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Getting Ready! - Calgary, AB

Hi, I've been reading this site now for the past...

Hi, I've been reading this site now for the past six months and find it very helpful. My TT was originally scheduled for October 28th, but due to the flooding in Calgary in June, my doctors office has been closed due to water damage. They have rescheduled me for February 25th which is fine with me as I wasn't ready physically, or emotionally. I am recently divorced from a 31 year relationship, moved back to my hometown and purchased a home. I am 49 years old, 5'3" and 180 lbs. I know I am not at my ideal weight but I am now at a point in my life where I need to look after ME! I will post pics soon.
I will be seeing a Naturopath on the 15th for a consultation. I know what needs to be done to lose weight, but I need a push to get me going. Wish me luck!

Shield your Eyes!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend!
I finally managed to get some pictures done and boy, was I ever horrified to see the results! I know everyone says this when they post their before pictures and now I totally get it! I have really let myself go these past two years (stress from a divorce and moving maybe?).
As I mentioned in my previous post, I have gone to see a Naturopathic doctor and she is helping me get on the road to a healthier life style. I think that once I start seeing results I know that I will get out there and exercise more. I've never been big on exercise (big surprise there!), but I do like to walk.
You will probably note my bad veiny legs. This is due to genetics from my mom as well as when I gave birth to my son at 27. I ended up with two major blood clots that started from my toes on both legs and up to the middle of my chest. I spent a few weeks in the hospital away from my newborn while the doctors tried to stop the clots from moving more. They said the pregnancy did not agree with me and therefore unable to have any more children as it is life threatening. Needless to say, my boy (now 22) is my world!

T Minus Two Months

Well, it's two months' less a day until my surgery. I just got word that my pre op consultation is January 14th and I plan on bringing one of my 8 sisters (love 'em all!) with me as she is very thorough and will make sure I ask the right questions and know all the risks involved. She is very worried for me due to my blood clots (understandable).
Starting to put together a list of questions to ask the PS but was wondering if you gals can give me some help with this? What questions did you ask?
I still have not done anything with my weight yet and not sure if I will be. I'm trying to be realistic in my thinking that I'll never be a skinny minny in this life time. I've always been a little chunky and that's who I am. I just want to get rid of the apron that sits on my lap and for my pants to fit better.
Anyways, I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year to come.

Kick in the pants!

So I went to my pre-op on the 14th with Lana and she gave me a wake up call! My weight is at 182 and my BMI just over 32. Needless to say, the surgery is being postponed until May or June and I need to lose 20 lbs by then. What she was saying made total sense and I knew this. Losing this weight will give me better results and a better recovery. A couple of my sisters (I have 8) are challenging me to lose it by May 14th. I love a challenge as I work better under pressure and I know I can do it!! I have started a high protein diet a couple weeks ago as well as going to the gym for classes a lot. I've reintroduced myself to my dusty treadmill and am participating in an ab challenge that increases in intensity every day! Will keep you all up to date on my weight loss. And believe me, THERE WILL BE RESULTS!

Dr Parron's RN, Lana.

Forgot to mention how great Lana is! She tells it like it is and is very informative. Looking forward to dealing with her more in the future.
Dr. Parron

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I am in Nova Scotia Canada. Having tt and flank lipo on March 5. i just turned 5'3 and 181 lbs. My doc wants me to lose 10 lbs before my surgery.
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We have the same dr! Update so I know what to expect on the pre-op. I plan on asking him what his guarantee is
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When is your pre-op appointment? Are you getting the same type of surgery?
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Good Luck
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Cinnamon - I am on Coumadin permanently so leading up to the time of the surgery I will be switching to the Inohep shots and will be monitored daily. It's a pain in the butt for both my family doc and myself but he knows how important this is to me and he's ok with it...thank goodness!
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lol I feel like I am looking at a smaller version of my body..... do not for get to ask about daily hep shots after surgery..since you had those blood clots
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Awww just read your story..... you've gotten over so many hurdles and now you deserve to do this for yourself! Happy for you doll
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Good luck!
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yeah someone my age.....Good luck to you....I am juicing first fasting then moving in whole vegetables.( doing a vegetable natural protein drink) every 10 days then meat, then hard cheese, then fruits. then whole grains..ezekeal bread only.. no simple carbs..pop, cake (5 bites for my birth nov 17), bread, rice, mac,processed cheese candy bars.... fast food ( I will allow my self Half a small bag of mickey dee fries when I get to my half way mark.... lol My goal is to eat a combo of Paleo and Clean for the rest of my life..why have the surgery only to mess it up...
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Good luck lady! My surgery is on the 21st of February.... We'll have to stay in touch so we can support eachother throughout our journey! Can't wait to see pics
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lol fractured my finger so I have to increase protein and change up diet... but still losing.. down 15 pounds. so now I have to be real careful even with exercize.....
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Good luck to you!!
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Wishing you the best of luck. Yes! It is time for you.
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Good luck. I'm thinking that of that date also but I will be with baez
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you been with this person since you were a baby...You take care of yourself.. please remember.....plastic surgery is for you not because you are trying to make him love you again, ( smile but make him wish he had you.and his tongue fall out his head...Smile) .
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Thanks so much for the nice thoughts!
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forgot to say yeah to the older women on the site lol
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