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I really need some advice about what to do, I'm 18...

I really need some advice about what to do, I'm 18 years old and I've wanted smaller areolas for the longest time I'm not sexually active because I'm too embarrassed but my areola size, I don't wana to talk to anyone about it so I really need some help. I am okay with my breast size, about a 34 A, I just hate my areola size but I'm not sure the cost or who to go. Please can someone help me.
I think your breasts looks fantastic. When I was your age my Areola also looked like yours kind off swollen. But after I had my kids they look normal now! I am 34 now with three kids and excellent breast and Areola too. I hope this helps you!
Hi Child, My breasts look just like yours. Okay, first off, your aerolas like everyone elses are only that size when your not cold. Put a fan on and stand next to it and watch the shape of your breasts COMPLETELY change! I know because we have the same aerolas too. The colour of your aerolas is so similar to your skin colour that its not necessary. You have great boobs!
I think you are such a brave young lady! I'm 21 and I can honestly say my breasts look exactly the same as yours. Ever since I've been about 17 I've always been down about my breasts but have never let them get in my way and I've always found that boys are thanking their lucky stars to see any boobs no matter what shape or size! I've booked in for a consultation for tomorrow as I feel like it's the right time for me to find out what can be done, the most important thing is to only change something for yourself and not for anyone else! I'm thinking about having areola reduction and augmentation but I don't know! Hope it all goes well for you and you're not on your own! Xxx
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