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I have been to Egypt many times, and found the...

I have been to Egypt many times, and found the people great. After looking around met dr. Ashraf Metwally. Paid him cash for a chin and jaw implant. He assured me with all sorts of hand gestures that "all would be o.k." When I woke up, the implant had been put in the wrong was (left side), and he had not trimmed it like he said he would. I had been told that I would stay in his state of the art clinic overnight. Well, it was a rickety old bed, watched over by the security guard - no medical personnel on hand. I was released the next day - never examined. When I tried to tell him about the awful job he had done, he simply would not take my calls or allow me into his "locked" facility. You have to be buzzed in... Had the implants removed back home, and in fact he had not used the implants (Medpore) he had sold me, but instead used a mix of cut off implants parts. It was a nightmare. He is a really smooth talker.
Ashraf Metwally

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I had my breast implants changed from 490 to 600cc and a tummy tuck with DR Ashraf metwally in 2010 and found the after care superb. Ok, yes the bed was uncomfortable but the nurse slept in the same room as me and helped me when I needed the toilet or just to move around etc. I came back many times during my recovery for change of dressing and the nurse even helped me to shower when I had the dressings removed. Dr Ashraf Metwally was always on hand whenever I needed to see him for check ups even months after the surgery. During the revolution I left Egypt and came back in 2012. I had developed dog ears at the end of my tummy tuck scar and he fixed this for me nicely by simply extending the incision. He only charged me a small clinic fee for this as he said it was his work and had no problem to fix it even 2 years post surgery. I am extremly happy with my breasts that Doctor Ashraf gave me, he did a much better job then the surgeon who did my 490 cc's in Belguim. I was shocked when i read this review which i came upon when I was Googling his clinic as I would like him to do my thigh lift surgery soon. It is a completely different experience to what i have had with him and and staff.
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Unfortunately Dr Metwally is not allowed to do surgeries in his office is neither equipped nor licensed for that. I got this info when I complained to the Ministry of health and he has a ton of legal problems because of that. If one surgery went well, do not push your luck too far!
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Dahlia, i am sorry for the loss of your cousin . Could you please provide further circumstances of her cause of death. When did it happen? I know other surgeons in Egypt ask for pre surgery blood work. Dr Ashraf did bot do this, but then neither did any of the surgeons I've had work done with in Belguim either. Was the death caused by the anesthetic or by aspiring too much fat and then the body going into shock. I've had Lipo in the past in Belgium and the surgeon did warn me that it was a possibility at the consultion, thats why he did not remove as much fat as i would have liked him too.
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mY GIRLFRIEND GOT 600CC inmplants 2 year ago, a greek surgeon said this was the best art work he had ever see, problems came later due to seroma and my girlfriend had to have them removed in uk, Dr metwally was very sad about this and in november we are going back to him to get them done again for free, Dr metwally is regarded very high by plastic surgeons in egypt, i no as i called them before, dr metwally was always on the phone so much were now good friends, im sorry to tell you your review makes no sence, u seem to hate every surgeon that you have had, hes simply the best in Egypt and thats not just me saying that, many doctors in egypt say the same, i have also spoken to patients that are all very happy, you will never find a better surgeon than Dr metwally anywhere.
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He is definitely a very bad doctor ... Plz avoid him .. My cousin died doing liposuction with him . Please save your life
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Sorry to read that. That's awful.
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The way you speak so highly of such a notorious surgeon raises many many questions!! Could you please mention a few names of the doctors in Egypt you quoted as saying that he is the best in Egypt????????
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Thank you for sharing your story. How does the area look now?

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The chin skin was very loose for a while, but looks normal now - got a goatee in. The "thing" we don't think about is the danger of some of these doctors. It was removed all of the, chin and jaw implant, but in that process a nerve got damaged. Metwally is a dangerous man. But later, I will tell you all about dangerous PS in Toronto....
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