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42 yrs old Calgary, AB

My stretch marks are 1" wide and my belly hangs...

My stretch marks are 1" wide and my belly hangs now since my 2 children ages 9 and 7. My son was 9 lbs!
I've always since I hit puberty had that little "ponch" but now... As much as I exercise and eat good... It's not going away!! This is my last resort... I paid $3000 for a laser thing I'll have to look up again and let you know what it was but it didn't work! I've also tried "it works" and that's not cutting it either. So... "Cutting it" is my only option. I am 42 yrs old and single now. Let me tell you I am so self conscious of my tummy it is hard to date!
I'm also experiencing low back hip pain that I think it's because of my belly. Am I right?
Let me know what you think :)


I looked up what I had done last summer. It was called ultrashape. I had to go once every 2 weeks 6 times and the appt was 2 hours long....it is a body sculpting using ultrasound and radio frequency and supposed to melt away fat deposits as well as tighten and tone. She said I would need 3 more times to see results. So basically I would be spending MORE than a tummy tuck procedure.

A pic of ultrashape

I see a "slight" difference but not $3000 worth! :(
If I had seen a significant difference I would have continued.

Nov 21/13

I obsess about my tummy everyday, ill be at the gym and look at everyone's tummy wondering if that flat stomach is just lucky for them or did they have a tummy tuck? I mentioned to a friend I was going to have it done.. She text back saying a tummy tuck. Wow. Just invest in good spanx. Really?? I didn't know how to respond... Mine isn't until May but i want it tmw! I haven't told my parents yet... I think my dad won't approve... My mom won't either but I'm sure she will be there for me. We talked about it the other day. I didn't say that I had actually booked it but said I really wanted it. My mom said it was "vain". I think once I talk to her.. She will be ok :)
Also, I am separated 3 yrs now and am scared to tell my ex. I'll just say I've saved and have the $$. He can't do anything about it. being in the single world now I can't have anyone look at me naked! I need to do this for me. I have confidence in myself. The only thing that holds me back is the "goo". As much as I exercise and eat well, that part hasn't gotten flatter if anything it hangs even more as I lose the fat lol. Yup. Stretched skin :(

Dec 5th

So I booked my tummy tuck a month ago and my surgeon is booked until may. That's ok the longer I can save:)

I was reading todays post from fitandflat and she nailed it. She said if you think about your tummy constantly this may be worth going thru. I am ALWAyS thinking of it looking with disgust at it and can never just throw anything on to wear. I'm glad I'm a hairstylist and can throw a cute apron on to hide it.

It's been a month since I booked it and I still need to tell my mom. I am a single mom (have my kids every other week) and will need my mommy to help me 24/7 at least the first week. That's what I've been reading anyway! And probably into second week when I have my kids she will need to do any chauffeuring they need done with their extra circular activities.
She knows I talk about getting it done and a few weeks ago she even said its vain. I don't know how to just tell her. Any advice?? I may just wait until the new year to tell her! I had an opportunity the other day and just couldn't do it!
Well ladies.... Let me know what you think! Thank you so much! At least I'm not getting it done now we (here in Calgary Alberta Canada) have had a huge dump of snow and it's minus 36 degress Celsius!! COLD!


Hi ladies, have you seen this YouTube video yet? She has a lot of guts to do what she did and I am proud of her! I am still in for a tummy tuck though! Lol! But it's true if we all felt better about our bodies plastic surgeons could go out of business ;)

Jan 8th/14

I havent posted in awhile as nothing much has changed... I have lost a couple more lbs so thats good :)
As for telling my mom about it.... I have NOT yet. I wish I didnt have to say a word. Just do it. BUT I need the help, but how much help do I need? does she need to stay with me 24/7? and for how many days minimum do I really need help. Yes, I will probably get a walker a toilet riser and a recliner and make sure my pain meds are beside me at all times...
I have my kids 50/50. Surgery is on a monday and 5 days later I will have my kids back for a week again. They will be 8 and 10 by then. The only thing I worry about is it is a long weekend for Canada, they are off friday-monday.... 4 days!! I need to make sure they are doing a few things and not stuck in the house because mommy cant do much. Closer to the time, I will see how many play dates I can set up BUT its the long weekend, lots of people go away!
I also havent told my ex yet. I think i will tell him I need a hernia repaired and muscle repair as well, or maybe say just getting Lypo... a tummy tuck sound so much worse!
I am a hair stylist and have been telling some clients.... I think I need to stop some are happy and some dont really know what to say, they seem all surprised and shit like why are you doing this, and then I feel i have to fumble thru how I feel... I am 42 and single and dont love my body naked or with clothes on.... dating sucks lol
So the question for all that have been thru this, what is the absolute minimum help I need? Can they come over during the day and sleep at their own home?
I know the first 2 days Id want my mom to stay with me for sure!
I am going day by day til the day gets closer.... its too early to plan! I wish it wasnt.

Oh, Ive been dropping hints to my mom.... she keeps saying "you dont need that...." My sister right away squashed it because she knows someone who works in this industry and she only hears bad stories. She is also skinny. she says just exercise and eat right. well.... I am. Maybe not gluten free and dairy free like she is but I dont need to, I am not celiac or have lactose intolerance, I have been tested!(she hasnt been tested she is just eating that way, both my mom and my 6 yr old nephew are celiac though)

Ps Im not in a relationship so I also dont have that person to lean on.. just me, there are a few friends but they all work and have lives, so I can ask... and put it out there!
Wish me luck!
You all look fabulous and cant wait to be on the flat side too!

Don't think my profile is working

Hi! I posted a few weeks ago and only got one response... Plus I private messaged a few ladies and one response .... I also did an update the other day and it didn't post! So frustrating. My ex mother in law also said she posted something and I dont see it... Who do I ask for help on this?
It's getting to be crunch time!!


Is this thing on?

A little stress gone...

OK, I updated the other day on my phone and it froze and never uploaded! (so frustrating)
Anyhoo, as I mentioned I still haven't told my mom.. the other day she called and said her and dad are going to Bermuda to visit my sister... right when I get my surgery! Being that she has no idea yet, I was happy for her and that sealed the deal that I would ask my ex mother in law to help... she lives in Florida. Within the hour she booked a flight and will be here to help me for 2 weeks! I am happy in that she too has done plastic surgery so she understands more. I don't want my mom to help me especially when I NEED help because of my own doing....
My stomach still looks gross but I thought I'd show a close up of how big my stretch marks are...

Booked my pre op appointment t today!

I was sooo nervous to call them! It's not til 6 weeks prior and when the total amount is due. March 31! It will officially be official (lol) when the full payment is due!

I did it!

I finally told my mom! I have had this booked since November and I finally told her on Sunday!
She is actually good with it. She ended up telling my sister and saying to her that my tummy is a mess and prob should have it done! So if mom is ok then everyone else should be ;)

Lift Chair Rental

Well darn it... I called to ask about renting an electric chair to sleep in and they wont know if they have one available til a week before! I like to make sure things are in place! So I guess worse case scenario I have a friend that will let me borrow their regular lazy boy if thats the case!
So question: For those that are sleeping in a lazy boy chair that isnt electric, is it ok to get up out of?

I feel like a turtles

The time seems to be going sooooooooooo slooooooooow.
8 more weeks! And 2 weeks before pre op appt!
My son turns 8 tomorrow!! We had a huge bday party on the weekend with a magician! So much fun! Tomorrow is just a family dinner out :)

A shock

So 8 weeks to go. I've told most of my clients so they know I'll be off 2-3 weeks.. I told one of my clients today and she said "so diet and exercise ... Blah blah blah ." As soon as she said the first 2 words I immediately started to get my back up and said "oh I know, barbaric decision isn't it."And things like that ... She wasn't trying to be mean or argumentative. I've been doing her hair for awhile. So I said I have a lot of stretch marks and hanging belly. So as I finished getting her color on I decided to show her pics on my phone of "my belly". She said "you take pics of your stomach?" I go ya I have a blog on this website and everyone shares their experiences. As soon as she saw my pics her eyes went wide and said oh my you have a lot of stretch marks! And eventually said. Oh I can understand why you would do this.. So in the end she was very happy for me. But sometimes it's those immediate reactions I just hate hearing!
8. Weeks. Left.
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

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only 24 more sleeps!! :) Have a great weekend and it'll be here before you know it!
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Good luck!! It sucks when people pull the whole "diet and exercise" thing. Ugh. I'm a very fit (6 days a week and day 7 is usual just lighter aerobic activity) person, and eat uber healthy, but really, it doesn't get rid of the skin. Also the fat deposit around the belly button because that fat creeps throughout he separated muscle. (according to the doc, and I will believe him :) ) I can't wait to sleep without a binder on to see if I can actually roll over in bed without having to adjust my belly skin lol Or when you lay on your side and its like a pool of skin?!? I didn't tell my parents or anyone until I had booked the surgery (was an opening a month later so I took it) and when I did tell them, I was clear that I didn't want their opinion, I was just letting them know. Recovery so far has been good, I only slept in the recliner for about 5 nights and then I couldn't handle it anymore. Sleeping fine now, and standing 99% straight until later in the day when I get tired. I had some help, but really only needed it for the first 2 days. My kids are awesome helpers though and I delegated.... so my house is still in fairly decent shape haha. Good luck! Sorry for the long post, just want you to know you are not alone! This place has helped me so much, I have noticed since getting surgery who really cares and who doesn't give a shit. It's hard, because I thought that was only supposed to happen during "bad" events?? Not something happy like finally doing something for yourself?? Oh well, better to find out now than when something "bad" happens, right? Thanks for letting me vent on your wall haha
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Dear Mcstyle, My tt is scheduled on April 16. I am 55. You wrote "being in the single world now I can't have anyone look at me naked!". I've been single since my divorce in 2001, constantly trying to hide myself (trying never to be exposed naked, e.g., never sitting or bending over where all the yucky jelly drooped). BUT until I hit 50, at least I "looked" thin, and suddenly, although my weight stayed the same, my middle got so thick, where no amount of diet or exercise helped (yup, menopause). You are at the perfect age to do this!! I wish I could have done so at your age!!
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I agree, people are so judgemental. I've told some of my co workers and their response is " you don't need one" or " just excercise " I finally showed a few ladies my stomach and that shut them up.
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Although i work with a lot of people i have only told 3. Not because im ashamed but simply because its none of thier business. However if any body actually asked me i would not deny the sx. Its much more socially acceptable these days. I compare it to someone who invests in a new car. Yes it makes you feel good to drive around in a new car but the kids dont care what car they are driven around in, its a lot of money and declines in value every year. Investing in this sx will not only make you feel good too but the kids get a healthier, happier you, yes its still alot of money but its an investment that will last the rest of your life. So why is it ok to buy a new car but vanity to get your body back. We all love our childern and wouldnt change it for the world. But no where is it written that we also need to suffer from low self confidence from our wrecked bodies for ever after! Come on women in todays day and age its just not nessasary any more. This sx should be made available to ALL women after babies! Sorry over my rant but i can not understand that we still have responses like your customer and others. We shouldnt need to justify our choices. Good for you for getting it out there!
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I'd rant too Jules. I'm most inclined to think, as a senior, that the negativity around TT's is two-fold: jealousy from those who do not think enough of themselves to actually feel the expense is worth it and the specific reasons, at that point make no difference whatever; and secondly, negativity from women who for numerous reasons can bear 10 lb. babies and not have a single stretch mark or sagging skin anywhere 3 months after having the child or children. You are very right and perinatal care post delivery should include any and all abdominal or breast surgery needs for any woman who had the genetic bad luck to end up with stretch marks and/or saggy tummies. I for one am proud of all of you who do choose to do what you do "for YOU". Stay well always.
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Yes i believe you are correct on all points there verononna.
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Ok. That would be turtle. It's late and I'm not on top of my spell check!
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Looking forward to our post-op, 2 week (approximately) sleepover. Relax girl! Focus on you and not what "MIGHT" be a problem. I will be there and I WILL MAKE IT WORK for you - you know that beyond a doubt. You need to be positive until you go into the clinic for your TT.....the rest will be just fine when you get home. You can count on that dear daughter-in-law. Now, go party with my Grandson tonight - he will never be 9 again.......Love you!
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9!? You mean 8. LOL
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Ooops, sorry McStyles........guess I already considered him 8 since his birthday passed and my wishes were all sent so boy am I ever ready for "9". Too funny! Thanks for correcting me sweetie!
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You will need someone to help you push the leg part down so you can get up.
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There is a handle on the side... I bet I can tie something to it so i can pull it to go down without bending over of anything... I will have my mother in law here 24/7. I may need to get a bell to ring so that in the middle of the night she can help! HAHA
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The handle will lift the leg part up but not down, unless its a model ive not seen. The bell sounds like a plan tho lol
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Not to worry, jules 73. I'll be there to help my sweet daughter in law....and I'll bring the bell with me so she can call me....can't imagine being a "beck and call girl" at this senior age. lol lol
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Cute Mcstyles....I'll bring the bell, seriously.....anything for the amazing mom of my amazing grand kids.
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I like the idea of ringing a bell and someone appearing to help me lol
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It's always a good feeling to get your mommy's approval. I'm so happy for you!!
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So true!
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I just had my TT done by him and I am now 9 days post op. Could not be happier!
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Oh yay!! You look so great! Thank for letting me know!! Did you rent a recliner?
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Yes I rented a lift chair/ electric recliner and I have lived in it since my procedure
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Where did you rent it from? There is a place on Blackfoot.. That one? I want one!
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I cannot wait to see your results I am still looking for the right surgeon but we are in the same boat. I think about my stomach every waking moment. It's sad. And if you don't experience that feeling you will never get it! Take care and keep posting!!!
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Good luck!! Rooting for you. I completely understand. We have similar stretch marks but mine are at the hip/top of thigh area. Its paper thin and looks like it could easily tear. Just tell you parents. 1. Its your body 2. You are paying for it 3. You are an adult 4. and you have the right to feel pretty too!
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