Getting Back to Hot! - Burnsville, MN **5 week update!**

I was always a small but curvy girl, but after...

I was always a small but curvy girl, but after having 3 kids all born via c-section close together (they are currently ages 4 yrs, 21 mos, and 8 mos) I looked like a mess. I gained 70 lbs with my first and never quite lost it. I stuck at about 170. After I had my 3rd and it was a girl (after 2 boys) I decided I was done. I worked my butt off and got back to within 10 lbs of my before weight, but I couldn't believe how different I looked. I knew the stretchmarks weren't going anywhere but I was surprised at the extra skin. I made the difficult decision to wean my daughter early so I could get my Mommy Makeover.

When I went in for my consult, I I felt completely at ease. The staff was great, and the Dr is wonderful. I have a friend that went to him for her BA and it looks awesome so I knew I was in good hands.

After I watched a video, they came in an measured me, and then I tried on some sizers. I liked the 425cc silicone the best, but I think I want to go bigger (which I will address at my pre-op in 2 weeks).

Right now I am anxious and nervous. And I am starting to worry that I won't get results for some reason. I am also now wondering if I should do lipo on my inner thighs as well.

So many things to think about!!


i woulg like to be a small d or a full c
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Emma Glover or Jessica Jane Clement. Google them, they have nice boobies!! Do you have one?
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Yep! He will be doing lipo of the flanks and upper stomach, so that is why I was wondering if I should get the inner thighs done while I was at it. I have always had touching thighs lol. I am SOOOO excited! I keep looking in the mirror and imagining how I am going to look with my breasts big and the extra skin gone :)
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Well today was the pre-op. I decided to go ahead...

Well today was the pre-op. I decided to go ahead and add lipo to the inner thighs for an extra $900, and I think I am going to be happy that I did. I think otherwise I might look at them and wish I did. The PS said there was really no fat to take off the outer thighs, and that there is just a really small area that needs work.

And I made my decision. 500cc Mentor Mod+ implants!!! I am excited for sure!!

2 weeks and day now....


I hope mine look that good when I'm done! Are their's real? That is good boob inspiration!

I have quite a bit to update! I freaked out a...

I have quite a bit to update!

I freaked out a couple of days after my pre-op that the 500cc Mod + weren't going to be big enough, so I called my PS. I said that since I was a DD while nursing I really wanted to be at least there or bigger, and that the nurse told me that 500 was the biggest I could go with my breast width. Well, he told me that going with 600 high profile would work too, so I told him to order them up! Then a few days later, I decided to make some rice sizers for fun, and I only filled them to 550cc to adjust for what you lose going under the muscle and... Whoa. HUGE. I measured what I would be for a bra, and I got 32H. Yikes!! But I wanted big, and I know I would be more upset if they weren't big enough.

I told my MIL and one of my SIL about the tuck part, but not the boobs. I don't know why that part is weird to me. And I picked up my scripts yesterday. I have been getting stuff in order at home, and Tuesday night just me and DH are going to the mall to get some comfy clothes for after and I am going to drop my ring off to get repaired.

It's soooooo weird to be at the part where I can say, "This day next week I will be a brand new me" It almost surreal. I cannot believe I am in the position to be able to do this cause I wanted it so badly you know??


I'm feeling the same thing about how surreal it is that surgery is coming so quickly! So strange! Mine is the 27th, but I know the week and a half will be over in the blink of an eye. Good luck with your surgery!
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Well it is done! I am just going to do the...

Well it is done!

I am just going to do the short story for now.

But it went pretty well, and I have to say that it's not pain, just uncomfortable pulling. The sucky part is I had to get a drain in my armpit where they put the implant in.

I will update more tomorrow


Thanks for letting us know that all went well....a drain in the armpit does seem unpleasant ...get plenty of rest keep up on pain meds...pst when you can.. Happy Healing
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glad to hear it is going well so far, can't wait to see your updated pics :)
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I am now 3 days PO and I feel really good. I want...

I am now 3 days PO and I feel really good. I want to do so many things, but I am forcing myself to rest. My drains are slowing way down so hopefully they can come out soon. I am hoping for Wednesday. I will add a couple of pics I took today.


You are looking great! I know you're already feeling better, but REST REST REST! Keep us posted in your recovery!!
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5 days PO and I got my drains removed!! I could...

5 days PO and I got my drains removed!! I could have had it done yesterday but there was nobody in the office to do it. But it didn't hurt. I actually didn't even feel anything with the one side, and then the other had a quick little pinch when the white bumpy part of the tubing came out of the skin.

I got to see my stomach today. I am still super swollen but I don't have any stretchmarks!!! And it's super weird seeing my stomach without the butterfly tattoo I got at 16. I mean I had it for almost half of my life.

It's ridiculous how good I feel. The only thing that bothers me are the boobs still. They have been making weird noises when I move my arms. And since I am off pain killers, I drove myself to the appt today, and it was weird driving with them. Such random things that you never would think about!!!

But I am going to be able to shower tomorrow night and then I will take a pic with no CG


Thanks everyone!

Blonde- I went with 600cc High Profile silicone. I don't regret it either now that I am used to them!!
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You look great! What size implants did you go with? Love your boobs!
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You look fabulous!! Happy healing. Hope you got the tube out! Sounded painful.
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Today is my birthday!!! And I slept in bed last...

Today is my birthday!!! And I slept in bed last night, and I can stand up straight today! I took a shower last night and it was like freaking heaven...

I took my CG off to wash it yesterday and couldn't get it back on. I called the PS and asked if I could just wear my spanx until DH got home and they told me I could just switch to them permanently! It feels so good. My CG was digging into my butt and crease of my thighs and it was scabbing me! It was awful.

I did have a weird moment of freaking out after seeing my belly yesterday. My butterfly tattoo is gone, as with my stretchmarks and my weird deep belly button, and I cried. I hated my tattoo, but I got it when I was 16, so I have had it for 15 years. My whole adult life. And I got really emotional when I thought about how my stretchmarks were where I held my babies in my belly, and I vainly just cut that off. My breasts still look like my breasts, just bigger so they don't set me off, just the belly. But I was okay with it after my shower last night, so hopefully it was just a little blip on my emotional radar?

Oh! And I forgot to add, I stepped on the scale this morning and I have lost 5 of the 10 lbs I gained from the surgery!

But I will post pics now


You do look amazing! Hang in there! Can't wait to be on the flat side, either. My head is spinning right now. I've been searching on the internet what type of shapewear I should get! There are sooo many!
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You look great. I'm having a love hate relationship with my new boobs right now. They feel so big and ugly. All my incisions are around the areolas so they're bruised really bad.
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I am now 12 days PO, and feeling pretty much...

I am now 12 days PO, and feeling pretty much normal. I do get all my stitches out tomorrow so I think that will help with the pulling feeling I get in my underarms when I lift above my head (my my implants were done transauxillary). I am kinda frustrated because I am now 7 lbs up, and like 4 inches bigger at the waist and 2 at the hips. I know I am only 12 days out from a pretty major surgery, but I can't help it. I did it to be smaller!! I am looking flatter than when I posted the last pics, so I have some more to add.


So could relate to your posts. Good luck!
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The joys of swelling! I am right there with you. It will go down. WE will live outside our streatchy pants again! lol. Make sure you are getting your feet up throughout the day and take it easy.
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You are looking good - keep the perspective. You knew you were going to swell - you just were hoping it wouldn't happen to you! The swelling will go down eventually and you will not be 4 inches bigger! Keep reminding yourself of that truth.
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So here I was yesterday crying on how big I felt. ...

So here I was yesterday crying on how big I felt. So my husband told me to have a few drinks and "flush the water out" last night. (BTW, this is cause my personal trainer told me that there was a study done on how a night of drinking actually will flush out water that accumulates in your fat cells when the fat has left) So I had a 6 pack of Mike's to drown my sorrows (not on pain meds anymore don't worry, lol) and I woke up and "felt" smaller. SO I stepped on the scale. Bam, pre surgery weight! And I tried on a pair of jeans.... They fit! Loosely even! So I went through every pair. All fit. So I figured it's the spanx right? Nope. They fit BETTER without! Even my skinnies that I had to wear for a bit to loosen up to get comfy were perfect or loose!

I might freaking cry I am so happy!!!


How's your swelling today? Hope it still good :)
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Yup. I am even down another pound! I
that's awesome!! Remind me of your little tip in a couple of weeks when I am struggling with swell hell!

I am terrible at updating! But I am 3 1/2 weeks...

I am terrible at updating!

But I am 3 1/2 weeks PO and feeling normal. I went back to work (a server in a bar) and I felt fine. No pain meds needed!!! All my clothes are too big, but I saw my PS on Thursday for a lump on my side from the lipo and he said that I still have a lot of swelling and I will go down a lot more. But he said I am looking awesome.

My breasts are so nice and soft now, and I think my belly button is going to look amazing when it heals. I have to say I am 100% thrilled with everything

And my new pics are from 3 weeks and 1 day PO


You look wonderful! So glad things are going great for you!!
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You look great! Your ps did an amazing job with that incision, that's what we all hope for! Lol I am having my mm Friday!yay!
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Your pics look so good!!! I'm also 3 weeks post-op, but my incision doesn't look anywhere as nice as yours is! Are you using anything special on it? Glad you're healing so well!!!
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I am now 5 weeks out today and I feel great. My...

I am now 5 weeks out today and I feel great. My only "issue" is that I have a lump on my hip from the lipo, but massage is really helping and it's already smaller. I am 3 lbs under pre surgery weight and down a pant size!!

I keep thinking how in one short week I will get to go back to working out! I drive by someone jogging and I get jealous, lol. But I can feel my muscle tone is not what it was and it makes me sad. I worked hard for that! I set a goal of losing 10 lbs by Hawaii the first week in January. I would be okay with losing 15, but I feel that 10 is quite reasonable.

And I will post pics as always!


You look great, we are about the same PO time, I am 6 weeks and 2 days. I just had my appt today and was cleared to start exercising and not wear CG or 24 hour a day sports bra. I feel so nervous about getting back in the swing of things, have you started exercising yet? If so, are you noticing more swelling & do you wear your CG while you exercise?
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You look fabulous!!!!!
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Well I'd say you got your goal of getting back to hot. You go girl. Absolutely wonderful results. So happy for you!
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