Botox on my Jawline - Calgary, AB

Today, I have my first Botox done. Doctor...

Today, I have my first Botox done. Doctor prescribed 25ml to me. He put 3 needles on each side. The assistant told me it takes about 7 to 10 days to see the effect. I can't wait to see how my new jaw looks like. Hope it will be good.

My head feels heavy after few hours injection.

Jun 22, 2012 - After 10 days, I found my face is a...

Jun 22, 2012 - After 10 days, I found my face is a little firmer. I can my chin has a little of the V-shape.

It has been a month since then. I feel my muscle...

It has been a month since then. I feel my muscle is a little bit too tight for my jaw.
I will have an appointment at Dr's office next Thur

It is two months after. So far, I really love the...

It is two months after. So far, I really love the result. I find my face getting slimmer. I talked to the doctor a month ago. He said it would last for about one year for this area. Isn't it amazing? Let see.
The problem of popping sound around my jaw is getting better too.
I will definitely do it again.
Dr. Grondin

He knows what he is doing. he did it nice and quick. I will see him in 6 weeks.

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great review! where did you go for this? cause i really want do this but dont know where :(
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I lives in Calgary. I found many clinics do this for patient. You should have no problem to find one at your area. :)
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Can you post additional photos of the gradual changes? I just had botox done and looking forward to the results as well!
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Pls let me know the surgery´╝îthankyou
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Would you do it again?
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I'm thinking of doing the jawline area. Kind of nervous, but my injector is wonderful and has been doing my Botox and fillers for over a year, so I trust her, just nervous. She indicated 15 units on each jawbone area. Is this comparable to what you got?
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Yes, I think so.
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That is great that the popping in your jaw has reduced! I'm going to be really curious to hear how long it lasts for you. A year seems like a really long estimate, so please keep us posted on what you experience.

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So glad to hear you are loving the results! Please keep us posted on how long it lasts for you!

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just did a little update. :)
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Isn't interesting that the areas that get Botoxed feel tighter? You would think since the muscle is relaxed they would feel looser.  I have noticed the same thing in the areas I have had it done, but I like the way it feels (weird, I know!).

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how do you feel now that it;s been about 2 weeks?
Can I ask you which doctor you got the procedure done from?

Thank you
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Hi, I just disclose doctor's name here
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Thanks so much for adding the pictures! I think you are right, your face does look a little more V shaped. Very pretty. :)

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I feel great. The Juvederm in my cheeks just has perked them up. No swelling and the botox in my forhead has stopped me from squinting a scar in the middle of my forhead and stopped me from giving a mad look. Which i was getting. No headaches it was just due to some brusing from the needles in the first place. I love the new look. It has taken 5 years off my face.
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Well, that's great. I had botox on my forhead only 2 days ago and the headacke is going away. It seems to help when I don't tense my forehead up. I think it was just some bruising but I am so pleased with the results. It was well worth it for me. But the doctor recommended only above the eye brow.
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Botox should not be used below the eyebrow area. You will have side effects like headaches or neck pain. And it spreads through the face. My doctor will not administer it anywear below the brow line. She uses fillers like Juvederm for the face and jaw. Good luck. Keep me posted on the symtoms of the heavy head.
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Feeling heaviness was on the first fews days. I am totally fine now. Hope no more side effect in coming few months.
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So I'm guessing you were doing this to reduce the appearance of your jaw muscles?

How are you feeling today? Any bruising or side effects you are noticing?

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No brusiing. My head still feel a little heavy today. I find my smiling line seems lighter and my jawline looks a little smoother. Can't wait to see the result. hope the heaviness will gone by tomorrow.
Thanks. :-)
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Well I will be looking forward to hearing how you are doing tomorrow. :)

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