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Top ten reasons to get a TT: 1. Look better 2....

Top ten reasons to get a TT:
1. Look better
2. feel more confident
3. better wardrobe choices
4. I deserve it after 30 years of marriage and 3 kids
5. get rid of those ugly stretch marks
6. Look sexier at 27 than I did at 47
7. motivation to stay fit
8. continue to wear a bikini into my 60's
9. lose inhibitions
10. get ready to retire to the beach!!

I'm like many, having kids messed up my bod, but it really got bad in my 40's I could no longer suck it in and hide it, it was starting to sag :( My husband was very supportive of my decision both financially and emotionally so it has be a great journey for me.

I'm 47, weigh 168 pounds and am 5 foot 10. I have always been active, not necessarily skinny, but fit, in fact in my 40's I have gotten super fit by doing Zumba and other group classes at my gym. My social life revolves around my friends at the gym, which keeps me going back!

My experience with Plastic surgery has been great. I had a BA in March and my TT in October. There has been ups and downs but I have not had many side effects, including swell hell yet, fingers crossed...

I am so glad I found Real Self, i found out so many things I would have freaked out about if I had to figure it out myself, not to mention all the phone calls to the PS :) thanks my friends for your input to this site, it is so incredibly helpful!


I've had swelling in the past 4 days since my drains came out too. You can see it clearly in my profile pictures. Is your swelling worse as the day goes on. In the morning, I feel pretty good and can walk completely upright and normal. But by 6 PM, I have tightness and pulling in my lower abdomen, especially over the incision area. I am wearing my binder or compression garment 24/7. I am 4 days behind you in the recovery. Is your waist smaller than before surgery? I started with a waist of 29.5 inches. Today, I'm still at 30.5 inches. Can't wait for the swelling to go down.
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I haven't measured myself before or after. I don't feel too much swelling, except on top of my pubic bone, it feels and looks awful! My best asset is that I have a lot of patience so I'm waiting for the final result and looking forward to it. We are headed to the beach 4 and a half months after my surgery so am hoping it will look great by then :O)
Congrats. You look fantastic at PO day #4. I'm glad that you finally got the TT. Now you can enjoy your new body for the rest of your life. I had my TT on Oct. 19. When was your TT? I also thought long and hard about whether to go through the pain and risk of a TT, but I'm very happy that I did it. Can't wait to see how your body changes in the next several weeks. All the best to you.
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Holy Hell, 1st day of work was rough! The commute...

Holy Hell, 1st day of work was rough! The commute was the worst, i don't know how you girls who have to travel 3 hours back and forth to appointments do it! my 45 minutes there and 1.15 hours back about killed me! my muscles spasmed and tensed most of the way. Funny thing is that my swelling is better than yesterday.......

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PO day 22 got the BB stitches out! Im posting a...

PO day 22 got the BB stitches out! Im posting a pic of the before the stitches came out horizontal bb.

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PO day 24: i feel like I should be getting better...

PO day 24: i feel like I should be getting better at a faster rate. In the beginning the progress was exponentially better everyday of course that can't continue. I guess I'm at the phase where I am getting a bit tired of it. I saw the PS on Tuesday to let the stitches out of my bb and he couldn't believe I was only 3 weeks po, he thought I was 6 weeks and was in the middle of telling me to get spanks and ditch the CG, when a nurse walked in and told him NO. Goes to show you the nurses are really the ones in charge, I'm not even sure the nurses didn't do the surgery themselves too :) I LOVED my post op nurse, thanks Carol!

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6 weeks officially tomorrow! I won't see the PS...

6 weeks officially tomorrow! I won't see the PS until Nov 28th, so i'm not sure when he will let me exercise full on yet. I really miss the Gym, I'm not a weights person, but I really love group fitness classes and the friends I do it with. I feel like my mental health needs a lift from some sweat and cardio!


I'm scouring the internet looking for information on Dr. P.. I am scheduled for a TT, and he has excellent reviews. Are you still happy with your TT? I hope I am making a wise decision going ahead with this, as I am so very nervous! Thanks for any input!
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9 months, 14 days.

I'm pretty happy with my results. I have swelling on really busy days, but I feel like I look pretty great. I am very active and have continued to hike every weekend this summer, and not giving in to any excuses. Sometimes I have even used my binder during hiking when it is really steep.


1 year 4 months later: I still think about my TT everyday, somedays my back is sore, my muscles in my abdomen are sometimes really tired and sore, but mostly I feel very proud of my body! I get compliments often of how great I look! I turn 49 next week and I have never felt better about myself
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You look great and it looks like your belly button came out cute,
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2 new pictures

I've been asked about my belly button, and upon review of my pictures, I don't love it! I guess I have decided not to look hard at my procedure anymore, I just don't need the stress of picking every bit of it apart. I thought my BB would straighten out, but it is still somewhat crooked :\ Overall, I love my look, so I have included a picture of me on my way to work out, with clothes on :)


That's one thing I have noticed about Dr Perron's BB from other reviews. He does more of a frown like BB to me. Hopefully he can do a revision. Other than that, I think you look great! Look at you rock that bikini back in August!!
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Thanks! I just signed on for the first time in a long time, saw your comment and it made my day!
Looking good! I noticed the talk of belly buttons. Another lady is also having tt coming up and we both think a rounder bb would be better?? Anyway. I'm going for pre op on Mar 31. Doesn't soun like I'll be seeing dr. But I'm goig to ask to see pics. And ask about bb.. Doesn't hurt to ask!
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Wayne Perron

Recommended to me by my Physician. I trust my Doctor to give me good info. Once I met Dr. Perron, I felt a lot of trust for him and he did my BA about 6 months before my TT and I'm very very happy! Not everything about the doctor and his office staff are "peachy". I am probably not their typical client (Not wealthy and snotty) so I felt less valued

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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