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Hi my name is sharon and i'm a 36yr old health...

hi my name is sharon and i'm a 36yr old health worker. My whole life i've put others before myself and this yr decided i'd like to do something for me, that's when i thought i'd try botox. i did alil research of places that did it in my town and read alot of blogs about peoples experiences, that's why i choose where i went. when i first went into this mediclinic i was treated with respect and my worries eased. i told her that i wanted to get a fresh look and she recommended botox, and then afew wks later regen, i was given acouple of sheets of info and booked appointment for the followin week. i did research botox but didn't know it was actually dysport i was injected with i thought it was all the same, i was injected crows feet and forehead, within acouple of hrs i noticed my eye brows where red and puffy looking. the next day i noticed my eyebrows had drooped slightly and were puffy. i just put it down to what my poor face had been through. now i was injected on a wednesday, by the monday i was gettin ready for work and noticed my face just didn't look right, it looked pale and puffy. i went to work and within 2 hrs all i wanted to do was vomit and i had very bad dizzy head, foggy even. i spoke with my boss and come home. i just haven't been the same since. the left side of my face feels like someone is slidin ice up and down my cheek, i can't eat or drink anything, i can't stop sittin on the toilet, my head feels so foggy and i can't think. i can't sleep because i feel so sick,, i so wish i read up more about this product beforehand. i have 3 beautiful son's who still need their mum and can't understand why their happy full of life mum is now so sick. i'm so scared because i've read that this can stay until the dysport wears off which is 3-6months. i've made appointment with dr this afternoon as i feel i'm only gettin worse, i've tried ringin the mediclinic where i was injected but no answer, though i will keep trying,,,, i'm just so scared!!!!!!!


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i have replied via inbox
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i had my email removed, i didn't know you couldn't put personal information on site, though you can email myself privately through Real self,,,
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Golly, I have been meaning to reply forever now. Thank you so much for your kindness. How are you feeling? I haven't improved at all yet sadly :(. I will shoot you an email. Thank you again for everything!
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hi Kaelyns mom,, thank you for such beautiful words,, yes i was injected with 32 units, and that very day i started feeling the effects,, then slowly got sicker and sicker, i thought i was gettin 100% but this wk when i've been waking up i've noticed my eyes are very fuffy under my eyes and eye lids, and i can actually feel my right eye is much worse everytime i blink i can feel the saggy skin,, people are starting to really notice at work though as i said before head down bum up cuase no-one knows i actually had the injections,, i feel like shit and just want my face back,, how are you goin? are you havin any improvement at all?? i rerally understand what your going through and apprehicate your bravey,, i know this lady who does healings and she'd be able to do one on you without you being there, i think anything is worth a shot, her name is Marilyn and a beautifel soul, who helps many people with medical problems with success, the only thing is she needs your first and last name, i can understand if your unwilling to give me these though, my email address is s*****************.com if you wanted to keep private,, Marilyn i believe has helped me release the toxic out of my body quicker and has boosted my energy and i've stopped vomiting and the dizzy spells have also stopped since seeing her,, i'd really love to helkp you Kaelynsmom,,, please let me know how your going xxxx

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hi KarlynsMom, i've actually been following your blog and my heart goes out to you, like mentioned i'm 3 wks today and feel 80% better than i did 2wks ago, i had to take 2 wks off work and started back yesterday and i work in a hospital and it's demanding and by 2pm i was feelin the strain believe you me,, the head fog is no where near as bad my eyes are still half as puffy but i need to work because i have 3 children that i can't raise for free,, it's hard not lookin people in the eye and "head down bum up",is my new sayin, i still have the insomnia which i never had prior to botox though my dr is tryin me on these tablets, i still don't have a night where i sleep right through but i'm gettin at least 3 hrs sleep before i'm wakin up again, that in it's self is hard because i'm a cranky bitch if i get less then 6 hrs sleep a night,, i just hope my kids don't end up hatin this monster their mother has turned into,, i did try alot of natural healings, i got foot patches that you put on beofre goin to bed at night and that draws toxic waste outta your blood, i got chinese cuppin, crystal healings etc and this i know has helped as i felt better everyday after i tried this,,, i'm still gettin better everyday and the vomiting has stopped which is good because my dr wanted to put me in hospital and i said no, so i was down at dr's every day on iv drip to get fluids back into me,,,, please have faith, i know how hard it is honestly i do, i know i'll give anything at moment just to have my wrinkles back, but everything happens for a reason they say and if i can save 1 friend from gettin botox and goin through this then, yes i'm glad i did it,,,, please stay stronge i understand, are you in australia or overseas KaelynsMom???? best of luck xoxoxo
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I am glad to hear you are showing some improvement! I truly feel your pain and I admire your strength :). You deserve huge brownie points for bravery :)!! Your children are blessed to have such an amazing, strong, and brave Mother! I cannot believe that botox could cause so much suffering and while I'm avery at myself, I'm even angrier that doctors deny our symptoms are botox related. Seems here in the US (where I live) everybody can inject botox. They make it seem so safe!

Please keep me updated on how you are doing. If you need someone to talk to, I'll be here :). I appreciate your support and fully empathize with your situation! How many units did they inject you with?
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Hi there... it sounds like you and I are going through the same thing :(. Have you had any improvement?
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thank you Megan P, i went to my GP yesterday and explained everything to her, she wasn't too informed about cosmetic procedures, though has decided to do a stool sample and blood tests to rule out other reasons as to why my vomiting etc, i was also put on an IV drip to get fluids back into my body, all i know is that i was a healthy women, before my injections,, i rang the mediclinic where i was injected and she said that the eye droop would be from the botox, but she'd never heard of the vomiting dizzy spells, sittin on the toilet etc beofre, now all i can do is take her word for it,, but like every blog i'm ready this is what all the clients are told,, my mother has had to come up (bless her soul) and help me look after my 3 boys as i'am not able,,, i hope someone who knows my story will comment and talk me through their same experiences and give me hope that, i will recover!!!
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i was injected last wednesday 18th july 2012
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I'm so sorry to hear what you have been going through. How long has it been since you had your injections? It seems the flu like symptoms usually go away within a few days, or a couple weeks max, so hopefully it is of comfort to know you likely won't be feeling this way much longer.

Here is a Q&A that talks about this:

Flu-Like Symptoms and Sore Throat w/ Botox?

This one might also interest you since you had mentioned you weren't sure what the differences were between Botox and Dysport:

Dysport Vs. Botox - What's the Difference?

Hope you are feeling at least bit better today.

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