Breast augmentation-330cc teardrop shape, silicone gel, high profile implants

I am 28, with no kids and I have ALWAYS had small...

I am 28, with no kids and I have ALWAYS had small boobs! I have always wanted bigger boobs. I've tried gel bras, water bras, push ups, double padded push ups, you name it I've tried it.

I have finally made the decision to get breast implants as I am tired of hiding, covering up or being ashamed of my small chest. I am 5'6'', 130lbs, and my current shape would be "pear shaped" but that's about to change. I am very tiny on top and have hips.

I had my consultation on March 19th, 2013 and went in thinking I knew exactly what I wanted. I did NOT want tear drop implants, I wanted to be a certain size and I wanted the areola incision.
My doctor educated me on all the different types of implants and helped sort out a lot of misinformation I had. I have read many negative comments on the tear drop implant because of shifting. He informed me that tear drop implants have not been made available in certain areas and require unique training in order to implant them properly.
Basically for a round implant, the doctor creats a large pocket to place the implant and it can move freely in that space. For a tear drop implant, the doctor must actually create a very specific pocket to the exact measurement of the implant. He said its like fitting a hand into a glove. It must be precise. He also said the implant must be texture so that the tiny microfibers can adhere to your tissue. So he said that for a natural look, my best bet was textured silicone tear drop shaped implants under the muscle. Being under the muscle also slightly helps in the prevention of capsular contracture.

As for my incision, he did inform me that the areola incision can cause lose of sensitivity of the nipple and cause issues for breast feeding. He recommended the incision under the breast crease as it is small, hard to see and because I may breast feed in the future. I am getting approximately 270-300cc to be a full C.

So there you have it! My surgery is booked for the morning of April 22nd. I am very excited and very nervous but mostly just excited! I plan to post pictures and updates as much as possible as I have noticed it is hard to find information on tear drop shaped implants.

Love your review! Thanks for all the great info about tear drop implants. My friend just got them and loves them...she looks very natural and loves her results. Good idea to think longterm about possible breast feeding. Do you have time set aside for recovery? Looking foward to your updates!

Thanks Beth! I'm glad your girlfriend had such great results! I'm getting so anxious! Only 23 more days until my sugery!!! I took 10 days off based on my surgeons advice. My boss and co workers know about the surgery so they know I'm not coming back 100% but I have a desk job for the most part so I should be okay! I'll update when I have some results to show :)
good luck! my ps didn't even mention tear drop but i was set on not getting that so i didn't care to ask.Im looking forward to seeing your results.

I am two and a half weeks away from my surgery and...

I am two and a half weeks away from my surgery and I am getting excited! I am also getting very nervous. I keep having dreams where I am waking up in the middle of the surgery and can actually see and feel everything. Ahhhh!

I am having a hard time keeping myself from buying new bras and bikinis because I am excited but I know I have to wait to see what my actual size will be. I have decided to stick to my original plan and get the tear drop shaped implants. I had my final consultation and we have agreed on 325cc. I should end up around a full C. That's hard to imagine for someone who barely fits a 32 A.

I know all of my friends and especially my fiancé are tired of hearing about boobs but I just can't seem to help myself. I have boobs on the brain lol. Only a couple more weeks and I will finally leave the itty bitty titty committee to join the rest of you :)
Less than a week now! Looking forward to seeing your after pics!! :)
Cant wait to see your results! I'm similar build and having a hard time deciding btw HP and Moderate +!

Okay ladies! I am 4 days away from surgery!!!! I...

Okay ladies! I am 4 days away from surgery!!!! I got my check in time today so I'll be at the doctor's office at 7:15am on Monday morning! Epps!!! I'm starting to get extremely impatient! And yes!!! Every person I know is tired of hearing about boobs! Especially my fiancé!
I have my Metamucil ready, have my antibacterial body wash, brand new sheets, my surgery day outfit, house spotless, dog set up with daycare, sports bras, extra frozen meals, tons of movies and time booked off! I hope I'm not forgetting anything.
I'm worried that I picked the wrong size, although I did want to stay on the natural side. I'm going with 335 cc silicone gel HP anatomical implants. I guess we'll see.
I wonder if I'm forgetting anything! Does anyone have some helpful hits based on their experience? Any advice is appreciated :)
Let the countdown begin....
2 days away!!! How exciting =)=) I am happy I found your story on here... my appointment with Dr Whidden is May 1 and I'm freaking out with anxiety! I totally agree with you, it's pretty funny what we do learn online and then in reality it is pretty different.. He didn't seem to enthusiastic about me using this site to gather info lol but I do find it helpful. haha I also have boobs on the brain and it's all you can think about until things are done I bet. Good luck on your surgery day, happy healing and I can't wait to hear the rest of your story!
Hey!!!! How exciting! I haven't really talked to many people with the same doctor :) I am definitely anxious but mostly just excited! What type of implants are you going with?
I know me either! So it's great we can talk... I am so happy I found this site it is soo helpful. Good to hear you are mostly excited ( I don't know how to let go of the scared and just be happy) I am trying though... I am going with 350cc hp gummies... I am not sure if those are the same as the anatomical ones or not? I was so shocked when he told me about how silicon was in foods we eat and deodorant and many other things we have contact with daily... since there used to be so much silicon scared I was kind of hesitant with silicon. Won't it be so nice to be some what healed if not fully healed for summer? I am looking so forward to that!

Okay ladies! Today is the day! It's 6:00am And...

Okay ladies! Today is the day! It's 6:00am
And I'm getting ready to head to the centre! I will see you on the other side!!!! Wish me luck :)

Hey ladies! I am home and resting. Everything went...

Hey ladies! I am home and resting. Everything went really well. They have me Percocet right after surgery and it didn't really do much. I was in so much pain. The ride home was awful. But fortunately I got to take OxyContin about an hour and a half ago and feel so much better. I still can't really move my arms or breath in deeply without a lot of pain but I'm very comfortable when I don't move. I can't really see how they look yet but they are puffy and swollen. I'll post some pics once I get a good look at them. My doctor was amazing and the nurses were awesome.
I was wondering all day how things went! Glad to hear things went great and everyone was so nice. Ah it sounds so painful! Are you getting any rest or feeling any better since you've been home? Happy healing lady!!
Thanks :) it definitely was painful right after but I think it's because the Percocet just didn't work for me. As long as I take my meds on schedule and stay ahead of the pain, I am comfortable. I think you will have a great experience. The nurses are awesome and made me feel so relaxed. One even let me sqeeze her hand when the IV was going in. Doctor Whidden every came and visited with me while I was recovering and answered all my questions. I felt very well taken care of :)
Good luck! :)

Day after and I'm feeling pretty good. My pain is...

Day after and I'm feeling pretty good. My pain is quite manageable. Yesterday I took 2 OxyContin every 4 hours with Tylenol two hours after the oxy. Today I did not need the Tylenol and waited 6 hours to take the oxy. I'm really itchy from the oxy so that would be my only complaint today. I've been taking gravel with every set of pills and have not been nauseous at all. I'm not eating huge portions but I have been able to eat soup and crackers and cheese. I also had some meta mucil but it hasn't worked yet :| overall I like whats happening with my boobs. They are high wide apart and swollen but I can tell they'll be exactly what I wanted :) thank you for all the support in helping me through this process. I found this website sooooo helpful.
My Dr gave me Somas & hydrocodne. Its helping me. Im not a fa of the really heavy stuff! Im glad you're recovering well! Keep us upated. I wont be posting any photos w out my bandage wraps till thursday! Happy healing.
Congratulations!! Hope you're feeling ok today!
Thanks! Don't worry, the last couple weeks go by so fast! This weekend was over in a flash!

Yesterday I was feeling great. So much so, that I...

Yesterday I was feeling great. So much so, that I told my fiancé not to wake me up during the night for the pain pills. I thought I'd be fine. I was wrong!!!! I woke up in so much pain. I would sugges that you do as the doctor says and stay ahead of the pain. I regret that now. I thought I could start slowly weening off the pain pills but obviously it's still too early. Ugh! Not much change from yesterday. Oh and another thing, I took my first shower last night and afterwards I put some lotion on my chest (nowhere near the incisions) and I felt like air bubbles moving around. It's was gross and made a gurgling type noise. I've heard some of the other girls discuss this. It was not fun! I've called my doctor and am waiting to hear back. Just to make sure everything is still fine. Anyways today is my worst day for pain so far. But it's probably my own fault since I didn't take my pain pills as directed. I slept most of the day so far and plan to try to sleep some more.
you look great, and it has been good to read about your story. I have surgery tomarrow morning. shaped also. Im so nervous!!
Awe I am in pain thinking of your pain! I hope once your pills kicked in and you had some rest you are feeling a bit better, hopefully tomorrow is a lot better. That's crazy today was more painful then the surgery day but it makes sense I guess to keep up with the pain pills. Did you hear back from the office about the bubbles? I have also heard of that, it would be weird but I guess it makes sense and hopefully they go away soon. Get some rest!
Yes I feel better tonight! This is just a good lesson for you to listen to the instructions to the t! Takes your pain pills. They were perscribes for a reason haha! Yes, they actually called me back right after I updated this today. They said its normal and should go away in a few weeks. Nothing to be concerned about. It was just really weird for me!

Hi ladies!!! It's been six days since my surgery...

Hi ladies!!! It's been six days since my surgery and I have been resting, relaxing and loving my new figure! So far I am really happy with my decision and all the pain has been worth it.
I am not going to lie, trying to ween yourself off of the drugs early sounds tempting but is quite painful. Tylenol and Advil do help somewhat but they don't take the pain away entirely. I suggest following through with your doctors advice and using the pain pills as long as you have them. I have found that one works as well as two most of the time so once you're on your second or third day, try taking them less often and take one instead of two. I am down to only taking one oxy at night because after a day of movement, you can get quite sore...or at least I do. Yesterday I decided I could do some house work and vacuumed, did laundry, dishes and cleans the bathroom. I regretting afterwards as I was quite sore but that's why it's good to have a oxy available at night.
I had my post op appointment yesterday and my doctor told me everything looked great and that I could now wear any bra of my choice as long as it was supportive and preferably had now underwire. I will still wear my surgical bra at home but at least I can wear some simple comfy bras to work next week. I got sized at a 34D or 32DD. That is a little bigger than I ever wanted but it's only because my nipples are still quite swollen and they sit so high. I will post some pics to see my progress so far :) thanks for all the well wishes and support!!!!
oh I meant to mention the incision looks pretty small so thats good! I am curious about the scar strips as well! Thats crazy you are a 34d! And good that you can start wearing different bras now!That surgical bra isn't the nicest lol. why can't it be black!
Yeah, I won't actually see the actual incision until the strips fall off. Should be in the next week. If they don't fall off by next Monday i get to remove them myself. The strips are a pretty reasonable price and available at Dr. Whideen's office. You're supposed to use the strips at night and the cream in the morning. The strips are reusable and will be good for about one month. They are about $30 each and the cream was $40. (I think)
Hmmm I wonder if its worth trying.. Probably. Did you buy them on your post op appointment? Fuck I hope I can drive by then.. I won't have anyone to drive me and its a couple hours away :( can you drive yet?

Hey ladies, when will these start to soften up?...

Hey ladies, when will these start to soften up? They're so hard!
How are you doin now that its been a good week since your surgery? Are they still high and hard?? I HATE that feeling!
I feel really good boob wise. This site has been down all week for me for some reason. I'm going to take some photos and post and update tomorrow! Don't worry!!!! There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!!
Lol I hope so!!! And I hope it happens soon. Yeah what the heck is with this site lately? I can't wait to see how they look! that sounds so pervy lol but I don't mean it like that! Are they starting to feel like your own? Are you wearing other sports bras now and not the one we got?

Hey ladies!!! I am two weeks post op tomorrow and...

Hey ladies!!! I am two weeks post op tomorrow and things have been good. The swelling has gone down which is such a relief! I was worried that I went too big. I'm very excited about the size and shape. They seem to be dropping quite a bit and I have been able to do more activity than I expected at this point. I tested the water with a few short run/jogs and I gotta say I feel pretty good. I wear a very tight sports bra which keeps everything from moving around. The only pain I've had associated with the breast is "morning boob". Totally sucks!!! I did however get a intestinal infection because of the wide spectrom antibiotic I was on. As a side note,I definitely recommend taking a probiotic to prevent that! It's been awful! Now I'm on another round of antibiotics and they have given me a rash over my entire body! Ugh! But I said if that's the worst part of my healing process, I feel pretty good about that. I took my steri strips off two days ago and started using the silicone scar strips and cream. I'll post some new pics! So far I still think everything has been worth it!!!! Hope you're all doing well!!!
I believe part of the reason I'm in the compression strap is bc I had an auxillary point if entry. The strap runs right along the area that was penetrated submuscularly. So I have to wear it for about three weeks to help my insides heal and gel my ladies drop! They are pretty soft, it's hard to judge since I haven't run around squeezing all the fake tits in the DFW metroplex. Ha haaa. Yours are looking great. That "morning boob" is a SERIOUS bugger. I think I drove too much the past three days. How's driving for yourself! Looking good girl.
Thank you!!! im shocked with how much i love them...i mean i knew id like them but wow! That makes sense about the strap the three weeks will go by quickly :) How are your incisions doing? Are they irritated? I actually don't drive too much but what I have done has been okay. I'm feeling way Better than I thought I would at this point. I'm going to check out your pics now :)
So has your bra size changed or is it still up in the Ds?

I'm almost three weeks post and feeling wonderful....

I'm almost three weeks post and feeling wonderful. I've been pretty active without any direct upper body work outs and everything seems to be healing nicely. I've been using my scar strips at night and scar cream 4-5 times a day. Still having a difficult time sleeping comfortably because I am typically a stomach sleeper but I'm getting used to the new position. I love them! They are perfect and it was worth it :D I still have some dropping to do but overall I'm happy with where things are so far!
you look awesome!! they really compliment you. ummm, thanks A i am wondering about the gummy bears!!! lol!! ;) i was soooo sure i wanted round!! hmmmmmm......
Thank you! You will love them no matter which ones you get! Just listen to your doctor. My doctor chose mine because I was sooo tiny up top with little to no breast tissue. It is pretty amazing to go through this process :) I wish you lots of luck!!!
Oh yay you did update! You look awesome!!:) I am staring my scar strips tomorrow.. I'm nervous to take off the other strips was it gross?? I am such a chicken lol as damn about sleep comfortably. I guess in time

Finally have a big girl bra!!!!

Hey ladies, just a quick note to say I finally decided to break down and buy my very first real big girl bra! It was again a toss up between a 32D or a 32DD. I went with a 32D because I felt more support although the sales women tried to talk me into the 32DD because she said it fit better. I'm happy with the bra! I don't feel like a 32D but until the settle down, that's where I am. I was hoping for a full C and I think that will happen once these babies drop fully. Overall I LOVE them! They are so much fun to have and I do not regret it for one moment! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend :)
You look great! I also went shopping for a new bra. Its strange to look for one that doesn't have any padding or push up.....:) I wanted just a lace bra, I was looking at them wondering if I would still be a small, or maybe a medium. the Lady came over, she said to try a large!! What! me a large???? wow. I figure I'm a 36C, but she was right, the large fit comfortably. Th medium fit, but it was snug. I still feel like I need some give....ahhh bra shopping, such an adventure.
You look great! A side not about the mentioned you want to be a C and not the D that you're measuring right now. Did you happen to be measured at Victoria Secret? If so, they do "vanity sizing," and their bras run 1 size small. If you were measured there, you likely are a true C. Regardless of your cup size, you look picked the perfect implant size to compliment your body :-)
Oh and I forgot to mention...go to a site called A sophisticated pair. The bra size calculator on that site is supposed to be the newest and best way to measure. Often, your band size should be smaller than what you're wearing and your cup size larger to give proper support. Your measurements will likely change over the next couple of months as you continue to drop, but it's a fun little tool to use!

1 month post op!

Hey ladies,
I am currently one month post op and I already feel like they are apart of me. I have returned to all normal activities like running, working out, lifting, etc. (I am still not doing pull ups as that just scares me).
They still sit quite high but I see changes every once in a while. Can't wait for them to be lower. They definitely feel A LOT softer and more natural now.
I still sleep with lots of pillows and can wake up with a bit of morning boob every now and again.
My scars seem to be healing great but I haven't noticed any significant changes since the last update.
Overall, I'm very happy! So worth it!!!
Hi! What size of implants do you have?.. I still can not decide 330cc or 370cc. Thank you
one year lady!!!! how are you????????
Omg I love your results, my Dr also suggested tear drops, and all the negative comments turned me off, after see you I feel much better. Do you have to wear a push up bra to get cleavage with tear drop implants?
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