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Ultherapy Log I’m 35 years old and had...

Ultherapy Log I’m 35 years old and had Ultherapy done to my mid/lower face & neck, 98 days ago. This procedure interested me b/c I was starting to notice that the skin on my lower face was becoming less firm. The Ultherapy procedure took about 90 minutes. Afterwards, my face was slightly puffy and I had linear welts on my left cheek as well as a couple welts on both sides of my neck. I did not necessarily notice immediate results. My skin did not appear to be any more “lifted” then what it was before I started the treatment. The skin may have looked “tighter” but only because my face was swollen. I found the procedure to be relatively painful. I was given Percocet to help minimize the pain but I didn’t find it to be entirely effective. Also, the medication had left me feeling nauseous and dizzy. Despite the discomfort of the procedure, the pain was not something that would deter me from having this treatment done over again. I was well aware that results could take up to six months but I was hoping that I’d be one of those lucky patients who’d get great results after 30 days. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. I found that waiting for the results was the most difficult part of this experience.

One Week Post Ultherapy: My lower cheeks were swollen. In fact, my left cheek was more swollen then my right cheek. The swelling peaked the following day after the Ultherapy treatment. My skin was partially numb along the jaw bone. It was also tender to the touch and the welts on my face & neck were obvious - it looked like I fell asleep on a corduroy pillow that left linear imprints on my skin. I didn’t feel that there was any apparent skin lifting. I was swollen, so it was difficult to tell if there were any improvements. My skin may have looked tighter but I attribute that entirely to the swelling.

Two Weeks Post Ultherapy: By the 12th day post Ultherapy, I noticed that my swelling had disappeared, but my welts still persisted to exist. My skin continued to be tender to the touch and I started to experience an unusual feeling of skin tightness in my lower cheeks. More so on my left cheek then my right one. With the swelling absent I felt that my skin looked less firm (not worse or better than before Ultherapy).

Three Weeks Post Ultherapy: Skin started to appear denser/firmer but no lift to report. I continued to experience the feeling of skin tightness in my lower cheeks but my skin was not tender anymore.

One Month Post Ultherapy: The welts had finally disappeared! My skin continued to feel tight but it did not appear to be lifted. I would have described my skin as looking firm. I was obsessed with looking in the mirror daily to see if I could notice any differences in my skin or facial contours. By one month post Ultherapy, the changes in my skin were very minimal. On some days I thought I could see a slight difference, on other days I thought that there was no improvement. The changes in my skin were not obvious.

Two Months Post Ultherapy: By two months post Ultherapy, a very, very slight amount of lifting had occurred. The amount of lifting was so minimal that I doubt it could have been captured in a photo. It was only something I could personally see. It appeared that my lower face was less wide or less heavy. I would say that approximately 0.5 mm of “lifting” had occurred. I never had a lot of facial sag to begin with, so I didn’t have many indicators (such as wrinkles or marionette folds) that would prove that the Ultherapy procedure was actually working.

I chose to do Ultherapy because I was starting to feel that my lower face was becoming more square like and/or heavy. By two months after Ultherapy, I started to notice that I didn’t feel that my lower face was as “heavy” anymore. I wasn’t yet entirely happy with the outcome and could see areas of improvement, but I was feeling better about my appearance. I couldn’t exactly put a finger on the improvement I was seeing. I just felt that my skin was ever so slightly lifted / tighter and I liked it because I knew that there was still a potential for more lifting to occur over the next couple months.

Three Months Post Ultherapy: By 90 days, I could definitely see that a small amount of lifting had occurred, especially in my lower cheek area. I do however feel that I could afford more lifting in the lower cheek area and for that reason, I am debating on whether I should try another round of Ultherapy. It most certainly works, but the results are very, very subtle. I do feel comfort in knowing that I’ve helped my skin out by creating more collagen. My skin does look radiant. It’s more even in tone and looks healthier.

Overall, if I was to guess the amount of lifting I have experienced with this technology, I would venture to say maybe……2mm total. Which may not seem like a lot, but it is significant and does make a difference in your appearance. 2mm is a guess, it may be more or it may be less, I just know that some people like to have some conceptualization of what they can expect from a procedure. This procedure is lovely. I will definitely do it again and again, until something better comes out. I say its 100% WORTH IT for 35 year olds experiencing skin laxity.

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Skinpossible is an excellent clinic with caring staff. They are professional, knowledgeable and affordable.

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Of course you got results because of your age,doubt you really needed it at 35, it is us older ones not getting results! I am happy for you and think you were wise to have had it done before you got my age -57, not working for me
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Hi where did you go and how much for whole face and neck? Thermage is too expensive!
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Thanks for your review, I turned 35 in December and was wondering if this would help lift the jowl area. Even a subtle change would be great, I don't want to look like I got work done. I just want to look like myself, with improvements. :)
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Probably you are right. I don't have thin sagging skin eather, my skin looks also firm and tight, but I feel as though that some of my facial features have dropped - just like you said. Exactly. I had thinking about face lift, but as I am still waiting for results from Ulthera , I hesitate.. I am thinking to do Ulthera second time maybe in late March. I will let you know than about results. I have had before couple of times Fraxel , but I can say that only after Ulthera I got my skin rather smooth and nice texture.
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Thank you for your review. I am also in my 30s and now its been 4 month after my Ulthera for jowl area. But I have not noticed any improvement - tightening. The only thing - skin texture is better. But it is hard to say that is from Ulthera as I had done Fraxel long before. I just read all thouse good experiences and can not understand why on me it does not work. Maybe to try 2nd round..
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I think the jowl/cheek tissue area is a difficult area to treat with procedures such as Ultherapy. My lower cheek's still need improvement even after the treatment. I will try a second round in the near future but I'm not banking on great results. I have sometimes thought that Ultherapy may work best on thin sagging skin as opposed to deep tissue facial sag, although I may stand to be corrected. I don't have thin sagging skin. My skin looks firm and tight, but I feel as though that some of my facial features have dropped (especially my lower cheeks). So, I guess Ultherapy isn't a miracle procedure, but it has provided me with some subtle improvement. "SUBTLE" being the key word. I can totally understand that some individuals may not see improvement just b/c the results are just that subtle. If you decide to go for a second round, you'll have to let me know what your outcome is. Being in our 30's, we'd like to think that we'd get great, dramatic, robust, lifting results but unfortunately only a few get such outcome's. I think we just have to go into the treatment thinking that minimally we are creating a solid base of collagen within our skin. I rather spend my money on Ultherapy to produce collagen as opposed to 10-12 microderm abrasion or chemical peel treatments/year. Just a thought...
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Thank you so much for your comprehensive review. It was helpful to read your post 90 days results, as the great majority of reviews on Real Self are written only days after the procedure, and therefore do nto provide any accurate indication as to what their results will be.
Like you, I'm in my 30s and therefore a facelift would be too extreme for my 'jowl issue'. You've sold me on this procedure, welts and all!
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If there was a surgical procedure that would tighten/lift my cheek/jowl tissue and would also be appropriate to do so given my stage in aging, I would certainly have it done. But....there isn't. Not yet anyways. I'll have to wait until I have a little more sagging before I am a candidate for a mini facelift. In the interim, I feel that Ultherapy was the best thing I could do.
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Thanks for writing such a detailed account of what you saw after your Ultherapy treatment. I'm so glad you saw good results!

You mentioned the welts were there for about a month. Did you cover them up with makeup, or how noticeable were they?

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No, I didn't cover the welts with makeup. The skin appeared bumpy but not red or pink so, there wasn't anything makeup could do.
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