show sever reaction to waxing and treading so I decided to try LightSheer Laser and today I went for a patch test.
My skin is swollen, I have blisters and every hair shaft looks burnt I'm very concerned!!

This was in a spa.

I'm 23 years old and persian with light (but not white skin). My facial hair is dark and course and grows everywhere but the area under my cheek bones are the worst.

Is this burn normal? Can laser treat my unwanted hair at all? I have also checked my hormones and its all normal.

To Britt: thanks for the comment, it took about a month to heal & I have discoloration & skin sensitivity to sun & skin products for about 4-5 months.


You should think about getting electrolysis,just find a very experience technician and you will be hair free in about 9 month or so,in some cases laser will not work even if your hair seems to be dark it's the pigment in your hair falicule that laser finds,and also getting your hair reedy for treatments ,I don't know if your technician ever informed you that you need to shave a few times in between your treatments to make your hair grow in the active stage,which is the only treatable stage .Good luck!


Hi Sweetpie,
Just found you on web , So sorry to see that you have suffered an adverse reaction to Diode.
I hope this information will help . You may already have some Hyperpigmentation (loss of skin colour) even after six month?
It is clear to me that IPl Alma Harmony would not be suitable, assuming the facial hair to be fine? A Diode would be a natural choice, the problem you seem to have is that who so ever used the Diode was not experienced enough to understand your skin type, Even though your skin type is Persian and pale (4/5 to a laser technician)it still should be treated as dark, due to the pigment within being much darker. This is why you have had the reaction. Post treatemnt you should have had some advise as to how this marking could be dealt with to avoide future scarring, I hope this was the case?
As for future treatment, if it IS fine hair a Diode is the right machine for the job, however you must ensure that the laser technician is experienced and understands not only your skin type but the machine in hand and its correct energy protocaol to treat Persian skin.

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