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I am 5'3, a mother of 4 kids 7, 5, 3.5, and almost...

I am 5'3, a mother of 4 kids 7, 5, 3.5, and almost 2, and my body has been thrashed by pregnancy. My first pregnancy was my worst--I gained over 70 pounds and my belly skin lost all elasticity. I was never a super vain person, and I can handle a little pudge here and there, but the tummy is in the "I look like I was attacked" realm.
I thought I'd be waiting to get a full mommy makeover until after my toddler was done nursing (since you have to be done for 3-6 months before breast surgery), but my husband , knowing how much more my belly bothers me, just suggested that I go ahead this summer and get the TT!
So now I'm set to find an affordable but good doctor. We're cash pay, so I'm hoping that will help with the price. I'm also hoping to find someone who's OK with having an OB do a tubal while I'm under...I don't want any risk of more pregnancies after I do this!
Some docs do give discounts for paying cash no financing. Mine took off $1000 for mm. My price also includes everything, full TT, MR, lipo of flanks and hips and BA 500 ccs. No hidden costs, covers hospital, anetheisiologist, surger fee, labs and all pre op and post op, including binders and cg. I feel like this is a great deal. Ive seen others have it all billed seperatly and I would not like that. They also give us a discount at the Hampton suites hotel since I am from out of town. Check out Dr. Dahan's site. Good luck! Keep us posted
Same here I gained almost 70 with all of them I'm now a balloon without a butt or legs
Since you are in SD and LA...I would recommend these two doctors. I am recommending them 1) I have chatted with Ladies who have used them here on RealSelf. 2) their websites have tons and tons of info...lots of photos too! 3) i have not yet spoken to wither office...but that is next for me. 4) I will have a MM at the end of October/Beginning of November. In the meantime I am getting my work schedule coordinated, (and lets be honest, still saving money ) and I will just take off eight weeks for the holidays, 4) because I also need an extensive foot operation at the same time 5) interesting about the Tubal ligation, tell the doctors that is what your are looking for, and I bet they have a colleague they can recommend. I am actually looking at these two doctors, and I live in SF. These doctors are in no particular order... DR. KENNETH B. HUGHES/ Culver City/Beverly hills (www.hughesplasticsurgery.com). And DR. SASSAN ALAVI/San Diego (www.comesticsurgerycenter.com). Check out their sites and let me know what ypu think...thanks! :0)

OK, this just got real!

So, I probably could/should have been posting here the last few weeks, but it hasn't seemed real!

Surgery is scheduled for November 4, so I only have 3 more weeks! Eeeeek!!!!

I've been really really down on myself because I have gained so much weight, and I swore I wouldn't do this procedure unless I lost it first. After I moved I got a round of stress induced depression and got on an anti-depressant that made me BLOW UP, so I'm now about 40 pounds overweight (about 25-30 more than in my profile picture). My surgeon doesn't seem phased by it, and she is going to be doing a lot of body sculpting and lipo, and most of my weight is in my belly for some reason right now. I'm just going to count on the fact that it will definitely look better than it does right now.

Pre-op appointment is in 2 days, and I'm so excited! That's the point where I'm going to really kick it in gear and start gathering things. I ordered some spanx off of a zulilly sale, and they go all the way up to the bra line and all the way down to the knee, so I'll plan on living in those once the official binder comes off. My head is in a blur about all of this! Can't believe it!!!
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