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Bad Burns from Bodytite - Singapore

I had Bodytite on my thighs about a month ago to...

I had Bodytite on my thighs about a month ago to reduce some fat (not a huge amount) and to firm lax skin.

What I thought would be a fairly straightforward procedure ended up anything but, despite having a doctor with an excellent reputation.

The Bodytite machine malfunctioned and I was badly burned, making it necessary for some of my skin to be excised. My 5 hour procedure ended up running to 10 hours and I awoke in agony. Instead of going home to recuperate, I was taken by ambulance to hospital.

A few days later I went home, my legs massively swollen. A few days after that The swelling continued excessively and I could barely walk. I was hospitalised again - this time for nearly 3 weeks. Drains were inserted into the back of my thighs with large amounts of fluid draining out daily. Despite these measures, I did not feel better and was horrified to learn later -after insisting on testing - I'd contracted two nasty bacteria, one making it's home in my necrotising fat.

I'm still sick, find it difficult to walk and am utterly exhausted. I feel I've been kept in the dark about how all of this came to pass and why decisions to abort the procedure weren't made. And why this expensive and lauded equipment failed so badly.

So far, there are no pros - my legs look a mess, and my list of cons could go on for days. I'm devastated, tired, and becoming increasingly depressed.

Name not provided

The doctor has an excellent reputation and has been reasonably attentive post-op (as much as his packed schedule enables). But I feel information is being withheld, particularly in regards to the initial malfunction. I feel the machine probably continued to overheat through the procedure causing my prolonged recovery and inflammatory response. And I'm deeply concerned about the dreadful results and what this means to me in terms of more stratospheric costs, if indeed, anything at all can be salvaged.

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Hi frangipani -- Just curious if you've had any progress since your last update? I hope you're doing well.

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Hi, I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. May I know which doctor did you use? Thx
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As we're still working together on my recovery, I'd rather not name names. If, however, he drops the ball (so to speak), and doesn't take proper responsbility, I'll let you know.
However, he is one of SG's top surgeons - so it just goes to show, things can and do go wrong in anyone's hands - even the so-called best.
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Hi, i have sent you an email. Please check it out....thx
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Bodytite markets itself as a system combining lipo and Thermage-like features,to reduce fat and to tighten skin. It's supposed to minimise bruising compared to traditional lipo, but it's biggest selling point is the skin-tightening effect promised.
I've still drains in my thighs as the fluids are taking a very long time to reduce (these have already been replaced once or twice due to significant leaking), can't sit down due to their location and therefore spend my days lying in bed or on the sofa. Less than 10 minutes walking (hobbling) leaves me so exhausted I will fall asleep for hours afterwards. I'm told this is due to the infection which can not be completely eradicated until the necrotised tissues drain from my body (the antibiotics can't reach these areas as they have no blood supply).
The costs are about right, half of it being hospitalisation costs. In fact, it's probably a little higher than what I quoted.
I hope that helps answer your question. Please feel free to ask more if I missed anything.
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Thank you for sharing your very difficult, unhappy situation.

We haven't heard many people talk about "Bodytite"...can you explain more about what it's supposed to do for you? How is it meant to work?

Sorry, one more question, is the price you quoted in USD accurate ($35,000). That's 45,472 Singapore dollars

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I too was badly burned by an experienced plastic surgeon on my neck.
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