8 weeks post op and loving life-,Calgary, AB

I'm so glad to have found this site as I have been...

I'm so glad to have found this site as I have been so nervous/excited for weeks with no one to really understand what I am going through.

I guess my story starts when i was about 20 i had put on some weight and my breasts went from a DD to an E then F and finally after babies a J. After finding out about having high cholesterol when I was nursing I decided to lose the weight I had put on. 60lbs and one year later I am left with 36F sometimes FF. My breasts are so droopy and heavy and full of stretch marks. 6 months after losing the weight I went to my family Dr. for a referral and his opinion was I was completely fine but begrudgingly sent it away. I got the call about a month later (last october) and it was on! I got my surgery date this May and tomorrow I go in. I have decided on a 36C and as much as I am nervous about the scars I am so excited that I won't be all hunched over all the time. Lucikly for me that Alberta Health covered the cost and all i was responsible for was the lift part and liposuction on the side.

Does anyone have any tips of things that I could use that the Dr never mentioned?

Pictures look great Lindsey! Liquids and very soft food until your swelling of your tongue goes down!
Lindsey, congrats on making it to the other side! Your day 2 picture looks amazing! Best of luck with the healing, and I hope it goes smoothly for you.
i thing you look great! yay! speedy recovery!

The day of my surgery I arrived at the hospital at...

The day of my surgery I arrived at the hospital at 6:15 for surgery at 7:30. At 7:20 the nurse came to get me and to say I was nervous at this point is an understatement. The anesthesiologist started me on something to calm my nerves while they got set up. The last thing I remember is them strapping my arms down so the would stay in the same postition and it was go time.
I am not really sure how long I was under but the surgery was 2 hours. I couldn't stay awake, although when I did awake for a bit my neck was killing me from the position so my ever so nice recovery nurse gave me a neck massage until my muscle relaxants kicked in. I remember being wheeled back into my little curtained area and seeingmy husband but I still couldn't stay awake.
Around 12:30 I was a bit better but discovered that my tongue was so swollen that i found it hard to swallow my own spit let alone suck with a straw. They determined that the intubation tube likely pressed on that side to hard and caused the sweeling. Awesome!! No time line for when that will go away I've heard 5-7 days and I have heard 6 weeks!!!. I finally left around 4;30 but all I really wanted was for the nurses to go away so I could have one last nap!

Day 6 post op and I am pretty pleased with the results. I still feel like the nipple especially on the left side is a little too high and slightly left. I'm sure I'm just still swollen. I still have a lot of the vibrating feelings and my nipples (especially on the lfet side) errect a lo tMy pain management has been great, still only taking tylenol and ibuprofen since I am still sore from the lipo on the sides. I had a day of percoset but didn't feel like i needed it to deal. My steri strips are still in place so I havent seen the handi work yet but besides placement I am super happy. It's been tough with little ones at home since my son is 2 and all he wants it to cuddle mommy, but has been told mommy has owie boobies which for the time being seems to be good enough. My mom has been here to help and then my husband has time off work when the kids are going back. I am glad to have found this site because I am constantly checking for others updates and similar situations. Gives me some peace.
With my surgeon I had to be 39 bmi or I couldn't see him either. I'm taking so steri strips off today so I will post a new updated pic
Oops. 30 bmi
Hi Lidnsey! I too am in Calgary I haven't heard of Dr. Frank before, I was originally sent to a guy down South in the Richmond area! he was AWFUL he talked about no nipple, reconstruction, taking me down to a small C from a J - he made it sound like I would look like I had a mastectomy! Then I heard about a doctor in Banff/Canmore etc. Did you just go to Dr. Frank or had you tried others to get their opinion!? Do you think your liposuction was worth $1,000? I would be TOTALLY covered by Alberta Health - but I still want to feel like a woman! RU glad you had this done? Thankyou

Day 9 post op and I started to remove the steri...

Day 9 post op and I started to remove the steri strips, It really tugged and pulled up some scabs and cause a tiny bit of bleeding. My orders on my post op care were to remove them at 7 days. Any advice, I wonder why each dr is so different in their advice. I have also been wearing an underwire since the day after my surgery as per my Dr's request. Im double locked and loaded, seems a bit much but actually feels better to sleep in as it keeps it all in place. The downfall is that It puts pressure on the lipo areas...ouchie. I posted 2 new pics, one of my sore nipple. It's funny to see how big my aeriola was and how tiny it is now.
I have to wear 2 bras day and night for 8 weeks. One sports bra and one underwire. I wear the sports bra first to prevent the irritation but he says the underwire is to help the shape. Who knows what's best but when I don't have the underwire on it doesn't feel like enough support. Maybe just all the years of being locked into a big busty bra. Haha.
I'm surprised your PS wanted you to wear an underwire! I was told not for at least 6 weeks because the wire can rub and irritate the numb skin without you knowing. Regarding the strips, my PS took them off at 5 days post-op and replaced them with paper tape. MY ARCH NEMESIS!

RE: Steri strips

Mine stayed on until they just naturally started falling off in the shower. But you are right. All docs are different in what they want their patients to do. But if they are still really stuck on I wouldn't pull them off. Just use a little extra soap in the shower and that should help to loosen them. Within a couple of days you should notice them starting to peel off.

Day 13 post op. so I removed my steri strips today...

Day 13 post op. so I removed my steri strips today and then I noticed a slight opening on my right breast. I bought some tape for it and when I went to Put it on I had a yellow discharge that missed my gauze and went on my bra. It's bright yellow with a tint of orange. No smell at all. Anyone else have an issue like this? Of course my surgeon is on holidays so I can't ask him.
You look great, so happy for you! Mine is coming up on the 17th of September and I hope mine look as good as yours ;)
Your pics are amazing! Congrats!

Slight drainage from the incision line is normal. If you put something over it, just make sure it can get some air. Good luck!

2 days from 4 weeks since I had my surgery. I seen...

2 days from 4 weeks since I had my surgery. I seen my PS today and I'm healing nicely still sore on the sides he said that would be about 2 or 3 months of that. I finally got the go ahead for exercise as long as it feels good!! Yay! Biking here I come. I also asked about sleeping on my stomach and he said that's fine as long as it doesn't hurt which it still does so I will wait on that. I will upload pics soon. I am so amazed with the healing process the scarring is so minimal that for me I would make this decision again. This has been such an amazing experience for me.

8 weeks post op and feeling great. Back to...

8 weeks post op and feeling great. Back to everything normal again and only get a slight pain in my ribs when I reach over head with my right hand. I've even tried sleeping on my stomach which is still slightly painful. I'm finally down to one bra which I'm sure for the most part everyone has been doing. I however have been wearing 2 bras day and night for 2 months, one underwire and one sports bra. My insicions aren't right at the base of my boob so it's never been a problem of pain it discomfort. Last week I tried just one bra but I still feel more supported with 2 depending on my activity. I will be returning to bootcamp shortly to get back into shape. I feel like my muscles have atrophied as the weeks passed.

It's funny cause sometimes I just give then a squeeze cause I honestly can't believe they are mine. Final size is a 36C. I can't believe 8 weeks ago I was a 36F or FF. it's amazing. I've finally stopped slouching like crazy. People(mostly guys) ask if I miss them and to be 100% honest there are days I do. Not the back aches and gross looks from men but they were part of who I was for so long. I'm happier and healthier than I've been in 15 years though so its time to move on. I've decided my next big endeavor is going to be a tummy tuck. I don't plan on becoming the tiger lady or anything but I have stretch marks and flab that I can't get rid of that I would like to be gone. No amount of sit ups removes a tummy full of stretch marks! I will post pics when I get on my computer soon. That's the best part after all. Seeing before and afters is what has made this forum so interesting!
Your healing looks like it went so smoothly and everything looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing!!!
you look great!! let us know how the tt goes!! i was thinkin of saving up for one myself to get my tummy in line with my new boobs but idk lol. happy healing!!

I am a week away from 3 months post op. Feeling...

I am a week away from 3 months post op. Feeling great, sleeping on my stomach from time to time. I belive the image i added is what they will look like now. The have the natural "hang" although my nipple on my left breast is still a little high and left it is much better than tucked into my pants! all in all I am very happy with my results
They look beautiful congrats
Luvs the new pic!! U have good shape and so good for ur frame! I can't wait to be able to roll over and sleep on my side! Hopefully in a few more weeks it will happen!
You look amazing! xx

So I'm 5 months out and the girls have settled. I...

So I'm 5 months out and the girls have settled. I have gained a bit of weight so my 36C is now a D. I'm pretty frustrated and I noticed my old stretch marks on the tops are more noticeable. Has anyone else noticed things like this? I know that they didn't remove all the skin so of course my stretch marks would be there still but I'm frustrated! With myself for gaining weight as its always the boobs to get bigger first!
Hi! Can you give me any tips? I am going through the same doctor and from your photos we look like the same before surgery, are you happy with them 100%? Thanks
I would definitely recommend the arnica pills for the bruising and I bought one of those reading pillows that I slept on for a couple weeks. I was about 90% happy. He placed my nipples a little high. I can't wear low cut bras easily anymore. But I wouldn't trade what I have now for what I had then. I went through a bit of a depression and gained a bunch of weight so I have new stretch marks which makes me so mad.
They look great! Where did you get the Arnica pills from? and I am just hoping for natural/proportionat to my figure and perky beyond belief!
Dr Ryan Frank

I was referred and i just felt so comfortable with him upon meeting him.

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