Dysport Injection

I had 29 units of dysport injected in the glabella...

I had 29 units of dysport injected in the glabella lines 4 days ago, I feel sick ever since. Blurred vision come and go, ear pressure, tight forehead and now I feel some muscle twitching in my leg. It's horrible, I'm really scared I don't know what else will come. Can someone please tell me how long before I will start feeling better and if I can use activated charcoal to try to get some toxin out of my system. Would that help.


Last night I was sweating and my whole body was burning, I felt like I have malaria and I couldn't even wake up, oh God. This morning ear pressure and weakness.
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Not good! Not good!
Sounds like you are having an adverse reaction. Dysport told me with my symptoms I was having adverse reactions. Dysport told me it can take a year before it leaves our system. Though I don't think it ever will. I will be 10 months out on the 9 and I have good days and bad days.

Dental surgery after dysport

Has anyone had dental surgery after dysport?

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Head burning from dysport

Head burning still after 7 weeks of dysport, when will this go away


I truly don't think side effects will ever go away. Dysport pharmacist said it can be a year before it leaves the body. Tests show its been found on feet, brain, finger nails clearly not those areas were injected. My side effects come and go, have good days and bad days. Never had head burning though. So sorry u are experiencing that. I am 11 months out on the 9th of July. Call dysport speak to pharmacist, maybe they can tell u if others reported that effect. Not that it will help u get thru this. But maybe help another person not inject...
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