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Hi! I'm a 29 yr old mother of 2. Like many of the...

Hi! I'm a 29 yr old mother of 2. Like many of the women on here, after breastfeeding my children I lost a lot of volume...and I didn't have much to begin with. I've been thinking about getting breast implants for a while, and decided to take the plunge and book a consultation. I had my consult on June 7th and was booked in for surgery June 27th! I chose to go with 280cc silicone implants. I really wanted a natural look - something to replace my ugly padded bras. I didn't want people to notice right away that I had hopefully once I'm all healed it will look natural and a part of me. :)

Yesterday was my surgery! Went into the operating room at 11:30am and was home by 2:15pm. Everything happened so fast - from my consultation, to surgery, to coming home with my new "twins". I still can't believe I had it done!

After surgery I was groggy and felt a lot of pressure on my chest - and it felt like my ribs were sore too. The doctor said everything went well, and there were no issues. My follow up appointment isn't until July a week from today...I can't wait! When I got home yesterday I was still really tired, and basically went to bed right away and had a 2 hr nap. My husband woke me up so I could take my meds, and have something to eat. I ate a small meal and within an hour I was back to sleep. Thankfully my in-laws are watching my kids until Friday. I couldn't imagine having them around while being so sleepy and sore. I slept pretty good last night too. Woke up every 4 hrs to take my pain pills, and went right back to sleep. It was just really difficult to get up out of bed - that's when I needed my husbands help.

Overall the pain has been what I've expected it to be. A day after surgery I now feel like I have extremely engorged breasts - back to my breastfeeding days. The pain has been manageable - it's just the getting out of bed or off the couch that hurts.

Anyway, that's a brief summary of my experience. I'm loving the results I'm seeing so far, and can't wait until everything is healed. :)


You look great, very natural! I also have silicone and I love them! Just take it easy and stay ahead of the pain. Try not to overdo it, being a mom we know how easy that is. Take advantage of all the help you can get. Please keep us posted.
Happy Healing!
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Thanks! I'm taking it very easy...and getting rest when my body tells me to rest. :) So far so good. My kids are coming home sometime tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes...I hope I have enough energy to keep up with them.
Thanks! I'm taking it very easy...and getting rest when my body tells me to rest. :) So far so good. My kids are coming home sometime tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes...I hope I have enough energy to keep up with them!

Well today is the start of day 3...still pretty...

Well today is the start of day 3...still pretty sore - especially underneath my breast. Feels like at any moment my breasts are going to explode. Had somewhat of a bath last night, and my husband was there to sponge me down where I couldn't reach. After the bath he washed my hair in the sink. So glad he's been so helpful! (I can't even get my prescription bottles open by myself.) He just needs to work on his hair styling techniques. ;) Kids come home today - unsure what time, but I'm getting a little nervous about it. I don't want to hurt myself trying to do too much for them. After 5:00pm Daddy will have to be on duty until they go to bed.

Also, feeling like this surgical bra is too tight, and riding up on my breasts too much. Anyone else have this problem? Should I be calling the doctor about it? It's very uncomfortable. I can understand it being tight around my chest, but I don't like the riding upwards part...that's why I'm wondering if it's too small??


SO wonderful for you, and they are looking great for just getting them done! I can tell that you will look very nice and natural once the swelling goes down. I'm wishing you the very best! Do share your recovery tips for those of us that have not been there yet! I will be following your progress! :)
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Oh, I know that engorged feeling! It looks like you're doing great! Thanks for sharing here on RealSelf.

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Yes, the engorged feeling without being able to "release" the pressure! lol!

Day 4 - Pain is okay today. I'm now taking extra...

Day 4 - Pain is okay today. I'm now taking extra strength tylenol instead of the oxycodone. Also finally had a BM this morning. I was so bloated yesterday - looked like I was 3 mths pregnant! lol! Last night we all went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Was okay walking around, but was starting to feel a lot of pain by the end, and my meds were wearing off so that didn't help. My shoulders and back were really sore too. I think it's just from lack of arm/shoulder movement of the last couple of days. Put a heating pad on my shoulders when I got home, and that helped loosen things up. Guess it's time to slowly start getting that movement back I guess. Wish my followup appointment wasn't so far away (isn't until July 5th). I'd just like an okay from the Dr. about movement, and just to see how I'm healing. Oh well...just have to be patient I guess. A lot of this journey is about patience.


Sooty21 are u asking me about my incision location?
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Under the muscle, silicone, moderate profile. thinking 300 cc maybe 275cc...I was told u lose some cc's under the muscle. Since I liked the look of the 275 cc, I thought I'd maybe go 300cc..
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Do you know what incision location you will go for? Is this something your surgeon discussed with you? I don't want like the idea of visible scars so I've been reading up about some of the more unusual ones like armpit and navel.

Day 6 - Feeling great! Only taking about 4 extra...

Day 6 - Feeling great! Only taking about 4 extra strength tylenol over a 24 hr period. Actually drove for the first time yesterday - just a short distance, but did okay. :) Today I ran some errands with my husband and the kids, and I felt awesome. The most uncomfortable part is this darn bra! I can't believe I have to wear this thing for 3 weeks (day and night)! Hopefully my surgeon says otherwise at my follow-up this week. I don't mind wearing it at night, but during the day it's always riding up, and I'm constantly tugging on it. Super annoying!

I've notice I'm still a little round in the belly. Holding fluid I waiting for that to go down. My stomach feels fine though, and I'm having pretty regular BM's, so I don't know...

Feels good to be pretty much back to my normal routine. I've done laundry (no heavy loads), pulled a few weeds from my garden, and have finally been able to put the dishes away from the dishwasher! lol! It was hard to do before with limited movement. Again, my husband has been such a great help! I couldn't go through this without him. :)

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Day 7 - Got a call from the Dr.'s office this...

Day 7 - Got a call from the Dr.'s office this morning, asking if I could come in today for my post-op. Of course I said yes! Glad I didn't have to wait until Thursday. Everything seems to be looking good. Got permission to wear a different "sports" bra. So happy about that! I want to burn this one. Due back for another follow up at the beginning of August (Dr. is going on vacation for the last two weeks of July).

Made a quick stop at Walmart to try to find a sports bra, and had no luck. I have no clue what size I am right now, and I didn't feel like trying on a million bras to find out. I'm going to have to go to an actual bra store tomorrow and get sized. I did buy that Ahh Bra (same idea as the Genie Bra) at Walmart, but didn't get the right size. I didn't try it on - just thought a medium would do - nope! Not going to happen! Maybe with my prior chest size, but not with the new twins! So now I have to return that tomorrow too. Going to be busy running around for a new bra. Wish me luck!


I think you should be okay with him there for 3 days. I had my surgery on Wednesday, and by Friday I was feeling a lot better. I still needed help reaching for some things, so I started using my kitchen chair as a stool. And I could never get my pill bottles open, so if you are having troubles with that, just make sure they stay open when he's back to work. :)
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Your new pics look fabulous !! I can't wait to hear what profile you have, they seem big, in a good way !! The profile makes a difference in size. Do you think I will be ok with my hubby only home for 3 days with me? My surgery is on a fri am & he goes back 2 work Monday?
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Ooops...I posted a comment instead of a reply...but see my comment - it's for you. (still trying to get used to this site.)

Day 13 - Well it was my first day back to work...

Day 13 - Well it was my first day back to work today after being off for over a week. So nice to have all of that time to recover. Even though I felt pretty good after 5 days. I felt good at work. I have a desk job, so it's easy on my body. But I have noticed the last two days that it's been a little painful where my incisions are. Maybe I've been up on my feet walking more than I think I am? Or maybe they are still healing? Or maybe they are dropping and putting pressure on the bottom of my bra? I have no idea. On around day 8 I got a new "Ahh Bra" - or should I say the correct size - and it's a really nice comfortable sports-like bra. Obviously doesn't work with tank tops or anything, but good to wear during the day and sleep in at night. Anyway, feeling good...missing the gym...and sweating buckets here - the weather has been scorching hot the last 3 days. Posting more pics. Take care!


Looking good! It's nice seeing others going with a smaller implant to compare! I have my pre-op tomorrow and will be making a final decision on implant size and profile. Thinking somewhere around 275cc mod+ profile :) Glad to hear recovery is going well!
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Thank you! I'm glad I didn't go too big. I tried the 275 and really liked them. Went back and forth though between that and the 300, but felt the 275 was more natural looking for me. The doctor ended up getting 280 based on my measurements (which is really no different then 275). No one at work has looked at me differently since I've been back this week...or at least I haven't noticed. :) I think the 275 would look great on you too! Best of luck tomorrow making your final decision. My advice is to go with your gut! :) Let me know what you ended up deciding on. Take care!
You look great! I am on day 6 if you count surgery day as day 1. Still feeling swollen and too big and high. It's nice to hear how you are doing and feeling. Thanks for sharing! And the heat is something!
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Day 16 - Feeling pretty good. Getting those...

Day 16 - Feeling pretty good. Getting those "zingers" some people have talked about. Guess it's just the nerves healing. Hurts though - I don't like the feeling. Also got my period yesterday - about a week and half early! Ugh! Have been reading that is common too. Body does funny things when it's healing. Other than that little unexpected surprise yesterday and the zingers, I'm pretty much back to normal. My "twins" are still a little high, but are starting to drop and get softer. I'm still sleeping on my back because I'm afraid to try and sleep on my side. So 16 days of sleeping on my back...not having the best nights sleep, but making it work. Anyway, that's it for now. Will try to post some more pics this weekend. Take care!


I will keep u posted, I thought it could've July but the next available is in August, I am going to go to 2 so I pick which dr I like best, any suggestions who is the best in Calgary?
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Who were you thinking of going to? I went to Dr. Humphreys. He is great!
Thank you for sharing your experience an day by day, because Iam going to make appt next week fo my first consul. An i have been wanting them for years an now that the moments here I am nervous. Do u get to be put under or is it like day surgery
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3 weeks post op - Haven't noticed anymore zingers....

3 weeks post op - Haven't noticed anymore zingers. Those pretty much stopped after about 3 days. Thank goodness, because they were kind of painful. I had to peel off the surgical tape today as it just wasn't "falling off" in the shower like it was suppose to. I'm sure I could have taken them off sooner, but I was too chicken to do it. But now they are off, and I can finally see the incision - looks pretty good so far. Everything is healing nicely. I feel so great! Recovery after having children was more painful than this whole experience! :) I feel so much more confident and my husband can't stop staring at me! lol! He really likes them, and the size I chose - I of course am happy with the size too. Now my mom is thinking a lot about getting hers done. She was not very lucky in the breast department either after having children. She told me she has wanted to do it for years - I told her to go for it! :) I think she sees how good I look (natural looking), and how good I feel, and I think she wants to feel the same way about herself. So of course if she goes through with it I will be right by her side and support her 100%. :) Anyway, that's all for now. New pics up today too. Take care!


I noticed in your posts that you were going to ask the Dr if you could. Cut short wearing the compression bra. Mine told me I would have to wear it 3 weeks but other Dodd let their patients wear a sports bra after like 1 wk. Did you enc up asking doc, what did he/she say?
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I was able to wear a sports bra (of my choice) basically after the first week. Ended up getting the "Ahh Bra" (same thing as the Genie Bra). It's nice a stretchy, and we able to pull it up over me to get it on - since I still had limited arm movement and didn't want to lift it over my arms.
Thanks.Everything went great. Way easier than I thought. I am pretty sore but keeping up on pain meds. I got 275cc moderate profile silicone unders with crease incision.He said the 300 were a lil too big for what I had showed him I wanted. I have a huge piece of fluffy gauze down the front of my surgical bra that has to stay on until Sunday. So I am unsure on size. My doc gave me his cell# incase I have any concerns. So I sent him a text asking him if he minds me texting Him any questions..he said no prob!! I thought that was pretty cool of him. I go see him this Monday for my 1st post op.
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4 weeks post op - Can't believe it's been 4 weeks...

4 weeks post op - Can't believe it's been 4 weeks already!! I'm loving how everything is looking and shaping up. The twins are settling into place nicely. Still lots of dropping to do, but not riding as high anymore. As for pain - I really don't notice any pain anymore. I was a little achy today, but I think it was more of a bra/outfit issue. Changed into something more comfortable when I got home from work, and took an ibuprofen - feeling MUCH better now. :) I got measured for a bra recently....drum roll please...34C! However the 36C was more comfortable. :D Loving it - I feel like ME again!

I'll put up more pics in the next week or so. (Not too sure why the pics aren't showing the captions on them anymore?? Must be something wrong with the site...hopefully they fix that soon.)

That's it for now! 4 weeks and happy as ever! Take care everyone, and best of luck to all of the ladies getting their surgery in the next couple of days.

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8 weeks post op - WOW! 2 month mark! I didn't...

8 weeks post op - WOW! 2 month mark! I didn't realize how long it's been since I've updated anything on here. Busy summer I guess. Had another post op appointment on Aug. 9th with my PS. He said everything looked great and going as he expected it to go. So that was nice to hear. I pointed out to him that I had some scar tissue developing in my right breast near the incision. He had a feel and said it was normal. Then he told me to "rub/massage the heck out of it". So that's what I've been doing. :) I've rubbing on the lumpy part for about 1 minute everyday since, and I've noticed the scar tissue going down quite a bit - so it's working. :) Breasts are nice and soft now too, so I'm liking that. I don't notice a ton of dropping since my last photos, but I know it's a gradual process for most of us.

Anyway, next appointment with the PS is in October sometime. I'm sure there will be a lot of change at that time. :) Still SO glad I decided to go through with this. Confidence is sky high! And I love they way I'm filing out my clothes.

Well that's all for now. Take care!


wow thats awesome you are doing to well =) they look great! I have an appointment May 1 for the surgery and im spazzing!!!! I am in the calgary you mind telling me your surgeon? If its Dr Whidden the son I would LOVE to hear how he was and the nurses. Im SOO SCARED =(
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You look sooo natural!
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Maybe you can't tell they've dropped much in the past month, but they're looking more and more natural to me. I hope to have similar progress by the two month mark :)
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