8 weeks lata ! Calgary, AB

I am 5'4 120 lbs 24 years young! .... I have two...

I am 5'4 120 lbs 24 years young! .... I have two handsome lil men that are 1&5 also married for 2 years to an amazing man!! I decided to get my tubes tide after my 2nd son was born due to him being in the NICU and coming way to early! After my first son things did NOT sit we're they did pre pregnancy so I toughed it out knowing some time I would have one more baby even tho I really wanted to get breast implants after my first son am I ever glad that I waited! Now after my second son things are WORSE i am completely deflated as I use to be b-c size before the boys came along! I feel so gross when I wear tshirts that are low I think my boob may fall out... Lol, I want to feel sexy naked or clothed! Have more self confidence! So needless to say I booked a consultation in october and fell in love With my PS and his staff. We then picked out what he thought was right for me 350cc cohesive Gel Implants under the muscle threw the NIPPLE :-/ !! Ahh okay I sat there taking everything in that he was telling my mother and I.. I'm sure I looked like my 5 year old watching cartoons with his mouth open! I then told him I wanted to be at least in the 400 cc and that I had looked at so many different types of boobs over the past 4 years (working in a strip club) and showed him some pictures of what I liked and we agreed that we were going to do 400 cc high profile gel implants.. I have no worries with my plastic surgeon as he does amazing work and knowing he answered all of my questions .. Not driving home and going oo I should of asked that and oo dammit I for got that too! I picked up my perceptions yesterday.. This is my only worrie I guess.. I was only prescribed 2 nausea pills and a antibiotic for the day before surgery and 3 weeks after... And to take Advil.. No Valium or anything like all you ladies talk about.. Is my surgeon the only one there that does this? I mean I had two births one natural and one c section and only took a couple t3s.. And was fine.. And MASSiVE milk over flow that I could of fed all the baby's in the hospital and down the block!!

Now with that said I am over the moon excited and cant wait for my new look! I love reading everyone's stories .. Some scary me but I want this so bad that there is no turning around! And the fact I get no children for a week after my surgery (never had a break) is something I am almost looking forward to more LOL!! Well I guess I will keep reading the updates and counting down the days and if I have anymore questions all be sure to write them on here!! Ttys!!

Only 11 days! Feels like a dream!! I can't wait...

Only 11 days! Feels like a dream!! I can't wait until my surgery! Booked hotels and made final arrangements with the babies today! I have been holding off on going through my entire wardrobe as things I may give to someone else may look good with my new *ta tas* !! Well I'm off to go hunting (glad I booked my surgery til after hunting season is over) you ladies all have a good day!! Xoxo

Omg these last 14 days have gone by so slow!!...

Omg these last 14 days have gone by so slow!! Hunting went well! Got our moose! That's two this year! Only a couple days left of hunting up in Alberta here so nov is pretty busy for us!! Minus night time when I think about my fake boobies lol!! Hope everyone is having a great thanks giving!!

Okay!! Only 6 days !! Ahhh!!! Lol I am sooo...

Okay!! Only 6 days !! Ahhh!!! Lol I am sooo excited! I can't wait to get drove down there by my hubby !! we are suppose to get 40 cm of snow over the next week!! of course!! :-/. The PS called me today and told me to be there for 730 am and to bring my prescriptions! I am so nervous that my "stress" will take over me like it did with my c section and I will start vibrating on the table! All tho the ps said he will give me something to relax me lol!! Hmm well ladies! 6 days! Must try to sleep lol!!
I need to pick up an outfit for the surgery room anyone got any good suggestions?? Fuzzy socks? Flannel or silk pjs.. What type of tshirt to wear or tank top or just a zip up sweater?? Someone ?!? ANYONE?!? Lol!! Thanks ladies talk to you soon! Xo 4Now! '

Well 35 hours left! O-m-g! I'm going to have...

Well 35 hours left! O-m-g! I'm going to have boobies! Ha ha man am I excited to see my bewbies! So my our plan is to head to Calgary tomorrow afternoon after my husband is off work.. which is 3 hours away from where we live! Go for supper with some friends for my birthday as that is the day of surgery... Go to sleep and wake up around 6 am.. Head to the PS office and be in surgery for 730! I can't believe it's here! I sure have had some mixed emotions with the outcome but I don't want to live like this And I want them so bad I'm not turning around! Eek! Thank you ladies for all your story's and ideas on what to do and different things that worked for you !! I will update as soon as I'm home with the girls or update from the I phone or I pad if I can!! Thanks again everyone !!!!! Any thing else I should know don't be shy !! Xoxo ttys!!

Okay ladies I did it!! It was amazing! My ps and...

Okay ladies I did it!! It was amazing! My ps and staff were amazing! My husband is so sweet and helping me out hugely !! Sorry if I don't make sense.. Ashlee is on a lot of pills!! Went in for 730 am .. Was in on the table by 830! When I fell asleep I don't know! But I woke up with the most beautiful 425 cc bewbies!! I can't stop looking at them !!! Thank all you ladies I will update tonight with some pics!! Thanks for everything ladies I will give a more detailed story tonight or tomorrow xoxo.

Well ladies day 2 of my BA! It was a great !!...

Well ladies day 2 of my BA! It was a great !! Minus the nurse making my iv pop out 3 times! The anesthesia doc came in and put it in for me!! I swear my hands hurt more! Then my new bewbies!! I am not on anything besides my antibiotic and my regular Advil gel capsuls and the odd muscle relaxant! I was so calm going into my surgery which was really surprising because I was hellanervous!! Maybe the percs I got calmed me! I was in the office doors for 730 am and in the surgery room for 830 out in lala land by 845 am! I got 425 cc cohesive gummy bears.. i Woke up around 1245 I was really hard to wake up seeings as I was out of surgery for 1010 am.. Meh needed a lil shut eye.. We then drove home in horrible snowy roads and I slept the whole way home !! Got home and slept till 6ish and then came out with my hubby and watched some Alaska gold rush:) and iced my tatas!! My left is really swollen compared to right .. Anyone else like this? Any ways I'm going to try and get some shut eye I've been up since 430 after my hubby has left for work!! Ttys ladies !!

Well ladies I am 6 days post op and loving every...

Well ladies I am 6 days post op and loving every minute of having the new "me" !! I went through my whole closet and bras today and gave so much away! I feel so confident and sexy to my husband and my self I can't believe how much this has changed my life! I am not sore or tender anymore.. I am still in my surgical bra for a week or so but have tried on SO many bras and I LOVE them!! All my friends think they are perfect!! Me too! :) all my old bathing suits that never fit me... FIT me now! We leave in 3 days for a fishing trip we do every year!! I am going to have to take it easy but very excited to be out fishing .. I thought that I would have been down for more time but as life goes I have to young kids and a very active life / farm to take care of! I will post some pictures tomorrow so you can see them!! I hope all you ladies are loving the new additions to your body.. Or really excited for you up and coming BA! You will do fine and don't stress!!! You'll love thm! I highly recommend my surgeon and his staff.. They were amazing!!! :) ttys ladies !!!

Well it's been 8 weeks and some days and OMG have...

Well it's been 8 weeks and some days and OMG have I been a busy girl! I just wanted to update and say that I Love my boobies (wish I would have went bigger) but maybe in 5 years or something... I still get "zingers" once and a while... But no pain since day 4? Glad all you ladies are loving the new bewbies! I'm off to the gym :) ttys! P.s keep in touch all you ladies I get the emails on my phone!! Xx!!! P.s! I have to admit when I go to the gym in my sports bra... There is something there besides Nipz :p!! I am now apart of the ISOFLEX team and haven't stopped since dec 18th!! I put some new pics up and I read all your updates still just haven't had the time to write anything !! :) xxxx!!! :-x
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

Dr Perron was amazing! His staff was amazing! Thank you so much !!!! I am so happy and blessed! I highly recommend Dr. Perron! He did the most beautiful job I could of ever asked for!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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They look amazing
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Your 8 week pics look great!!
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Where did you get that pink bra?
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You look great!!!
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Nomoreboobenvy! I am feeling amazing :) how's you???? Fishing was kick ass! :)
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How are you feeling and how was the fishing trip?!
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You look great! I'm getting more excited as my surgery date arrives. Can't wait!
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Wow you look great! Congrats and I'm glad you are enjoying them. Mine is in 3 weeks.
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they look so good!! Congrats & enjoy :)
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Yes, I have a bit of pressure and they also feel quite heavy at 1 year post op..... Was hoping to regain more nipple sensation at this point. ( still somewhat numb*sigh*)
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Kooberry.. I have almost all the feeling back.. I was terrified of losing that feeling as I am very "nipple stimulated" lol!!! Heavy... Not so much but awkward.:: like.. Opening a door? Who would of thought that an extra 4" on my chest I would be banging them off of the doors lol!!!
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That's right. Don't want to lose that nipple sensation. That's like gold!!! Glad your recovery is going well. I'm in Day 3 and things are good. I can't wait to lay down on the bed without being propped up tho. :)
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Haha! I'm loving all of the exclamation points!!! Hope I will be in high spirits as well!
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Happy11.. Very high spirits over here!! Loving every minute of the new additions!! :)
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I hope you are still feeling good and recovering well! I am excited to see more pictures. I just posted a ton from tonight. Happy healing!
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Hey foxyme, today is great! Really tired my mom and dad have been staying with me and my husband and 1&5 year old.. My poor baby went for needles and is burning up this morning!! I week ago.. Poor lil dude! My boobies feel amazing today the weird thing is they feel pushed away today but other then that I will update later today with some new pics! Bruising has went down and the swelling!! Ttys keep them baby's healing :)
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Congrats on the new ta ta's ashlee! You are going to look amazing once they settle!! Did you go with moderate or high profile?? I wish you a speedy revovery:)
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Hey kooberry I went with high profile!! 425 on right and 450 on left :) they feel great and no *frankenboob*!!
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Mine are 350 in the left and 325 in the right high profile. Ian just really stiff right now with a lot of pressure. Do you have pressure?
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Congrats! You look good!
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Thanks Angel!! I'm loving them:)
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I went to Perron too! His staff is phenomenal, Carol is a dream! Glad to hear all went well, when I saw your RX and Advil, I knew it had to be him. He's awesome! Happy healing!!
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Thanks daisy!!
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Congrats......so happy for you. You have the gummy bear implants...nice.... My BA is in two days so Im getting everything together in preparation. Glad things are goign smoothly. Keep us posted....I love updates!!!
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Things are great gobigtallgirl! You will do fine don't stress!! It's over before you know it!!! I went with 425 cc in right and 450 in left! Gummy bear under the muscle' love em!! Hope all goes good for you :) keep us posted!
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