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I am writing this because I know I read a million...

I am writing this because I know I read a million reviews, watched a million you tube experiences and no matter what if I can help someone else thats all that matters. I dont think the more I read or researched or millions of boobie pics I looked at still didnt make me more sure or less nervous! Its a very personal decision and journey and it helps if you can find someone with similar stats/age but other than that every body is dif and every surgeon is dif. I have always had small breasts an A-B but were always nice and perky. I had a son and breast fed and not only did I loose some breast tissue but he favoured one side over another and caused some asymmetry. I always kinda wanted bigger breasts but they were nice although small (before bf!) I however always wanted a rhinoplasty and have always had a lot of self esteem issues because of it. Kids can be so mean growing up! So when I decided I was going to fix my breasts I figured mineswell do both at once and save myself more pain more surgery and more breasts were a given because I told my husband "whatever having your son wrecks your paying to fix!" Haha! So he knew I hated my nose and was very supportive of my decision to do both. I am a very nervous person by nature and hate not being in control so you can imagine how much I loved the thought of one person holding my whole appearance and life in his hands...umm not so much!

I went to 3 consults and decided on my plastic surgeon not only because he had digital imaging which was fabulous but I liked him from the very start! I read so many reviews where ppl said he was rude and had no bed side manner...honestly they must have seen someone else because I went for my initial consultation which is a 3 hour drive from my city. I paid $110. I was expecting to be rushed around like ive read on rating sites but he was the complete opposite. I came in and I was so sure I wanted 300cc tear drop implants. he first told me he didnt want to do the teardrop because my chest was so small and I could see the ridge of the implant on the side, not to mention they all take that shape once in the body and also he pointed out the risks of the teardrop turning. He said he personally didnt like them. I have a good friend who got 300 cc silicone teardrop implants and I have seen the ridge of hers when she has changed in front of me so I agreed to go round. I sat in his office heeming and hawwing over the size. He told me to go 350 I was set on 300 because my friend had 300 and they were big enough. I wanted to have a nice large C but something that would look natural. Im 5'7 110lbs and he was saying I could carry even up to 400cc. I thought he was crazy then but now I see what he meant.

I am currently 8 days post op and decided to go with 325cc HP round silicone gels. Back to when I was in the consult room..he had many other patients kept coming in the room and saying what do you think? I kept saying ummm i dont know!! So he would say take your time leave go see someone else and come back in. He never once rushed me, and honestly if I was him I would have told me to get the F out at that point! HAHA! So after that consult and looking at the digital imaging of the nose and boobs I knew he was the one and should have booked my appt then but didnt because I was so nervous!

A month went by and I was talking to my friend and she said "what are you waiting for?!?" I didnt know..I just figured Id ignore it and one day it would miraculously happen..haha..ya right!! She told me if i dont book it now I never will and dont I want to be all healed for summer and cute clothes?! She was right and I called and booked my appt. It was 6 weeks away and the next week I had to go back down there 3 hrs away to pay for it and have one more talk because even after all that I still was unsure what size I wanted. So the next week when I went in he was just as patient and just as nice and made me feel so comfortable and was so positive about my outcome. I told him at that appt I still was sure I wanted 300 he told me no way id regret it and I should go at least 325-350. Now I know he was right! I went home and made rice nylon bags and wore them around...I still couldnt decide so they ordered both sizes...I literally told them the day I was having my surgery! The nurse was putting in my Iv and I saw the 4 boxes on the counter 325, 350cc. She said did you decide? I said ya 325. Even then I wasnt sure..haha! I am the MOST indecisive person in the world!! Haha!

So after I booked my date and paid for the surgery I instantly got so much anxiety and had nightmares for the next week!! I then started looking up everything and pictures, blogs, video blogs. I dont know if stuff like that helped someone as nervous as me. Id like to think it did. Either way I was a lot more informed! I think I looked at 10000 pictures of breasts and before and afters of 300cc vs 325 vs 350. My advice on that is DONT DO IT! Its wayyy to hard to judge what you will look like with a certain style and size of implant all because every body is different every person has different breasts to start thats size and shape not to mention the length of the chest cavity length and depth. It will only confuse you more!! I think your best bet is to make the rice sizers with nylon stockings (thats if you cant decide within the doctors office) and wear them at home and decide that way.

The morning of my surgery I was met by Carolyn one of the nurses I spent the most time with, talked to (harassed) the most...hey she never should have said call me if you have ANY questions!! She has really been such a pleasure and helped make my whole experience as wonderful as it has been! They took me into the back where they passed me onto a dif nurse i never met before, her name was Royal, she was an angel. So sweet, caring and amazing from the moment i came in so nervous to the moment I left the facility. She gave me a robe to change into and I got into bed she asked me a lot of questions and what size i decided on..haha..325cc I told her. I told her I was really nervous and she talked to me the whole time and kept me very comfortable. Soon I was in the O.R. and then the recovery rm with my angel Royal helping me and asking if I needed more heat or more drugs. She made my brief recovery time there very comfortable physically and mentally.

I had hear so many stories about when you wake up it feels like a ton of bricks is on your chest and you cant breathe, I was expecting the worst but I didnt feel that way at all. Uncomfortable yes, my nose was the most uncomfortable not even for pain but just that I couldnt breathe out of it and the bleeding out the front and down my throat. After I woke up I was a bit uncomfortable and she gave me more pain meds and I honestly felt fine. I watched so many you tube videos of ppl the day of their surgery and they are sooo out of it but I was so coherent and felt good, almost too good. I went back to my hotel and kinda overdid things because I wasnt feeling much pain. Well I sure felt it that night and the next day for sure! I am on day 8 now and they are still sore! Every day it gets a little bit better. All I can say is thank goodness for good pain pills!

I went bra shopping yesterday and bought one 32D...

I went bra shopping yesterday and bought one 32D and a few 32DD. I couldn't believe it myself that I was fitting a DD cup but it's very deceiving because the band size is so small. I def don't feel like I have DD's! If anything I still think about small D.

Hello all! Today is day 20 and I have to say I am...

Hello all! Today is day 20 and I have to say I am a little frustrated! One nipple is healed perfectly and the other still has a small opening that was bleeding here and there up to a few days ago. I am still putting the paper tape on them both. I dont think the left one needs it but my dr said it will help with your nipple direction so they dont point down too. I am also very frustrated that I have a lot of numbness in my left breast and nipple. Is this normal?! The nurse seemed to think so when I mentioned it at a few days post op, she gave me the impression it would take time to return but now im just freaked out that what if?? Has anyone else gone through this? That was a scary risk of going through the areola I just pray its temporary!

So today is 3 weeks exactly. I still have a bit of...

So today is 3 weeks exactly. I still have a bit of an opening on one incision on my right breast. They still hurt but not as much as before and the right seems to hurt more too. I have also noticed which seem to be a huge size difference in my breasts. The right is much larger than the left. The right is slow to heal but could it really be still swollen so much more than the other at this point?! I pray to God that's the case because I will be VERY upset if this is the final product. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and it would drive me crazy!!! So I'm very frustrated! Other than that nothin new to report. I will post new pics soon so u can see what I mean. If you look close in my other pics u can tell but now it's very noticable. I hope it's not the way they will be forever :(

So today is 27 days post op. When I took the tape...

So today is 27 days post op. When I took the tape off my areola incision at 2 weeks my left nipple was healed almost perfectly and you could barely see the incision. Now I noticed that the incisions have turned red in color...Is this just part of the healing process because I think i read something that said something like that but I have no clue and it really sucks if its not normal because it is that way on both sides and for it to go from almost not visible to red really sucks!! Anyone have any info please let me know! Thanks!
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

The Dr and his staff was more than wonderful! They were all so warm and caring! They made my whole experience so wonderful! Thank you to the team at The Plastic Surgery Centre Calgary!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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This has been so helpful to me thankyou! I'm having breast implants and abdominoplasty and possibly getting my nose done in 3 wks I'm pooping myself lol how did you get on with recovery with your nose
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thank you for posting, I'm in a similar situation, 34 5'7" 114lbs, 34Bish. I've always wanted a nose job and have been contemplating the breasts for a number of years now, getting close to doing it (the nose for sure) I have had two rhino consults and once aug consult. Can I ask why you opted for the incision where you did? the doc I went to recommended in the breast fold. BTW, your breasts look GREAT!
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Thank you everyone!
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You look amazing!
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Scars are tricky, the redness will go away, slowly but for sure! One day they look better the next day worse.... Your boobs turned our great!
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Thank you Mizz. That makes me feel better
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I am four days post op. Did the swelling on top go away yet or has the implants dropped yet? I'm so impatient. If only that bulge from being swollen on me would go away soon, I'd be happy.
  • Reply're only 4 days post. I looked at your pics. You look great. Just have patience. Everything will happen in due time. Just remember to take it easy.
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Dan--- did you have your surgery on the 20th as well, like me? Omg! We were both under the knife essentially at the same time (depending on your time zone) haha. Like two peas in a pod
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Yes we had the same day!! Isn't that crazy!! We were meant to be together!! Hahaha!
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Did you get my reply? You should now be able to find/friend me
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I got u now!
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shun add "Freese" to the names u should already know. I can't remember if it's F...Baker... Or bak...F and of course I say my first so....

Btw: ALL LADIES REMEMBER. ESP u shun (who Is def like me-SPOILED AND IMPATIENT). It will be at LEAST 6 months before we get the final result.

When I want something, my motto is "right now thank you!". Mine may even longer bc of pre-existing problems. I was aware of this b4 hand. My only problem right now is I'm not happy with the amount of shirts/dressss I have to show thes puppes off!

My Aunt has a BA. She said give it 6 and ull be perfect
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Hi mshun, just went in for a post op appt yesterday. I will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow. I still have a small area yet to heal on my right arreola and some areas on my right side. My PS said I do still have some swelling. So I am trying to be patient before I freak out about size difference. Happy healing.....
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Wow thx a lot for your post!! That makes me feel much better :) I hope you heal up quickly and even out perfectly!! All we want is perfect that too much to ask for?!? Haha!
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You know shun, I looked at a pic I took of myself last night to have that "3 week" pic to look back and compare. My left breast looks bigger than my right. Of course it was always the dominant breast, though I wanting them to be assymetrical. Hopefully it will all fix itself. Im gonna try not to anticipate too much until my 6th month. Was your right breast bigger before surgery? Maybe the left has just gone down more in terms of swelling. Remind me again, what cc's did u get? Silicone/saline? I wish I was bigger....damn it. I am such a "perfectionist" too....will I ever be truly happy? Ha! Jk. I'm pretty pleased/blessed/lucky, I know. Say, you wouldn't happen to be a Virgo, would you?

Oh and before I forget, have you told them about your nipple still being opened? Call me crazy, but this is a long time now and incisions (I think) she be nice and healing well (hope to find some info on mine today; though I have a test in my first class so I'll be pushing it to see him after work)
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You know the crazy part is my left breast appeared to be the bigger one b4 surgery. Well my son favored that side so it hung lower after bf. i thought the left would be bigger because it appeared that way. What I think is my right breast had more breast tissue so that's what added to the extra size diff. I noticed a small diff in size right after I ha them done but now it seems like a huge diff! It's making me so sad :( I'm praying it's just swollen. As for the incision on the right side it's almost healed completely except for a tiny scab that's about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. It was def the slower side to heal but I reopened it a few times due to being an idiot and overdoing things! I think it's going to be perfectly fine soon! As for size I went 325 HP smooth round silicone. The dr tried to tell me to go atleast 350-4 and I was like "r u nuts?!!" I didn't want pornstar boobs!! Well I hate to say it. He was right! I am also very happy! I just pray they even out more! Can't have it all.... Or can we?!? Muahahahaha!!! P.s I'm a Capricorn but we seem so alike it's crazy!! I tried searching for u on fb but couldn't find you!
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P.s.s. let me know asap what ur dr says!!
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you look great!!!!
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I understand well if you want to ever find me you can take journey and the s off them end of my name and the two
Numbers one and zero and then that will be at the gee mail site and there you go and if watch my videos you'll learn my first name and then of course
My last is already available to u and u can find me on FB
Ull know it's me when ull see
My profile pic. Lmao
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Mshun, you are fairly tall for a lady, (NOT LIKE ME, OF COURSE, BUT NOT MANY ARE! HA!) However, you have the physique most women would kill for, and if you look closely at the pics you posted, your breasts fit you like a gem. You are so slender, especially in the waist, but look at your breasts and then look down at your hips; they match you perfectly! Great job mrs. lady. I know you probably are the kind of lady who agrees she is blessed all the way around with her looks and what God gave you (I am sure most people you encounter, esp your hubby agrees) but NOW i know you go and look at yourself and you DAMN, I DIDN'T KNOW I COULD LOOK ANY BETTER THAN I ALREADY DID! woo hoo I am so happy for you, p.s. I would like to see your b and a pics of your rhino- if that's ok. You can email me if you want.....if it's too personal, though, I understand.
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Aww thx hun! Ur such a doll!! I wish i would have appreciated my body more b4 i had my son!! I have a lot of strech marks now which i hate but what can you do!! I was thinking of doing a rhino journey but don't kno if wanted to post pics of my face... I can def email them to you! I might still do the blog but havnt decided for sure yet!
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My surgery is scheduled for April 30th and my surgeon wants to do a lollipop lift on the saggier side where he is going to replace my nipple so that they'll look even. I trust him, but I'm a bit nervous. I went to 3 surgeons, one who wanted to do a full lift on the saggier side and another that didn't want to do one at all-- just wanted to use two different implant sizes. I think I will post some pictures just so I can get some insight from the other surgeons! Thanks so much!
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Thanks for sharing! Your posts have really helped me alot,as I'm still struggling on a size! I'm also a mother of one and breastfeeding has left my breasts a lot like yours. I think my assymetry is a bit more extreme. Did you have any form of lift for the lower breast?
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