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I decided to try cool sculpting and went in on...

I decided to try cool sculpting and went in on July 18t / 2013 for my upper and lower abdomen area. I did have quite a cold so that may have affected my skin sensitivity more so then others. The business that I visited for this procedure were absolutely wonderful, however despite their best efforts I found cool sculpting VERY uncomfortable. What no one mentioned in any reviews is that you have to stay almost perfectly still for an hour straight while the machine is attached to you. I was laying on a table for my whole abdomen area so for four hours straight with minimal breaks.

I found the first 7 minutes after it was initially attached and started to suction my fat to be excruciating and fought the urge to rip the machine off me. It pinches, feels very cold, heavy while you're laying down and in general entirely uncomfortable. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel when you begin to numb and it does become tolerable. But I had to cough once during the 30 minute mark of my first lower abdomen section and it hurt A LOT! So do not move once you're hooked up to it. When it was removed I couldn't feel anything at first until I was massaged and thawed out a bit. It feels similar to the worst menstrual cramps for about 6-8 minutes as I thawed, it was suggested to help get through that pain to lay across the bed on my stomach as the pressure would help and it did.

I have a lot of swelling, look like I gained about 15 lbs or more right now as well as some spotted purple bruising around my upper abdomen part. I am 4 days in and feel some deep itching, tingling, soreness, swelling, numbness and general discomfort when bending or being in bumpy car rides.

What I will say though, if this works as well for me as some of the best after photos then I would go back for another treatment even with all the discomfort. I will keep this updated with lots of photos as I go along an attach the ones soon from the office I had it done at the day of.

This is just to show before after to show not much change in my abdomen

I didn't get any results from cool sculpting but did from joining the gym this last January, I had no results from the cool sculpting even at the four month mark last year, I would not suggest it to anyone.
Monique Brokken

Age Management Institute: (403) 265-4142 7015 Macleod Trail SW Suite 113 Calgary, AB Really clean business with wonderful staff all around, Monique was super caring and took great care of me through out the process. I suggest this business for anyone who appreciates good customer service that is both warm and informative. Monique was gentle and personable, put me at ease even with my discomfort from the cool sculpting itself.

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Wow I'm surprised they even did all that on you, your abs were flat! If anything at all would have done love handle area if there was anything to grab, that would have pulled your abs in enough. Did a physician evaluate you?
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Hi, just wondering did you see any results? And how long did it take to see any? Would you recommend someone to do it?
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In the end I did not get even close to my expectations of cool sculpting. I would not suggest it to my friends as there are some seriously painful down sides, no real results for me and has shown to not work in a percentage of people for no known reason. I would suggest lipo or diet and exercise, this seems to be a throwaway for money and no results.
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It is now 3 months for me, no results at all. What a waste of 3 thousand dollars.
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Did you only do your lower abdomen? Just curious why your treatment took four hours. I've done my treatments in different appointments to break it up a bit, I think that helps. I think everyone has a different tolerance for pain and discomfort, but like you said if this works I would also do more. Good luck to you, I hope you have amazing results from your treatments.
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Hey sorry for such a delayed response, I did my entire abdomen area both upper and lower. The reason mine was split up into four sections was to get better results because I didn't have enough fat for the one large applicator the ladies said. It's been three months and the results were pretty minimal, I am going back soon for another reason so I actually post before and after photos but it's nothing to write home about.
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Hey there Sasha , thanks for writing back. I hear what you are saying. It seems to me that the best results are after multiple treatments or in areas treated with the large applicator. I haven't gotten to my full results with my stomach yet but al together I've had six overlapping treatments and hope I see more improvement that way. I definitely saw more noticible progress with the larger applicator as compared to the smaller. You should post photos of your results with your review.
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