That Was Quick & Easy & Omg I've Got New Breasts! 38 years old. Calgary, AB

My breasts are 30 years old, hard working, nursed...

My breasts are 30 years old, hard working, nursed two kids for 16 months each and due for a make over!
Happened very quickly in Calgary, AB.
Expected to wait 2 years for consult then another year for surgery.
Casually mentioned to MD I'd like a referral, 10 months later got a call and after consult had a cancellation and WOW - 2 weeks later it's done.
Only had 2 weeks to troll Realself - thank you you brave strong inspiring women. I think being mentally prepared helped and understanding it will take a long time for them to look and feel better has made a huge difference.
They look tiny to me!! After asking a few friends who've had the procedure they said biggest regret was not going smaller.
My weight fluctuates 30lbs a year so thought I'd ere on small side. Very lucky timing in that my Mum was visiting from UK so had help. Hubby slow at work so took few days to help me thru the first nights and Taaa-daaaaaa! DONE!!
36J to ? 36C maybe.
Too early to say but they seem tiny and perky and I look like a tomboy and need to work on tummy but they are round, can feel my nipples (very sensitive), no pain - no meds since surgery and clothes just slip on - surreal!!
Day before surgery I wore a size 12 to accommodate my breasts - next day with little breasts, instant size 8!!! Bloody hell amazing. I'm 15lbs over weight but surgery and maybe 3lbs tissue gone = 2 dress sizes! Yippeeeeeeee!
So far so good - 5 days post surgery, no drains, compression bra fitted, 1st shower no problem and 1st peekaboo. I'm so squeamish I had to have my husband and sis-in-law look and convince me I wouldn't pass out if I looked. Hideous!! Ha ha but "got potential" ........... AHC covered everything but side lipo = $900
Sigh of relief. Only up from here!
Look excellent! Hope mine look as good :) x
Very kind! Thanks. Isn't this a funny way to show & tell?
you look great I find it very hard to even imagine how mine will looking when I am done

Day 8

Well after going back and looking at other women's after pictures I think I bruise ALOT!!
Still happy, still numb, still very bruised & but oh so glad each day is easier.
Except actually under my armpit is hard and swollen in lipo area - worst part so far but husband massaging with arnica cream helps quite a bit.
I have to cheat and sit very still without the compression bra on for extra 30minutes or I'll go nuts.
23hours a day in that torture device is cruel! ; )

New road map on my body....

My dark mole used to be 6" from my nipple & now it is an inch away! Cool landmarks of how high they've come!

Silly thing but one thing that really stands out is how my underarm hair now seems to be close to breast tissue. Silly thing to notice but they used to hang so low the armpit was unrelated ha ha!

Bless you Dr Yau!

I love before & afters.......

You look really great!! Congrats on everything working out so well- from the timing, to having family around, to an easy recovery thus far. It's so awesome to read such positive, happy stories, thanks for sharing. Happy healing :)
Thank you so much Miss Kitty. I feel like you, slightly obsessed with this process. It's such a strange, dramatic change! I went and read your post just now, I'm quite new to Realself - honestly you look absolutely gorgeous! Lovely soft, natural, shapely breasts with perky nipples. You have a stunning, hard earned body - it looks perfect. Enjoy it!! And thank you for all the terrific follow up pics. I LOVE looking at all the pictures of everyone. Aren't we all funny enjoying show & tell?! ; ) Interesting journey.....where will are breasts go next!? : )
Beautiful result! May I ask what size you were pre op? I'm waiting for insurance confirmation, and penciled in for 10/28!

Think a trainee doctor did one of my breasts....

Think I just figured out why each breast is having a completely different recovery. I think the trainee doctor who was with my surgeon during the mark up did my right breast. I guess everyone needs to practice at some point.
Left breast barely any bruising, already softened and pain free.
Right breast massive bruising all down my ribs, hard, swollen, painful and rigid.
I suppose if I had my surgery on the provincial healthcare system & not privately then that is one of the risks?
Certainly bit fed up with right breast!
Massaging with arnica, oils, ice packs and compression bra does nothing. Feels exactly as I did when I had mastitis nursing babies.
Friday to PS.....fingers crossed settled down by then.

Right nipple worry

it is not unusual for your breasts to have individual healing experiences and it is still really early days. i don't understand the concept of compression and feel your bra should be comfortable, but actually airing everything a couple of times a day is fantastic for healing. 500mg bromelain 3 - 4 times a day between meals can really ease uncomfortable swelling. your size and shape is wonderful 11/10!!!!!
Thank you so much! I am actually taking the Bromelian 4x a day, it just doesn't have much affect on righty! Thanks for kind words - I am happy with shape just the pain the right is giving me is a little frustrating. Painkillers don't work for my body chemistry, strange quirk of nature, it just doesn't recognize anything morphine based! Tonight I slept in a comfier bandage so we'll see how today goes. Definitely 50% compression feels too much to me! Thank you for your comment - it helps SO much to get feedback!

Plastic surgeon SOS

Sent last few pictures to Dr Yau with concern I had hematoma. I've read too many of these forums! Am I a hyperchondriac??!!
She thankfully called back just as I was starting to panic - said everything looked ok & even if I came in there wouldn't be anything she would do. All symptoms of swelling, pain, altered colour to nipple all "normal" side effects of trauma breasts have gone through.
I'm getting tiny bit fed-up, but I'm not exactly a patient person. : )
Tried on swimsuits and I don't overflow them, fit like a glove off the rack!! One benefit of swollen breasts is they kinda look fantastic! I should be careful what I wish for wanting them to soften - the swelling does make them a lovely shape! : )
Be careful. My surgeon told me to NOT put ice on mine because it constricts the blood supply to the nipple. Your results look great!
Thanks so much for that! I did only try it once and it didn't work! I read after that heat might work on reducing a hematoma. I see my surgeon tomorrow so I'll ask her. It might just be very deep bruising.... I haven't seen my MD since before I went under so I've been self treating
it is normal to be anxious and please bear in mind that women with complications are very much a minority, but they are far more likely to seek support on this forum than women having a normal, straightforward recovery. so in some ways this website can give an unfairly scary picture of this surgery. that is why I urge people to read my review because i had a normal recovery and a great result.

1st Surgeon check up.

So, simply said looks great, everything normal, see you in 3 months if you feel like it!
Righty = 339g
Lefty = 431g
Grand total only 1.7lbs of tissue between the two breasts. I was surprised but it makes sense as I had really low density, big floppers for boobies. They were big but not full & dense........greedy little babies who refused all bottles & other sources of milk for total of ~30months of nursing - life sucked out of them. Mind you they were never ever perky so didn't stand a chance! : )
Ha ha.
I finally changed the yucky tapes one piece at a time. I'm quite squeamish so didn't look at scars very closely but everything seems straight & closed. I rather over applied the new paper tape so it acts like a bra. I was terrified the incision might split so not sure how I'll ever get it off......I'm just leaving well enough alone.
Right breast still quite swollen and wide. Deep bruises keep coming to the surface of poor battered Righty. I massage one away and it's deep green cousin comes to the surface.
Puckering between breasts at incision points and soft Lefty seems to have puckered so breast indented under armpit.
It's SUCH early days I know eventually I'll be able to straighten the scar tissue and break up more knotted fibres but that's a long way off. I trained as a massage therapist and worked 10 years - I did work on a few full mastectomy scars so know dramatic improvements are possible. Lots & lots of patience first.
Pictures next.
Look mostly the same. Too scared to go without tape to show incisions yet.
OOOOH, my PS said swimming at 5 weeks fine, also underwire bra fine if I don't feel irritated.......I can see the light!!! : )
Look excellent! I have my first apt with my surgeon on Monday so I'm intrigued to know his opinion :) x
Happy Weekend Missy! Let us know how it goes! Xxxxxxxx

Tried on 1st non-compression bra

So, 38g/j to a 38C

Picked out a beautiful off the rack bra at THe Bay, pink & orange embroidered lace, so unbelievably pretty. Slipped it on nervously and I didn't even nearly fill the cup! Whoo-hoooo! Too lazy to get dressed and try another bra but off the rack & pretty. That's worth celebrating!
Fingers crossed they stay nice & high.....please, please Breast Gods, don't let them fall : )
I too have some puckering in the incision under my breast but not the entire cut. I'm a little worried it might be keloiding. When I first seen this it was like 2/3 days after surgery it looked like the stitch was pulled really tight and now it's healing like that. Lucky it's right under the breast in the crease can't been seen.
Hiya Virgo, please don't worry about it! Mine is quite pronounced and round breast tissue almost overflows the puckering. Quite far down the road massaging can really release the scar tissue - but if you do keloid scar then definitely don't do any deep work to the scar/stretch it etc. it will only make it worse. I think maybe the surgeons put stitches on chest wall for support and it can't move the same way as normal soft tissue. I trained in doing breast massage as part of my massage training - may sound weird I guess - but perhaps many months from now you could research for massage therapists who do scar release? We have a place here called Compassionate Beauty for breast cancer survivors and they do post/pre mastectomy work on scars? Maybe a place near you? Goodluck Sweetheart - God I ramble don't I?? Goodnight! xxxxxxx
Ack! You look so great!!!!! Fellow post-nursing mama of 3.....the last one just weaned in July. He went 18 months. I think my boobs are filled with styrofoam....huge puffs of foam. I am praying to be a C in a month and a half!

Could I possibly have gone from g-cup to b-cup??!!

Needed a comfy bra to help me sleep....sports bra, nothing fancy!
One bra fit and it was a 38B!
Never in my life, and I'm swollen! Wheeeeeeeeee!

Sport bra try on

I really should move on from breast obsession!

This is turning into my daily breast diary.....dear diary, today I wished I'd allowed photos from before in my bathing suit, all were immediately deleted and I've no proof of gigantic boobies. Only found one snuck by Hubby this summer - from a distance you can see the shelf-like rack.....
Hey lady! (Old screen name was melissasammons). I Wanted to share I got the approval from insurance today, phoned the surgery center, and they have an opening for NEXT TUESDAY. What the heck!?! Holy crap! So I'm going over peoples last posts and trying to compile a list of things I need to get, like, STAT. :)
Holy crap!! That's what happened to me too!! Mother of God that's quick! Honestly I bought all this stuff and didn't use anything til a week later. A bell for beside your bed?? ; ) Ummmm, I've been fitted for a compression bra but came home with elastic bandage binding which is WAY comfier than compression bra. Antibacterial soap for 1st shower paranoia..... Arnica cream, not gel, for horrific bruising after lipo I did use gauze pads over my breasts and under bra as a buffer when I was sensitive. Honestly those are only things I used. Week 2 steri strips started to fall off so a replaced with $4 paper tape strips I cut off a roll. Nice things to eat to relieve boredom. Zip up top for coming home in. Plastic bag for throwing up in on drive home. Salty crackers to try and quell nausea on drive home. All you really need is a servant to bring you treats, water. I am still taking Bromelian pills for swelling but can't say if they have made any difference. Arnica did work for me but could have been massaging area dispersed bruise/little swelling. Anyway, it's nice to feel like you're doing things to get better! Did you post before pics?? Show your surgeon after pics of what you want. Just before surgery I pulled up pics of, "This is too big, these are dream breasts, this is too big, I want small breasts etc...." I think she listened, they sure are small!! ( yay!) Good luck, honey! Super excited for you! Can't wait for the show and tell! Please get rest after, I felt great & completely overdid it and got slammed! Ask for help. Actually demand it!! Eeeeeeeeeekkkkk!! Excited for you. Love c xxxxxx
Aaaaaah, this all made me smile. I'm sure I'll read it 14 more times today. I posted my review, but am just waiting for it to "submit" so I can publish my pictures and add little things I left out. I feel like I'm dreaming!!!!

2nd time retaping breasts. 3weeks

First time I've ever looked at breasts without tape on. Managed to replace little piece by little piece last time so didn't need to look too close.
Well, they're healed and lumpy & bumpy and a tiny bit puckered at horizontal incision that called a dog ear?
Righty is misbehaving again, still darkly bruised and nipple edge looks a bit wobbly.
It WILL fade
It WILL smooth
It WILL return to a normal colour......right?
Fingers crossed! I might be a B IS worth it........right?
Best wishes girls. Thank you for all your support & brave, baring pics!
Love c xxx

Before & after progress?

Side by side

Amazing results Charley!! yay for itty bitties!!!!!
Thank you so much Geauxgirl! Your results look super, great healing. Hope mine settle down & scars look as good. xox
That sports bra looks SOOOOO comfy. Wherever did you find it? Your results look amazing and beautiful! I, too, had worry with one of mine, only it was my left one. I have a sunken nipple that only comes out when stimulated or cold. I wish you the best in healing and recovery!

5weeks 3days

Had a little trip away, swimming & lounging in the sun.
Back to underwire bras in the day time. I'm taped all over incisions and it doesn't hurt at all and seems to mould them into round, separated shape so I'll stick with it.
Still sleep in surgical compression bra, going to gym for legs and planking for core all no problem.
Can't see much change. They feel soft and little bouncy just thick scarring along incision lines but wondering if that creates support for the girls? Should I try and massage that out? Hmmmm?
Not using any oils just tape all the time. Lines are really thin and almost white on vertical. Red horizontal.
Still no hang...........please don't drop, please don't drop, please don't drop.........
Looks great! When u say tape are you speaking of scar away tape or regular surgical tape???
Hi, I've just been using 3M paper tape I cut into strips off a roll. My surgeon said I could try silicone tape too but haven't got around to ordering it yet. My scars are very thin and flat and somehow I feel more secure with it on. Just blow dry after a shower......
They look fantastic and hreat to hear of your good recovery.I am having mine done next week and my darling husband has booked 5 days in the sun 8 weeks later! Interested to see you are taping them still,was this even during the day? Was it OK swimming or painful?

Tape free boob pic & my son's head fills my old bra. Ha ha

More lingerie cruising, my 6 year old son grabbed a 38DDD and put it on his head, came down over his ears with room to spare.......ha ha ha, and I carried 2 heads around??!! I've lost perspective on how big I used to be......keep thinking, "Well they're still kinda big...." Does anyone have an accurate body image?
Quick pic without tape week 6
Oh dear---i GET IT. the pursuit of these elusive "perfect boobs" is so distracting. I think remembering where we've been is the only way we have peace in this....otherwise we just keep comparing our boobs to another person's "perfect" ones. I go back and forth every day wondering if I'm still too big. ...I know I'm bigger than I thought I'd be, but how much does it actually matter? That's a question I have to ask and answer for myself every other minute.
My poor hubby.....listening to me waffling ad nauseum. Charley, women are getting implants to be the size we are! The other day, I looked at my after pics, and I tried to look at them like they were another woman' was difficult to forget they were mine, but I had thoughts of "such a good size for her frame! " "beautiful result!" same thing that I tell women on this forum. It's because they're ours, and we're hard on ourselves---your boobs are fantastic. They are JUST RIGHT!
Ha ha B I hear ya!! I'm sure my hubby is thinking, "whatever woman, when can I just touch them???" Ha ha!! Yeah, they're fine really but I can't remember what they were like before! At all!!! I burnt all my big bras right after surgery so haven't got easy comparison! You're gorgeous and I'd kill for your figure- a waist!!!! I wanna waist!! Next obsession???!!!!! We're hopeless xxxx
Dr Yau

Dr Yau was a consummate professional. On time, friendly, knowledgeable and realistic and frank about results and potential disappointments. She took lots of time to look at my "ideal breast" folder and discuss how different skin, shapes etc can respond differently. Likelihood of scarring was discussed, how many surgeries she's performed and addressed all my concerns about pain management - I left appointment with confidence and excitement and trust and I believe a realistic idea of what was possible in my situation. Results seem to suggest she is highly skilled, no pain, and a friendly call from Dr Yau the day after surgery to check in made me feel very pleased she cared about her patients . I would recommend in a heartbeat!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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