FTT w/ MR & Implant Exchange- **Officially Frustrated**

I am the proud and happy mommy of 2 (7 years and...

I am the proud and happy mommy of 2 (7 years and 10 months). In desperate need of a tummy tuck, serious stretch marks and extra skin. I had saline implants 390cc in 06 that didn't "survive" my recent pregnancy the way I hoped. I had the consultation yesterday and preparing for my "Mommy Makeover" in August eek

GV Mommy, keep us posted for sure. and you do look pretty good from thoes photos..but we all know what a photo showes is not what you actually see. I have silicone and love them even at only 3 months out.. Keep us posted!!
Thank you, I had my implants done 6 years ago. Since my last pregnancy they really lost volume as well as dropped lower then they were. I would really like to make them larger : ) I prefer the big look. And am gonna go with silicone this time. Since I will already be under general anesthetic I might as well do it then and be done with PS.

Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf! Your implants, at least from this angle, look pretty gorgeous. What do you not like about them?

Will be following your updates with interest as you get closer to the big day!


Okay a little bit of background (now that I have...

Okay a little bit of background (now that I have more time)

1st child age 20, starting wt 125, delivered at 170
within 18 months lost all of the weight...buuuuut gained a lot of extra skin/stretch marks

2nd child age 27, starting wt 150, delivered at 176

My son is 10 months old. Currently 147, 5'6" gained even more skin and stretch marks.

Goal weight for surgery in August....127. With lots of hard work I can do it : )
Can't wait to look like me again!
How's you weight loss going? Do you have a surgery date yet?
I can't see your stretch marks at all. We are the same height but I weigh 160 pounds. Wish I could be at your weight. I am going to have my mommy makeover jun 8. Who's your dr?
"thenewmeafter3" June 8th? That's the day after my sons first birthday! Congratulations you must be very excited. I have lots of stretch marks from my breasts to all the way past my knees. My Android camera just didn't pick up on them in the pics. I should post a new one for the "before & after" effect.
My docs name is Dr. Freed he is the best, a very gentle and kind man. He did my augmentation in 06 so I am super comfortable with him : )

Quick little update* I have had my date set for...

Quick little update*
I have had my date set for August 21st for several weeks, but since my life is crazy and business is booming I decided to push it out 4 weeks. My new date is September 25th eeek my 29th birthday. Getting more and more nervous that it's actually gonna happen.
I am just working on staying in shape, eating healthy and acquiring all of my goodies for after care.

Okay I am officially 3 weeks to the day until...

Okay I am officially 3 weeks to the day until surgery. I am so terrified that I am actually having nightmares. I so didn't see this coming. After wanting this procedure for so long I am finding myself searching for excuses to put it off. I am so freaked out.
What if I hate my results?
What if I die?
What if I regret it?
Did anybody else do this?

Yes I feel that way. So much sometimes I want to back out... Yours is so close!

So I had my pre op yesterday and feel 100x better....

So I had my pre op yesterday and feel 100x better. I feel super optimistic about healing my PS thinks I will be up and moving a lot sooner than I anticipated. We shall see. In other amazing news he said I will have an 8-9 lb weight loss in the abdominal area between the lipo and TT. I am super excited about that. I have lost another 10 lbs and only have about 12 to go. Slowly but surely I will get there.
He wrote my scripts I will pick up this evening, I did the blood work (results aren't back yet but I don't anticipate any issues), signed my informed consent and shall arrive at 6:45 am Tues : )

So tomorrow morning is it, still having such a...

So tomorrow morning is it, still having such a hard time believing it's really happening. I've got the hubby and bff helping me situate everything for tomorrow. Kids are taken care of (big relief) took a sleeping pill and now I'm just trying to calm myself into a world of sleep.
Wish me luck : ) I will post some better before picas and update my progress as I can.

Yay I made it! Surprisingly comfortable, for now...

Yay I made it! Surprisingly comfortable, for now anyways. Drain is draining like crazy.
Love love love the staff at my PS office so helpful. Eating a little, no issues with nausea which was my biggest fear. The OR nurse took great pica for me, I'll post a little later.
Already have a bit of bruising creeping out of the top of my binder. Sorry if I seem all over the place lol
Thank you for the support ladies : )
Glad to hear all is well welcome to the flat side ...keep us posted..continued happy healing
Congrats on making it over to the flat side! Wishing you a speedy recovery! :)~
I had my surgery Sept 14! The recovery hasn't been as bad as what I thought it was going to be! You will do great!! Good luck tomorrow hope you have a easy recovery!

Day 1: Feeling okay today better than I...

Day 1:
Feeling okay today better than I anticipated although standing and walking is pretty sore. I became really nauseated after walking to the bathroom this morning. So now I'm afraid it will happen again. Changed the dressings and got a good look. Very excited the incision looks really low. Trying to post some more pics.
Congrats on your surgery. Hope you are resting comfortably and recovering well. Looks great so far! Your boobs look great.
Thank you for the support ladies : )

Post Op Day 2 I thjnk, now I'm just confusing...

Post Op Day 2 I thjnk, now I'm just confusing myself lol. Does surgery day count for day 1, if so then I'm on day 3
So last night at about 9:30 I finally became frustrated. My back and sides are so bruised from the lipo and I swell so huge that my support bra and CG were hurting me and I was super tired. Then I fell asleep all night.
Today is okay I got myself up, went pee, brushed my teeth washed my face changed my bandages
and eptied my drain all by myself. But it took a lot out of me and I ended up taking a long nap.
My incision burns sometimes but at this point the majority of discomfort is in my back.
I do have my post op visit with PS today. I'm hoping to hear that everything is perfect : )

*Quick lil update Post op appointment went really...

*Quick lil update
Post op appointment went really well. PS says everything looks perfect. What relief, I'm feeling like a total neurotic lol. I am so pleased with the stretch mark results. Much better than I expected!
Drain will come out next week (a bit nervous about that). He said that as the swelling continues to go down the tata's will be even bigger : )
Thanks 5wreckingballs I qm super excited
Congrats! You're new girls look great!
Thank you I'm super excited

Post Op Day 4- Slowly starting to be able to do...

Post Op Day 4- Slowly starting to be able to do more, like lift my legs & shift my body to a better position, makes life so much easier. Over all today has been a good day slept through the night with my hubby on the couch. He woke me at 4 am for a Vicodin and didn't need another until 2:30 pm My goal is to switch over to ibuprofen tomorrow. The swelling and bruising is insane but I totally expected that.
I have found myself acting like a paranoid freak. Is my incision gonna get infected? Did I get a blood clot? Blah blah blah...so the hubby stole my phone last night and let me have it back this morning : /
I really like your hubby he sounds great !!! Glad to hear you are doing so well...it is nice when you can adjust you position a little on your own...you look rockin awesome !!! Continued happy healing ..keep us posted
Thanks Lucky Linda, just a lil shift on my own can change my life : )

So today is officially 1 week post op. I am...

So today is officially 1 week post op. I am feeling really good, much better than I anticipated. Went to see the PS today and got my drain removed. Yay!! I can't believe how good it feels to not have that thing anymore. To be honest I didn't think it was the worst thing ever just annoying and then boom it was gone and I was like yeah buddy lol. PS says I am healing really well no problems at all. Not much else to report.
Although I am really enjoying reading up on the other ladies. Excited to see your progress and hear all about your experiences.I have definitely had emotional moments. It's the inability to take care of myself and my kids that gets me the most. But everyday is an improvement. I will take some more pics soon.
Happy healing to everyone : )
I'm glad to hear you are doing well 1 week out. I am going in for my MM tomorrow morning. I'm freaking a little bit lol. It's just encouraging to read other's stories. Thanks for keeping up posted on your progress :)
Best of luck to you lubju. You will do great, happy healing : )

I think I have finally hit the point of possibly...

I think I have finally hit the point of possibly losing my sanity. Being laid up and unable to do anything is aggravating. I can't take care of my kids (especially my toddler), can't go to work, can't lay on my side. Spend day after day all by myself argh!!!

This is a lot tougher than I anticipated and a whole lot worse than any post op pain. I have found myself dreaming of being 8 weeks out lol I joke with my husband and tell him one of these days he is going to come home and I will believe I am a character from TV. He says as long as it's not one of the women from Real Housewives!

Sorry for the rant, I guess you ladies are the only ones that could really understand : /

Sorry this is so hard. "This too shall pass". Hang on!

Chin up sweetie. Every week is so different. One week post op and two weeks post op are very different. When I look back I realiZe how much progress happens in a week. In a week you'll be feeling so much better. Hang in there. I know how frustrating it is to not be able to do anything around the house and for the kids but you're gonna get there.
Jonathan R. Freed

I could not say enough about Dr. Freed and his staff. The entire office has an outstanding work ethic. I received first class care. My results are already beyond my expectations, I cannot wait to see my final results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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