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TTT - Tummy Tuck Tomorrow ;-) - Cairo, Egypt

Very nervous and definitely excited too! My...

Very nervous and definitely excited too! My experience seems to be a bit different (so far.......) My PS has told me I will be in hospital for minimum 2 nights as he insists on a fitting a cafiter (sorry wrong spelling probably) and that this for him is non negotiable after this kind of surgery. I have had no kids and no surgeries before but all my pre op tests including mamogram were great (I am 47 yrs old and also having breast enlargement at same time as TT). I feel like a fit, glamorous person......... ha ha most of the time and just want to keep as good as I can for as long as I can and tighten up / enlarge some of the areas of myself I am no longer as happy as I would like to be with.............Cant really say anything else and have no pre op photos to post you but will see what I can do post op for you - I can see what a great supportive crowd you all are on here, so keep up the great work folks and wish me luck.............I will let you know as soon as I can how my surgery goes.............All the best to everyone else out there for your up coming surgeries and continued healing for those of you who have recently gone though them......... ;-)

Okay had my op on Friday; took around 6 and half...

Okay had my op on Friday; took around 6 and half hours in total as PS had to be a bit creative (which he expected) with TT as there was a lack of skin to work with. From coming out of surgery at around 1800 hrs to 1800 hrs the next day I was simply helpless, this is the only way I can describe my experience. It wasn't the pain I expected or anticipated at all, on the contrary, no worse than over doing the gym and / or severe period pain, but just sheer helplessness! Yesterday and today have been fine, today being better still of course. I have had cafeter removed today, had 2 bowel movements (no laxatives needed) and feel a million times better. Had a shower and dressings changed but still have 3 drains in; one will (breast) probably be removed tomorrow as colour and amount is appropriate. Still in hospital as that is how they do it here and will probably be released on Wednesday when I get my final drains out...............hopefully......................

Good luck ladies and happy healing ;-)
My surgery date is in 2 days. I am very nervous. Thanks for posting. Can't sleep.so I enjoy reading everybody posts.

Welcome to Realself.   I am happy you joined us and look forward to reading all about your journey.

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