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Hi- Im new to this site, but def. not new to the...

Hi- Im new to this site, but def. not new to the idea of a BBL. I have wanted a bigger butt probably since before it was "in". I have never put much thought into because I didn't feel it was something that I could fit into my budget. Well my boyfriend has been talking about me doing it for the last 8mnths and I finally have realized that he will honestly pay for it. SO my journey begins. I would love to get it done before 2013 summer, but I do know that might not be realistic. We are willing to travel (because I don't think there are many doctors in the New England area that this is their specialty). Which means Im also interested in hearing those experiences.

It all depends on where u want to travel to. I would say Dr. Wendell Perry and Dr. Salama in Florida but with Dr. Salama he has a wait list Dr. perry has availability and in Texas I would recommend Dr. Wilbert Cortes and if u looking of something on the west coast I would refer Dr. Kenneth Hughes he is in California.. I see a lot of bbl sister's been going to Dr. Shanine but he does it while the patient is awake not good but his prices are ok and the work looks good but some have been saying that it's photo shop. These are the best to me and their prices not that outrageous yet. Prices vary from 7k to 10k. Check out their website if u are interested. Hope this information is helpful chica...Take care

Really having trouble deciding on doc. I want...

Really having trouble deciding on doc. I want Jimerson simply because his pics look crazy. Heard Perry is really awesome personality wise and his work seems strong. Markmann seems to have good work, and seems really concerned but just super expensive. Help I don't know who to choose!!!

Finally got To take some before pics. Im so...

Finally got To take some before pics. Im so saddened by the way my body looks more so in these pics :(
Thank you for the information. Its looking like Perry or Jimerson for me
Jimmerson is good but his consultations are so far out. He don't have anything available until 2014 for consultations and surgeries and his price has really went up since he was on the tiny and t.i. show. His prices have doubled for a butt lift and hips his price is now 16,300.00. Dr. Perry price is 7k and he does have open appt and he makes his clients feel like family not just a client with him it's not about just the surgery it's about giving u what u want and making u feel comfortable with him.

Ugh- Im so frustrated. I have been waiting for an...

Ugh- Im so frustrated. I have been waiting for an email/call from Dr. Perry since last monday. It seems like he has had a pretty busy week (with what I can see from the RS ladies who had surgery this week). Although Norma allowed me to pencil my surgery date in (YEAH!) I want to chat with him. Im a person who very much needs to feel a vibe. I also am waiting to book a short wknd to go down before the surgery just to meet him in person. Starting to feel like I might need to check out some back up surgeons.
Have you had any luck deciding on a doc..?

Date is booked, spoke to Dr. Perry, put down my...

date is booked, spoke to Dr. Perry, put down my deposit. NOW just a few more obstacles to get through. After speaking with Dr. P last night I might end up being a "special case" but Im hoping that doesn't create a problem. Surprisingly It didn't make me extra nervous but I need to do a bit of research more for myself first. Anyway I think that this might be happening... and soon!!
Yes I spoke to Perry last night and I feel really comfortable with his knowledge level, ability to explain things. and his warmth. I am hoping this all translates into a big ol curvy figure with a great butt. LOL
I'm glad you feel comfortable with your choice..

Today we booked our hotel and airfare. Still a bit...

today we booked our hotel and airfare. Still a bit nervous- but I think that is just my nature. Now I need to start pulling together supplies, order a few tests and do a bit more research. Anyone with great list please pass them along (especially you Perry ladies)
Congratulations on having booked your date with Dr. Perry, I have read good reviews about him and I think he will give u what u want. Good ucuk on ur journey....xoxo
thanks BBL2013
Glad you've found your doctor and locked in your date. I've read good things about Perry. Why did he consider you a "special case?"

Ugh- so its been a bit of a chore the last couple...

Ugh- so its been a bit of a chore the last couple weeks. Im not sure that I believe that Im having this surgery (after years of wanting it). I guess I might be a bit in denial. But I know now that our hotel is booked, surgery deposit is made, and flights are paid for that it is real. Today I made my pre-op appt with my doctor here (for exactly 20day out from the surgery).
I really need to start doing some crazy research about the different items I should take with me and what I should be doing regime wise before hand.
I am open to any suggestions so you Vets out there please help.
Hey momma congrats on becoming the almost new you!!!! This journey is so surreal! I booked my Surgery for Nov 1st. I have six month's to go where your surgery is rt around the corner. As you mention in your review, what all should a girl take with her as far as clothes, supplies, how about the body pillow's that I see people suggest? Do u get this while in Miami? Or do u simply wait until u come back home? If u do buy it in MIA how do u carry that huge pillow on the plane? Or do u check it in w/ ur luggage? Whewwww. Let me take a breath!!! ;0) I'm just so excited that I found this website, there r so so many great idea's, suggestion's, and just overall positive things said. I haven't posted a pic of myself just yet, trying to figure out how to. By the end of this weekend I'll have it up!!! Anywho, if u have a list and would like to share please send it to my inbox. Once again, good luck! Looking so forward to seeing ur new sexy bod!!!!
check your inbox I will forward a detailed list for you. It is very helpful...
Yassie can you please forward me the list too.

Feels like Im slacking- Still need a list (comprehessive)

I have exactly 3 weeks and I just started my vitamins today- I feel like I need more guidance on what I should be doing to prep. Here is what I have done so far- gained more weight Im sure (not on purpose), drink water regularly and that is pretty much it. Today I took some Vit c, a zinc, d and b comlex (and hair, nails & skin pills without e). Im even a little nervous about this stuff simply Im worried about blood clots or creating issues for my surgery. So anyone on here who wants to some sound advice Im all ears. I need to order other supplies- Still working on my list.
In other news we are flying down next week to meet Dr. Perry for the day (im super excited about that). And the friday before we leave Im getting my hair braided (Im a natural and don't feel like dealing with my hair too).
Other Than that its super busy at work getting ready for a big event that I will be hosting the week before my surgery. UGGGHHHHH!
Oh yeah- I also don't feel like Ive had a ton of support on here (but that could be my fault for not constantly checking)
Your almost there Perry doll... Can't wait to see your results. I'm 2 weeks behind you and I can't stop thinking about it. I'll be praying for you.
Yes a little over a week before my surgery (a hectic week at that). I was able to recently fly out and meet Dr. P for a bit and both myself and my boyfriend love him. I am still a bit nervous. I will keep you posted :)
Hi Her Momma!! I would definitely consult Dr. Perry about medications to take or not take before surgery. You don't want to take anything he doesn't recommend. I wish you all the best!!! Good luck!!

! week out

My Surgery is in 1 wk. Im not so nervous yet about the surgery (and side effects) im more nervous about whether my body won't look changed or whether it will look to changed (like Nicki M). When my boyfriend and I went to see Dr. P. for the day recently I was able to tell him that I wanted as much done as possible in the lipo department and as much as possible put back into my hips and butt ( more in the butt area). I know for sure I want a hear shaped butt. So in this last week I will be packing, getting my hair,nails and waxing done and then making a list of items I want to purchase at the Walmart near my villa for food. I have to remember to take before measurements and pics on my phone that morning.
I am starting to get nervous about the way my family and job will respond when I return. But im trying not to think about it. Anyway- lets go Im almost there!
Good luck to you! If you don't mind me asking, what's your weight and height?
I'm 5'3" and weigh about 137

Day 5 post op

Ok I have a ton to say but hard writing from this position
Ok girly We're waiting for the big Unveilded. Can't wait to see the new U!!!!!
girl I was afraid to put any pics up because people have been getting hacked (the reason the below comment was deleted) and amongst other things grabbing peoples pics and putting them on blast on FB. But I will see what I can do
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Post Op advice

Hey all- i wish I had more post op ladies to chat with. I haven't talked to Perry since I left Miami and I have a few questions (mainly about gaining and losing weight and my mid section). Anyone out there please either inbox me or leave me a comment.
Hey where r your pics
Bootyland please can you send me the list too?
May I have it as well?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. perry is a wonderful doctor. I chose him because of how warn and understanding he was AND his quality of work. He knows his craft and can explain it very well too.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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