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My Eyelashes Were Stubs After Having Extensions Removed. - Calgary, AB

I had eyelash extensions for 3 years. I was...

I had eyelash extensions for 3 years. I was starting to have problems with the glue burning my right eyelid. It would be super itchy so I would scratch like crazy. Then I would lose a lot of lashes from my right eye and my left would be full. I was starting to need fills every two weeks at (with tip) was $52/ fill. I also had problems frequently feeling like there was something in my eye. I thought it would be an eyelash but nothing was there. This happened about every 2 weeks. The only thing that would help was going to bed, and somehow it would work itself out by morning.
I finally got brave enough to let them all fall out. I felt "bald". My eyelashes were about half the length as they were before I started getting extensions.
I started Careprost 2 months and 3 weeks ago and my eyelashes have probably doubled in length. I know a lady who also uses it and says my eyelashes will also get thicker shortly.
I am so glad I have long eyelashes, and I am looking forward to what they will look like in another 5 weeks. From what I have read, my 16 week they are usually as long as they get.
It cost $12.71 per 3 ml bottle. I am aprox 1/3 - 1/2 done my second bottle.
I have extensions on right now and ive had them filled a few times but I can already tell my lashes are few an.far bwtween! And thin...im worried cause I had really short lashes to begin with ...do you have as long of lashes as you did when you have extensions ??? Im thinking of trying latisse. I hate these crunchy extensions lol
is careprost better or the same as latisse??
It is the generic version. Not sure if it is better or the same. I wasn't willing to pay the price for the name brand.
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