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So I had a tattoo on my arm to cover a previous...

So I had a tattoo on my arm to cover a previous scarred tattoo that I had tried to remove (by tattoo erase). After firstly loving the tattoo this quickly turned to regret. I have had one treatment of picosure but I'm very concerned about the underlying scars affecting the treatment. I'm in a deep depression over this.

Picosure session 1 update

Ok, so I am 3 weeks post treatment 1 with picosure. I must say the actual treatment itself is not that bad, bearable just. I think I have quite a high pain threshold though. However I find the worst part by a mile is the week or 2 afterwards when the itching kicks in, it still itches now. Although as previously mentioned in have a lot of scar tissue underneath the tattoo so that may be something to do with the itching. As can be seen by the below pics, there ha been a lot of fading. Although being the pessimist that I am I hate that the lines and red are still very much there. (It's worth noting that the stars were added after the initial pic was taken). This process has made me extremely depressed, beyond words even and I have taken a lot of time off work to deal with this. I would literally give anything to have this off my arm. But anyway, if there's one slight positive is that the laser has definitely worked a bit from the first treatment.
Andrea Catton

Andrea is extremely nice and very understanding and knowledgable. I would recommend her to anyone considering this procedure.

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How are things going?
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Hey there, first of all: Great fading! :) It is really encouraging to see such good results after only one treatment! I'm sure it will fade some more in the next few weeks. I can relate a lot to your feeling depressed though. When I started my treatments I felt the same way, actually it just got better a few days ago. I think the most important thing is that you don't beat yourself up about past mistakes. We all make them and while with a tattoo these mistakes are visible doesn't make them better or worse than anyone else's mistakes that can't be seen. Be good to yourself and don't put yourself down. I see my removal as a period (a quite long one, but hey...) during which I will treat myself the best I can. Good, healthy food, positive thoughts (meditation, etc.), exercise (for me yoga works wonders) and experimenting with natural cosmetics and lotions to keep my skin as healthy as possible. Healing inside and outside. :) I wish you all the best for your own path :)
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I am glad that i have found someone who has had a similar experience to me. I had a tattoo at a young age and it is on the upper arm. I soon grew to hate it as i grew up. I tried to have it removed by erase which has scarred it and the i tried laser 4 years ago and it just faded it a bit. I was left with the option of having it surgically cut out or covered up. So i had it covered. At first i was glad as it looked better and after years of wearing long sleeved tops i could relax this a bit, but again a few years later i have changed my mind. I have looked at having a better design but i think the issue is that it is on my arm where people can see. If it was hidden i wouldn't be bothered. I have recently made enquiries with Andrea so i just need to make a decision. I wish you the best of luck but it looks to be doing very well so early on. Honestly it is well on its way.
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Hi Stacey, thank you for your comments, it's a relief for someone to say that it's working well because I'm really unsure how it should look! But I just want it gone now and for all this to be put behind me, it's made me very ill in all honesty. How big is your tattoo? If I'm being honest, if I could surgically remove it I would. But my only option for that at the mo would be a skin graft and that is just too extreme for me. If I could shrink it down then maybe they could excuse it and that would deal with the existing scars from the tattoo erase. I'll struggle to deal with the regret of getting myself in this situation and sometimes think i should have just learned to live with the tattoo. But deep down it was bothering me every day and i think I've made the right choice. It's just so mentally draining. If you do see Andrea, she is lovely and there would be no pressure at all from her. I hear wayne in London is very good also but it was just too far for me to travel and also the cost of travelling would be too much as the treatment itself is very expensive. I hope you are dealing with this situation and if you decide on laser i can try and help with any questions although I'm far from an expert on it!!
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That should say excise and not excuse!
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Mine is on my upper left arm, i can hide it with a t shirt but only just. It is a medium size but it has a load of different colours in it. I was a bit silly when i was 15 and got it done abroad. I grew to hate it. I then made my next mistake of trying erase and it then scarred it. After years of stress and hassle i considered what options i had left an decided to get it covered. I was really chuffed at first as it looked 100 times better. But again it has grown to bug me. If it had been somewhere hidden i wouldn't be as bothered. I'm not totally against tattoos either i just dont think this one is right for me. I have spent years wearing long sleeved tops, even in summer which upsets me even more. I fully understand when you say it has caused you so much stress. i kept trying to tell myself that there will be people out there that have worse. I am only small and i feel that it is a huge thing there on my arm for all to see (it probably isn't and i am paranoid) and then there is the endless conversation with my parents that goes round in circles. So it is back to decision time. But honestly looking at the pic you have put up there is def a difference there and not bad so early on. Give it time, it is going in the right direction. You have to remember that you see it more than others so you may not notice.
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Thanks for the update, great results!! Keep us posted. 
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Welcome to the community, thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us. You will be able to connect with many others here going through different stages of removal and they are so supportive and friendly! 
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