I Am Being 100% Honest, Not Worth It. - Cairns, Australia

Firstly, it hurts more than they say. A lot more....

Firstly, it hurts more than they say. A lot more. Secondly, your face is red, raw red, for a lot longer than they say (try two months, and no, make-up doesn't cover it well) and thirdly the results are not at all how they say they will be. I have moderate acne scarring on my cheeks.I am white skinned. I got the fraxel laser in Cairns, Australia, by a male doctor who had all the right letters after his name. I felt lied to and cheated at the end. My face was red raw for months. I went back and he kept saying 'just wait a few months it continues to work'. Well it's been four months and the scars are just as bad. Also, now, I have noticed my face gets red easily, like if I dry it with a towel I look in the mirror and it's red like bad sunburn. I did feel very lied to, I did my research ( I found all the websites make it sound wonderful) and saw a few docs until I picked one I was happy with. He lied about the pain, the redness and the future outlook. After all the pain, the staying at home and the money I still have noticeable scars. I hope people read this, and all though I know it will be a disappointment to read at least you will have new information to make your mind up with. For me it simply did not do anything as promised to me...I wish I had spent my money more wisely. All the best to you, acne scars are hard I know.xoxo.

I'm so sorry to hear you didn't see any change in the scars. That would be very disappointing after going through the whole process & paying the money.

Since you mentioned you had quite a bit of pain while healing up, if you have any tips on how to help ease that for others who have had it done, would love to hear.


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